Weekly Horoscopes – Venus and Mercury Trine Uranus – ‘Take a Chance on Me’

Weekly Horoscopes – Venus and Mercury Trine Uranus – ‘Take a Chance on Me’

When the planet of intellect, communication, and learning links up with the planet of beauty, art, and pleasure, we are more moved by everything that we encounter. Thought and sensation merge. Music, film, and art can transport us, and we feel compelled to share our thoughts and feelings about our passions. Artists may feel the sweet touch, or hear the enticing whisper of Inspiration, this week.

At the same time, this lovely pairing is making a friendly angle with revolutionary Uranus, the planet of progress, shocks, and sudden change. What we think, feel, and experience this week has the potential to electrify us, to shock us into action, or back to reality — but a new reality painted in vivid colors and filled with beautiful possibility.

Mercury and Venus Trine Uranus summons happy surprises and sudden insights that solve problems, incite admiration, and invite abundance! Let your mind wander, and rest where it feels called. You may find that the most unlikely spaces are fertile ground where your wildest dreams grow.

“If you feel safe in the area you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the water than you feel you’re capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth. And when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting.”

— David Bowie

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Go for it, Aries! You’ve got to be yourself and express it to the world! The blazing Sun, charming Venus, and mental Mercury are playing together in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun, and they’ve just locked eyes with a potential playmate in a distant treehouse — that’s one-of-a-kind Uranus inspiring their imaginations from your House of Self, daring them to try a new game. Go boldly in the direction of your ideal life, the one that thrills you, and even sounds a little scary to try! That’s your specialty! This is an ideal time to dive into what you love thinking about and doing, what fills you with energy and pure joy! (Hint: What did you love doing, even as a child, that you still love to do today?) You’re more creative, competitive, and ready for a fun challenge than usual, and this week, your willingness to express yourself and share your ideas with the world could lead to an invitation to do something new, and even revolutionary.



It’s your week to dive into some sweet downtime, Taurus. The shining Sun, mental Mercury, and your ruler, voluptuous Venus, are roosting in your House of Home and Family, encouraging you to calm your mind, focus, and feather the nest. They’re hosting a block party with offbeat Uranus, who’s been renting your House of Secrets and the Past for a few years, clearing the dust off everything and stirring up old memories and subconscious programming, urging you to to understand and evolve. This week, you could have a shocking experience, perhaps being let down by something or someone you counted on, but which ironically sends you in a direction that invites new growth. Right now, taking care of your home base will give some much-needed support and replenish your energy stores — which you will need as you prepare for a period of more freedom, self-expression, and fun! Whether the surprising turn of events comes to you this week in the guise of a crisis or a bolt of sudden inspiration, take it as an invitation to get more joy out of life — start at home.



It’s time to make connections, Gemini — your specialty! Your ruler, mental Mercury, is joined by charming Venus and the sparkling Sun in your House of Communications, inviting all sorts of  inquiries, meetings, and messages which can lead to some surprising alliances! Even if you don’t feel like the networking type, it’s unavoidable that you’ll be bombarded with things to do and people to see now — paperwork, to-do lists, and errands abound, but along with them come priceless information and opportunities! One-of-a-kind Uranus is shuffling through your contacts list in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, throwing in new names, groups and places you haven’t seen before that could lead to some sweet future growth. You’re more charming, expressive, and sharp than usual, so make it a point to share your messages with those that could help you make your dreams a reality — great surprises are forecast, in exchange for your willingness to put your money where your mouth is.



Security is important to you, Cancer, and it’s unavoidable that money is a major part of that. Your finances are on your mind this week, as mental Mercury, the shining Sun, and voluptuous Venus are assessing your House of Money and Values — you crave what feels good, but you also have a mind to move forward in life. Sweet surprises in your professional and financial sectors are forecast, as revolutionary Uranus is making a friendly angle with the trio from your House of Career and Destiny. Under his rebellious influence, you’ve been feeling the call for years now to go your own way, to pursue that which calls to your soul and fills you with excitement. This week, you could experience a series of happy surprises that result from fruitful communications, friendly alliances, or eccentric patrons — job offers, grant money, or donations, anyone? Think and talk about what you love most with those that value it too — you never know which casual acquaintance could turn out to be an eccentric millionaire.



You’re lighting up the room more than usual, Leo, with your ruler, the shining Sun, sweet Venus, and mental Mercury partying together in your House of Self! Speak up! Put yourself “out there,” because it could lead to some really “out there” opportunities and adventures, with rebellious Uranus changing things up in your House of Journeys and Philosophy. You’re more charming and well-spoken than usual, and you have a way of commanding a room without dominating it — right now, your ability is only matched by your diplomacy! When you are willing to present yourself and your ideas openly, your stars forecast sudden alterations to your plan via the opening of exotic new avenues and opportunities. You may be invited to travel, to learn, or to broadcast your views to a wider audience — when you speak, others listen, so take this chance to share the messages and make the points that you feel inspired to! Eye-opening experiences and invitations are forecast — speak what you want, and see what follows!



