Weekly Horoscopes – Sun Opposite Pluto – “Power and Control”

Weekly Horoscopes – Sun Opposite Pluto – “Power and Control”

How do you want to make your mark on the world? How do you want to to run your life? What fundamental life changes would strip you down, shake you to the core, and have you emerge a new, stronger, wiser version of yourself?

These questions are all on the table as the sparkling Sun, the star of personality and action, completes an opposition with power-playing Pluto over the course of this week. We are forced to face challenges head on, which may come in the guise of clashes with authority figures or institutions, or the realization that we ourselves have been standing in our way. Potent Pluto digs up graves, and shows us what we’d rather not see — what we may have fought to keep unconscious.

Meanwhile, we get a little social lubrication from charming Venus and chatty Mercury, whose interplanetary snuggles make communications more pleasant, charismatic and sociable this week, and since they’re making a making a friendly angle with motivated Mars, we’re also much more energized and apt to go for what we want. Later in the week, sober Saturn gives us the discipline to put it all into place. With the devastating combination of insight, charm, wit, confidence, and energy we’re imbued with now, we can make dramatic gains and form important connections. Don’t let this week go by without taking steps toward your desires.

Meeting our shadow forecasts intense encounters with others, and within ourselves. We have the power to take tremendous action this week, and to make deep, fundamental changes to our lives which support our present state of evolution. Pluto won’t have you hiding in old, outgrown skins and situations — it’s time to step into your power. It’s an ideal time for new beginnings.

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A challenge is more fun for you than many, Aries — to you, it sounds more like an invitation than a reason to pause or reconsider. This attitude is forecast to continue to bring you success! People are taking notice of your leadership and the warm, authoritative personality you project, and your stars say this is leading you toward an important new beginning around your career and your home life, so we are talking life-altering changes here. Take every opportunity to express yourself this week, particularly when it comes to influential parties or authority figures that can help further your personal cause. Charming Venus and chatty Mercury are schmoozing in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play, so you come across as open, thoughtful, witty, and playful now, and have a way of lightening up even heavy discussions or confrontations. Say and do what you feel, and be willing to make changes in yourself — and seek changes in the world — that make life more fun and enjoyable for you every day. Set your internal intention, and alter your home and immediate environment to reflect it; keep doing your legwork, and see what magic manifests. Radical, positive changes are forecast.



It’s time to make yourself clear, Taurus. The stars are aligning for you to have a conversation that helps you break free and enjoy more expansive opportunities in your life. Have you been debating having a discussion with a boss or other authority figure in your life? Or have you become so enmeshed in your daily tasks and “busy work” that you’re yearning for a way onward or upward? Your stars say that you have a wonderful foundation to work from this week, with lovely Venus and thoughtful Mercury sweetening the atmosphere in your House of Home and Family. Enjoy some much-needed time nesting, and give your mind room to wander to what your ideal life would look like, without limits. (This is not airy fairy magical thinking — visualization is the first step of many champion athletes, artists, and thought leaders. You must see what you want before you can begin to manifest it.) Venus is warming up to her consort, motivated Mars, giving you a great combination of diplomacy and assertiveness, and summoning the right partners who can help make your actions go a little further than they would if you worked alone. Be open to collaborations and alliances now; they can help you make some of those fundamental changes that you desire.



It’s time to stop and smell those proverbial roses this week, Gemini! I know! You have a busy, active mind, and you’ve got goals to meet and things to do — but ironically, it will be slowing down just enough to enjoy what you love about your life right this moment, that will help you manifest more of what you want the most. It’s an ideal week to enjoy time with friends and loved ones you see every day, with chatty Mercury and voluptuous Venus rubbing elbows in your House of Communications. You can expect pleasant daily interactions and some lucky opportunities involving learning or travel — you may even decide to dive really deeply into a topic that you never expected to be interested in! Let the world work a little magic on you by following your heart. Give yourself some mental room to think about what you desire and value most, and whether or not the steps you’ve been taking are bringing you closer to it. Your stars say that you’re making some magical connections that could help propel you much further and faster — but you’ll have to keep your eyes, arms, and heart open! Enjoy yourself!



