Weekly Horoscopes – Venus Conjunct Sun – ‘Mighty Aphrodite’

Weekly Horoscopes – Venus Conjunct Sun – ‘Mighty Aphrodite’

Dance by Mucha
“Dance” by Alphonse Mucha

When the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure links up with the star of personality, action, and vitality, we crave harmony, affection, and pure joy, and our stars conspire to bring it to us. Throughout this week, charming Venus will be brightened and strengthened by the presence of the Sun, and with a little boost from dreamy Neptune and generous Jupiter, this is certainly a week to make time for indulgences of all sorts — but those which allow you to share your own loving energy are forecast to bring pure euphoria.

Venus rules sensual pleasures, and she’s in her native sign, Taurus, the sign of the earthy lover and gourmand. We crave what smells, tastes, sounds, feels, and looks good now, more than usual, and luckily, our stars say that cultivating a life that honors our cravings will bring us not just fun, but enlightenment. Dress in ways that make you feel gorgeous, eat the food that makes you Pleasant moods and friendly conversations are forecast — your kindness is contagious, so share it freely! You’re in tune with the needs of others, as your empathy is on high. You may find yourself giving and receiving kind counsel, this week.

One word of caution: All this sweet energy could lead to some cavities if you have “too much of a good thing.” Remember, Jupiter rules excess and Neptune rules mind-altering substances, so enjoy earthly pleasures, but don’t go overboard  — you don’t want to end up with tight pants or a killer hangover next week.

It’s an ideal time to visit a beautiful place in your inner or outer world. Whether your happy place is a nature walk, an art museum, or a pristine bedroom, spend time indulging your softer side. With the New Moon joining the Sun and Venus on Friday, we’re offered the chance this week to discover what we consider “true riches.” In earthy Taurus, who rules the House of Money and Values, this beautiful energy calls for a pleasure inventory: your mission this week is to discover what makes you sigh, smile, and imbibe, then radiate, mind-altering positivity. Your stars say that the more you do, the more you attract the money, creative energy, and pure pleasure associated with this energy. Love springs from the well of self first, and it is the only natural resource that multiplies exponentially when shared. Indulge with delight. Share with pleasure.

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Are you “feeling yourself,” as they say, Aries? Are you feeling magically, financially, spiritually, fulfilled in this moment? No matter your answer, this is your week to “build” your ideal life by investing in your truest self and your most authentic talents. With charming and deceptively business-savvy Venus in one of her favorite Houses, your House of Money and Values, it’s time to fall in love with not just your talent, or future plans for fame and fortune, but with your work, with your challenges, your debts. All of them are here to teach and transform you, to lift you to a higher level. This week, a rare and magnificent aspect called a Grand Earth Trine is supporting your material abundance and a rebirth of inspiration around your work, specifically, your life purpose. She’s snuggled up to the sparkling Sun, who’s energizing and promoting her, and next to moonwalking Mercury, who is offering you the perfect chance to review your plans, re-orient your path, and renew your passion. You may be given quite bald messages as to which of your  investments (this covers relationships, finances, and your work) are truly valuable, and which are draining your various “accounts.” Invest in yourself. Invest in those activities and relationships which “repay” you. Shine your love and attention where it’s valued most, and you will see your stock rise stratospherically.



You’re glowing so much, Taurus, that some people simply will not recognize you, this week. With a powerful stellium of moonwalking Mercury, voluptuous Venus, and the sparkling Sun in your House of Self (soon to be joined by a powerful New Moon on Friday), you are offered a rebirth of the highest and happiest order this week. It’s an ideal time to put together an inspiring list of New Year’s Resolutions (you know that your birthday, AKA your Solar Return, is your *personal* New Year’s Day, right? This is your most powerful day of the year to wish, to plan, and to manifest.) What aspects of yourself do you love and value most? What makes you feel powerful, attractive, and worthy? On the shadow side, what takes away from those feelings? Plot a course for your “New Year” by reflecting on all that you have built so far, and dreaming of what grand new adventures and achievements you will have by your next birthday. The greatest part of this energy is that all your stars are asking of you, is for you to be your most authentic self (which is also, incidentally, your best self). This week, you’ll be getting all sorts of positive feedback for showing your true colors, so show off!


You’re much more interested in beginnings than endings as a matter of course, Gemini, but this week is an ideal time to focus on clearing out the old, because your stars are forecasting a beautiful influx of new energy once you make some space for it. The sparkling sun, voluptuous Venus, and moonwalking Mercury are confiding in one another in your House of Secrets and the Past — the House of Unfinished Business, Nostalgia, Wistfulness and Necessary Endings. If certain activities or relationships fall away over the next few weeks, let them go gracefully and gratefully, having faith that they are being replaced with those things that are much more in line with who you are now. “Every ending is a new beginning.” Not an original observation, but one that holds eternal truth and wisdom. You’re an energetic, outward-oriented soul, but you are being asked to consider how much of that energy you’re pouring back into yourself. You cannot fill anyone or anything else’s tank, including your prized projects, unless yours is consistently replenished. Consider what self-care you could take up now that will help you consciously release that which no longer serves you. Time to break out the notepad and make your wish lists — a list of what you want, and a list of what you’re willing to let go to get it. When you’re done, I highly suggest giving the latter list a viking funeral. Free yourself to be yourself.