It’s time to get personal, Virgo. You may be looking over your shoulder now, whether for wisdom or out of wistfulness, as mental Mercury, the shining Sun, and sweet Venus light up your House of Secrets and the Past, highlighting what you keep under wraps, and what has roots deep in your history. There are things of great importance going on behind closed doors for you right now, so you may be using this time to get your head together, or to get your story straight before you present yourself, or your vision, to the world in a few weeks’ time. Meanwhile, revolutionary Uranus is shaking things up in your House of Intimacy and the Other, creating surprising or downright shocking events surrounding your deepest partnerships, shared resources, and sense of personal power. You’re heading into a new phase in the near future, when the Sun will move into your sign and put you in the spotlight. For now, solitude, concentration, and contemplation will serve you well. Tie up loose ends, sort through old documents (mental and physical), and generally make room for new heights and depths in your life. Sweet change is on its way; prepare yourself.



You’re often cast as the pretty, popular, and vapid dilettante of the zodiac, Libra, much to your distaste. Many have forgotten that your sign rules more than partnerships, peace, and negotiation — it also rules social justice, military strategy, and open enemies. You are the iron fist hidden in a velvet glove, and this week, it’s time to come out swinging! Your lofty ideals are highlighted now as the shining Sun, charming Venus, and mental Mercury light up your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, and this week, you’re forecast to not just think and talk about your wildest dreams, but also to have a captivated audience with whom to share those thoughts! Fortunate, out-of-left-field connections, conversations, and opportunities are forecast. These may include truly offbeat partnerships and alliances, with rebellious Uranus barreling through your House of Partnerships, demanding freedom and evolution! You won’t care to be restrained now — let your mind and heart link with others’. Together, you can accomplish shocking feats.



Multi-task much, Scorpio? We all know you’re a power-player and a heavy hitter, and you have really thrown your shoulder into finding the work that stimulates you and helps you grow, and seek the status you feel you deserve. The shining Sun has joined voluptuous Venus and mental Mercury in your House of Career and Destiny, making it nearly all you can think, feel, and talk about! Meanwhile, they’re making a friendly angle with rebellious Uranus in your House of Work and Routine — together, they’re conspiring to shake up your habits and structures in order to bring you closer to your true life purpose. Your position, career, and social status are on your mind, and this is an ideal week to get your thoughts together, and share them with influential figures that can help you find new opportunities and connections. If there was ever a week to ask for new duties, a raise, or apply for a dream job, this is it. You’re more charming, witty, and confident than usual, and you’re willing to adjust your habits to invite your dream life. Dream big, and do bigger!



Put yourself “out there,” Sagittarius! “Out there” being whatever exotic location or sensation in which you’re craving to immerse yourself! The shining Sun, mental Mercury, and voluptuous Venus are lighting up your House of Journeys and Philosophy, inspiring you to take new exotic journeys, whether of the mind, body, or soul. Expressing your wonderfully offbeat self is forecast to bring you sudden, expansive opportunities, as revolutionary Uranus is experimenting in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play! Your inner vision is quite inspiring this week, and if you’re willing to show it off and have fun with it, it could well become more than just a fantasy. A hobby or artistic pursuit could have more “legs” than you give it credit for — try things that are out of the ordinary, and don’t be bound by preconceived notions (yours or others’.) Your stars say that your willingness to follow your vision, offbeat as it may seem to anyone else, will take you on a grand new adventure.



Dive deep, Capricorn. Your stars are calling for a revolution of the internal variety this week, as the shining Sun joins mental Mercury and sweet Venus in your House of Intimacy and the Other — they’re demanding to wage not war, but peace. Meanwhile, they’re making a friendly angle with revolutionary Uranus in your other most intimate sector, your House of Home and Family — it’s past time for some (r)evolutionary changes in your household, and in yourself. What is holding you back from achieving the sense of intimacy, support, and power that you desire? Your intuition is keen this week, and there won’t be a much better time to figure out what you must throw out now, in order to invite in what you really want. Fruitful conversations are forecast, and you’re more able to make your point than usual now — you could settle some important conflicts with partners by invoking objectivity, love, and diplomacy. Use those same tools to settle conflicts with yourself, and the results will be nothing short of life-changing. Dive in.



Have you ever heard the expression, Aquarius, that you are the average of the five people with whom you spend the most time? How do you feel about your average? The people you surround yourself, from key partners to casual acquaintances, are subject to sudden changes and new opportunities this week, as the shining Sun, mental Mercury, and charming Venus light up your House of Partnerships, and make a friendly angle with revolutionary Uranus in your House of Communications. Important and intimate dialogues with your closest one-on-one partners are forecast — some of them are set to be game changers that could open up whole new worlds and alter your day-to-day existence. Diplomacy and peace are called for — it may be time to smooth out some old issues in order to move forward to greener pastures. Sudden opportunities to express yourself and further your reach abound! What revolutionary, rebellious message do you wish to send? Your stars say you’re surrounded by the right people to help you — reach out.



Moving onward and upward, eh, Pisces?! You’re not one of the handful of signs customarily praised for their ambition or work ethic, but we all know you have a gift for blowing the competition “out of the water” in your own way! This week, the sparkling Sun, mental Mercury, and charming Venus have moved into your House of Work and Routine, filling you with energy and inspiration to complete tasks, run errands, finish chores, and generally clean up and improve your life! This is the House of Habits, so you may warm up to a new exercise or nutrition regimen, and also take more of an interest in sprucing up your workspace, chatting with coworkers, and all-around improving your everyday existence at the office and at home. Meanwhile, that happy trio is making a friendly angle with rebellious Uranus in your House of Money and Values, who has been revolutionizing your tastes and expectations for a while now — this week, your stars say you could get a surprising opportunity to enhance your talents, advance your efforts, and bring more of what you desire into your life. The beneficial changes you make in yourself and your environment are set to reverberate through your bank account and beyond. Get to work!


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