You know how, when you’re on an airplane, they tell you that in an event of an emergency you need to put on your own oxygen mask first, Cancer? Your stars are telling you to put your metaphorical mask on first every damn time this week, no matter who or what is sitting next to you experiencing the same turbulence. You’re a compassionate soul, empathetic sometimes to your detriment — “you cannot pour from an empty cup,” so you must prioritize yourself this week, even in the face of opposition from those who matter the most to you. Don’t worry! This is not a doom and gloom forecast, merely an important message: Don’t martyr yourself out of some ill-conceived sense of loving duty — and if you must absolutely frame your needs in relation to other people’s, consider that you won’t be able to serve many people from a prone position on the ground. And no one who loves you wants to see you run ragged. Devote some time this week, to doing what you love most; it’s time for you to receive! Voluptuous Venus and crafty Mercury are chatting it up in your House of Money and Values, summoning positive negotiations and financial windfalls formed from pleasurable connections. Take care of yourself every day, and see how much more you accomplish. You have even more to give than you know.



Take things slow and sweet this week, Leo; follow the example of your namesake, the lion. The hunting lioness stalks quietly, waits patiently, conserving her energy to pounce just when the time is right. Your stars say that this week would be best spent shoring up your resources, quietly improving yourself and your personal efforts from the inside out. Your ruler, the Sun, is lighting up your House of Secrets and the Past for just over one more week, asking you to clear the cobwebs and throw out the baggage in preparation for your personal New Year, when the Sun enters your House of Self on July 22. Since he’s making a friendly angle with motivated Mars all week, you’ll have plenty of energy to get things done, but this motivation would be best spent working on yourself and enjoying what life has to offer. Since lovely Venus and mental Mercury are already chatting in your House of Self, you’ll be coming off as even more charming than usual, and more quick-witted and intelligent. Consider this time to be for building up your energy reserves, filling up your proverbial gas tank and tuning up the car — your quiet devotion to personal efforts will be rewarded within a matter of weeks.



You live to serve, Virgo, and this week, you may get the chance to give to others on an unprecedented level. Sweet Venus and thoughtful Mercury are snuggled together in your House of Secrets and the Past, motivating you to think about and commit to charitable works or causes. Whether you are dropping goods off at the local food bank, volunteering your time to build homes, or offering your personal talents free of charge, you are in the mindset of going beyond yourself and even your circle of loved ones, to be a humanitarian on a higher level. Meanwhile, the Sun is lighting up your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, fueling your loftiest ideals, and energizing you to move in the direction of your desired achievements. You can get a lot done now, though you may be distracted by some romantic or personal drama, as power-playing Pluto is conspiring in your House of Creativity, Romance and Play. As much as possible, detach from the drama while valuing the true emotion and importance of any confrontations you have now. Keeping an open mind and heart can lead to deep insights now, as the truth tends to come out. Your highest goals are within reach; keep moving forward!



Who do you want to be in the world, Libra? What would you choose to be your legacy? Are you taking steps that lead you in that direction? This week, the shining Sun lights up your House of Career and Destiny, making you think about your status and reputation in the world. He’s opposing powerful Pluto, who’s been digging up the foundation of your House of Home and Family for the last few years — this indicates a struggle to balance your career and home life. Your stars say a change is necessary if you’d like one to support the other. You may experience a confrontation or minor crisis this week, when it comes to pursuing your dreams and passions while still keeping the home fires burning. But any such situation coming to a head is merely a symptom asking for your honest examination and kind attention — try your best to see things objectively, and you can actually root out an old blockage or subconscious issue at this time. Meanwhile charming Venus and mental Mercury are networking in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, indicating that your self-examination will lead to action and vital connections that propel you along the road to your big dreams.



There’s no such thing as the “right time,” Scorpio, you know that, right? As a fixed sign, you have great tenacity and determination — but you also have tremendous stubbornness. It can be hard to get you to move on anything until you’re damn good and ready — your stars are asking (very politely) if you are ready. The Sun is lighting up your House of Journeys and Philosophy, making you crave the new and exotic, the expansive and unfamiliar. But he’s opposing your ruler, Pluto, who’s tearing up the floors in your House of Communications, altering the way you think, learn, and speak, at every turn, and throwing your daily interactions into constant disarray. The message here is, nothing will ever be so calm and solid that you’ll know just when to jump into your adventurous vision. Your daily life will always hold change and distractions, but what you truly love in life, and what you truly want to achieve, remain fairly constant. Voluptuous Venus and mental Mercury are sweetening things up in your House of Career and Destiny, forecasting fortunate connections and conversations which lead you toward greater success and a reputation you can be proud of. Ready or not, jump!