Do you consider yourself a leader, Cancer? I know — your brothers and sisters, Aries, Capricorn, Taurus — they get all the credit for taking initiative and following through. But never forget that you are a Cardinal sign (as opposed to Mutable or Fixed). This is the quality of self-starters and thought leaders — and with the sparkling Sun, charming Venus, and moonwalking Mercury all gathered in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, your ability to organize and energize groups, clubs, and peers is highlighted now, nigh un-paralleled and it’s forecast to bring a major level-up to your career and sense of purpose. You have something essential and beautiful that your stars are begging you to share with others. Your empathetic powers are some of the most powerful in the zodiac, and yet, this strength can become a weakness if you constantly defer to others, or shrink to allow them more of the spotlight. No more. It’s time to step into your power and position by calling upon those that make up your true community — who do you wish to speak to, and who speaks to your heart? Gather them close. Form connections, join or start groups, and share your ideas. Temper your dreams against others’ wisdom to build something much stronger and more powerful than you could have created alone. Your time is now.



Break out the pinstripes, Leo, because you’re bound to get noticed this week, and over the next few, as charming Venus, the sparkling Sun, and moonwalking Mercury have begun to convene in your House of Career and Destiny — the House of Your Life Purpose. (They’ll be joined on Friday by the powerful New Moon in Taurus — yep, this is going to be a heaven of a week!) There is such sweet, fortunate energy permeating your chart, supported by a rare Grand Earth Trine, that is bringing material abundance along with spiritual sustenance — your stars are trying to tell you that for you, the two should go hand in hand. What beautiful dream are you poised to launch? Take this magical week to go over your plans, to dream bigger, to get concrete about what you want, and how you’ll get it. How can you best utilize your time, talent, and energy? Your stars are bringing opportunities, surprise windfalls, and potential partnerships into your life this week — give them all consideration, as this is a powerfully fertile time for your finances and professional success, even yes, that elusive pair, “fame and fortune.” Play your cards right, and aim truly — this energy has a way of working for those who choose to work with it. Know what you really want, see yourself walking the path, and then go for it. Have concrete confidence and fantastical faith in equal measure. Your worthiest investment is in your wildest dreams.



People can spend so much time painting you as the meticulous, systematic, left-brainer, Virgo, that they can forget your capacity for divine imagination and adaptability. That talent of yours will come in handy this week as lovely Venus links up with the sparkling Sun and moonwalking Mercury in your House of Journeys and Philosophy, AKA the House of Big Adventures! You’re feeling that wanderlust aren’t you, that urge to explore? To see and share new things, and to meet exotic new people? Indulge your urge to learn and discover as much as you can this week, as it’s forecast to bring you not just enjoyment, but also tangible, material rewards and opportunities. You may be offered a trip this week, or decide to take one yourself — be flexible and open to new possibilities. Even if you have to make your adventure a staycation, it can still be a mind-expanding trip. Back roads and glossy atlases can both lead your imagination down fertile paths. Do you know the logical end of that urge to learn and explore, Virgo? (You’re so good at logic!) It’s to teach, and to share. You have words and images that you deeply yearn to convey to a universal audience — this week, dive into it. Thrill yourself. Then spill your guts!



It’s time for a level-up, Libra, which, if you know your superhero mythos, always comes with the painful shedding of a skin. Now, don’t give me that look. We both know that you’ve already been through the fires — now it’s time to slough off the scabs. Your ruler, sweet Venus, has linked up with the sparkling Sun and moonwalking Mercury in your House of Intimacy and the Other, and they’ll be joined by the New Moon on Friday, indicating that this is going to be a week, and an entire month, of deep healing and transformative change for you. Luck and opportunity shine on your shared resources now, so you may enjoy windfalls or chances that come through partnerships this week, and financial resources could flood in unexpectedly — after all, your ruler Venus is the great receiver. She knows when to play a hand, and when to wait and rake it in. This House rules your psychological motivations and deepest desires, so you’ll be feeling profound, introspective, desirous of alchemical change. Yes, you can turn your lead into gold, just by balancing it on your timeless scales. All the lead was learning; the gold is wisdom gained. Nothing wasted, nothing lost. “Energy is neither created, nor destroyed, only changed…” You are shimmering gold, Libra. Shine.