It’s time to get aligned, Sagittarius! Powerful Pluto is digging up the foundation in your House of Money and Values, making you reconsider what and how much you truly need, in life. Meanwhile, he’s opposing the Sun, who’s lighting up your House of Intimacy and the Other — the House of Other People’s Money and Shared Resources, asking you to figure out what changes you crave in your life. Are you having a hard time reconciling your needs, financial and otherwise, with a partner in love or business? You may have to have a confrontation or discussion this week, just to bring everything out into the open. Resist the urge to play your cards close to your chest, or skirt this issue — your stars say you can actually achieve more than you think when you get really clear with yourself and others about what you want — out of life, out of your work, and out of your relationship with them. Meanwhile, sweet Venus and mental Mercury are discovering new worlds together in your House of Journeys and Philosophy — it’s an ideal week to let your mind wander, and to let your heart dictate the path. When you have shined a light on what you really want and need, share it with those closest to you. You can enjoy this journey together.



Your mind is naturally always sorting through tasks to be completed, Capricorn — steps you must take, chores to do, errands to run. You get a reputation for working like a machine, because in some ways, you can blot the world out to achieve your goals with single-minded focus. Sometimes this can come at the cost of your relationships — diplomacy is a tall order when you’ve got a one-track mind. This week, your stars ask you to check in with your most important connections, as the Sun lights up your House of Partnerships. He’s opposing powerful Pluto in your House of Self, which Pluto has been demolishing and rebuilding for the last few years. Understandably, you’ve been distracted, but now, it’s time to make it about them for a little while. With mental Mercury and sweet Venus riding through your House of Intimacy and the Other, your stars say that tuning in to those that love and need you most, and working to meet their needs, will indeed satisfy many of your own. Pleasure, fun, and important epiphanies are all forecast when you share yourself openly. Give and you shall receive.



You want to get it right this week, Aquarius. You want to get your health in order, your tasks checked off the list, your life up to date, as the sparkling Sun lights up your House of Health and Routine, inspiring you to take care of business, and of yourself. Yet you also feel a pull, the deep throb of powerful Pluto, opposing the Sun from your House of Secrets and the Past, enthralling you to look over your shoulder at “back then,” perhaps even tempting you to indulge in childish behaviors that you know you’ve outgrown, just to get the result you desire. Rather than trying to ignore Pluto’s call, answer it boldly and thoroughly. “Things were like X back then, and I acted like Y because I thought it would get me Z.” But this time, do it your way, not the way you were programmed. Pluto’s been tearing up the foundation of your House of Secrets and the Past, throwing out what’s broken and ripping out the roots which weakened it in the first place. Allow the past to become the past, and embrace this desire to build a healthier, happier, more confident future.Your allies, sweet Venus and mental Mercury are reconnecting in your House of Partnerships, sending you the right cohorts and soul mates to make your dreams a reality. Do your best!



Have a good time with it, Pisces, no matter what “it” is! The shining Sun is lighting up your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play, bringing a desire for lighthearted fun into your life, and a tendency to bring that energy with you wherever you go. However, your urge to play may be challenged by a currently serious attitude about your circle of friends and your long term aims. Power-playing Pluto is opposing the Sun from your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, indicating that you may be desiring a deep, fundamental alteration of your associations — are you feeling as if you need a new group of friends? Perhaps you’ve outgrown some connections, or you simply want to meet a new group of likeminded souls more suited to your current evolution, or interests? Don’t trouble yourself so much — go with the flow, and follow the fun. When you are honest with yourself in every moment about whether or not your life is pleasing you, you will know when it’s time to change course. You can make some vital discoveries about yourself and your goals at this time, so be perceptive and open to suggestion. A new phase of your life is about to begin.


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