You’re looking very good, Scorpio, and you’re sounding even better. Now that the shining Sun, voluptuous Venus, and moonwalking Mercury are conspiring in your House of Partnerships, others find you as magnetic as ever, but softened, more approachable and amenable than usual. You’ll find that people are busting down your metaphorical door, which today is your inbox. It’s a fabulous time for one-on-one relating of all kinds, from quality time with a significant other to a healing conversation with a friend or counselor, to an enlightening meeting with a business partner. You’re feeling inclined to share with something special with someone special, and as secretive as you are, your stars say that the act will be transformative. Who are your closest cohorts? In whom do you confide your deepest secrets and wildest dreams? Arrange a conversation, or even better, an intimate dinner, to put your brilliant and beautiful heads together. You’re making magic.


“If you love what you do, then you’ll never work a day in your life.” Do you believe that adage, Sagittarius? Well, your stars say that you can reap a whole lot of joy from investing some joy into your everyday habits and at work, now that the shining Sun, voluptuous Venus, and moonwalking Mercury are brainstorming in your House of Work and Routine. You’re a big-picture thinker by nature, but in this meticulous House, these three planets make plotting out the details and figuring out the formulas fun! This week, you can reap major financial and professional rewards by throwing your heart into your every move. “What would I do today if I was the best possible version of myself?” At work and at home, what routines and habits could you review and revamp in order to make a wonderful impression on others, and even lead by example? You’ve got the incredible support of a rare Grand Earth Trine — a triangle of planets in all three Earth signs —  forecasting tangible, material rewards for the work, energy, and especially love, that you invest in yourself and your duties now. Give it everything you’ve got, and you’ll receive more than you expect.



“Express yourself!” Capricorn, I hope you heard that in Madonna’s voice — bonus points if you danced a little! Yes, that sounds a little ridiculous for a dignified soul such as yourself, but oh, how can you help but dance right now, as the sparkling Sun, sweet Venus, and moonwalking Mercury have started partying in your House of Romance, Creativity, and Play?! You’re coming out of a cocoon —  it was a necessity, but boy, it was a long, shadowy period, wasn’t it? This week, enjoy the sun on your skin, and the sensation that you are becoming something new again. Refresh yourself, and then express yourself! It’s time to show the world what you’ve got inside you! This week, you’ll be received with open arms, and even the promise of material and professional rewards for your hard work, er, play. It’s essential that you play this week, and get creative in your spare time. Whether that means breaking out the guitar, the coloring book, or your Nerf product of choice, enjoy yourself, and definitely, include and share that love and excitement with others. It’s contagious in the best way, and you’ll be multiplying your budding confidence and charisma. Go on, you’ve earned it — show the world what you’ve got!



Did you know, Aquarius, that a tree’s branches are an almost perfect reflection of its roots? (You probably did — you guys tend to know a bit of everything.) Loving Venus has joined the shining Sun and moonwalking Mercury in your House of Home and Family, and they’ll be joined on Friday by the powerful New Moon, indicating the opportunity to examine your own root system. But back to trees for a moment: This reflection isn’t static. Branches can, and must be, pruned, cut, controlled, in order to cultivate strong, healthy roots which nourish the body as it needs. Now I’m somewhere between trees and truisms for all forms of life. What can you do to nourish your root system, Aquarius, so that you can lift your branches proudly? You may have lost a few along the way — but you didn’t die. In fact, many would say you’ve thrived despite a little root rot. It’s time to refresh and renew yourself, to fill your own well and drink from it deeply. What makes you feel secure, and enhances your sense of strong foundation and self-sufficiency? (All Aquarians are loners at heart, even if they’re deeply devoted or madly in love.) It’s vital for you to feel, and to enjoy, your own vitality now. It brings you luck and magical opportunities. You are entering a new phase of enjoyment and exposure. Prepare yourself from within — you’re going to stand very tall.



Think, think, think, Pisces, and then please share your secret formula with the rest of us, because you’re thinking, and as always, dreaming up beautiful things! Lovely Venus has joined the sparkling Sun and moonwalking Mercury in your House of Communications, inspiring a flurry of equal parts artistry and intellect — make time to connect with those you love, and definitely share those ideas that you’re excited about or enamored with! Your stars say that you’ll be raking in rewards for these rich conversations, personally, professionally, and even financially. Opportunities tend to present themselves suddenly now, often through your most constant contacts — siblings, coworkers, or roommates. It’s an ideal time to reinvigorate your ideas by enjoying yourself with intellectually stimulating friends and short adventures. Great fun and friendship are forecast at this time —  your appearance to the outside world is changing as you continue your internal transformation. You’re leveling up again, Pisces, and the more you’re willing to expose that beautiful shift to the world, the more richly you’ll be rewarded. And we both know that money’s helpful, but your stars are talking profound spiritual fulfillment as well. Show (and share) your stuff!

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