Weekly Horoscopes – New Moon in Taurus – Earth Angel

Weekly Horoscopes – New Moon in Taurus – Earth Angel

Each New Moon is an invitation and an initiation. When the sky goes dark, and the intuitive moon leaves us in silence and fertile shadow, our stars offer us a new beginning. A chance to recognize and shed heavy burdens, and consciously cultivate new evolutions. When the Moon is new, she links up with her equal and opposite, the Sun, “shedding light” on what has been hidden from us, on patterns that began with the tangle of our roots.

A new cycle begins. “We reap what we sow.” This is your key to powerful energy work and intention-setting during the New Moon. We’re offered a rare and powerful window of opportunity for transformative change. This aspect, Sun Conjunct Moon, heralds a new four-week cycle, so it’s an ideal time to commit to self-improvement, begin or re-commit to projects, visualize your wildest dreams, and lay the groundwork for long term goals.

In steadfast, savvy Taurus, this New Moon offers us the opportunity to get grounded, to speak and act from within, according to a compass calibrated to our true heart’s desire — not the whims of our mind or feelings, but the seat of our soul. The Moon is exalted in Taurus — she feels perfectly at home here, luxuriating in the sign of earthy sensuality. When the ruler of intuition and emotion is grounded in her native House, she reveals our natural talents, and enhances our innate ability to summon abundance, joy, and wealth, and more importantly, to recognize its constant presence in ourselves. We’re asked to love and value ourselves, to accept our authority, and embrace the rewards and responsibilities that come with it with pleasure.

Taurus is the sign of the builder, the unshakeable manifester, the fearless, devoted  creator. Taurus is stubborn, yes, but Taurus is also patient. Taurus will outlast the speed, charm, talent, and skills of others by virtue of pure perseverance. The New Moon in Taurus invites us to design and build our empire from a place of pleasurable anticipation, full of confidence. Taurus also has a softer side, as it is ruled by voluptuous Venus — Taurus is also the great lover, the pleasure-seeking gourmand, the appreciator of luxury. Taurus has expensive tastes, but they also know that their future wealth and success is only ever created in the steps they take today.  

Notice the abundance that already exists in your life, and soak in the gratitude. “Count your blessings.” Make plans to better support your own prosperity and security. Taurus is a practical earth sign, so getting literal and writing it all down would be ideal  — appreciate what you have, and envision what can be. The New Moon invites you to understand that you can create or summon what you truly value when you operate from a place of confidence, security, and willingness to put in the work. Taurus rules our values, including our self-worth, which we build by committing to and living by those values.

With four planets still in Retrograde, we’re offered an unprecedented chance to reconnect with, and then reorient, ourselves: Mercury until May 3, Jupiter until June 9, Saturn until August 24, and Pluto until September 28. External events are being slowed so that we turn our focus inward, so that our actions can spring from intuition, not reaction. This is the time to ground yourself and listen to your internal wisdom. Take your time. Taurus teaches patience.

Under the Taurus New Moon, tap into your power by reigniting your innate connection to it, and to everything. Close your eyes. Feel the weight of your body. Feel the the life energy — the ever-present, all-knowing force which gives you breath and beats your heart, coursing through your body. Pay attention to the soles of your feet. Notice how they each have a trapdoor you can open and close. Swing them open and sink your energy — your roots — deep, deep into the earth. Curl them in the rich soil. Feel how grounded you are, how supported. From this place, reach.

To see where this New Moon is activating your life, check your horoscope below!

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This is a week to set yourself up for success, Aries! The New Moon is offering you a new beginning in the financial realm, as it rises in your House of Money and Values – it’s asking you to notice what makes you feel secure, valued? What would make your life more enjoyable? Which pleasures could you cultivate more of in your life? More skills, more money, more quality time with friends? This is a perfect time to begin making plans for projects and ventures that will strengthen your net worth and your self-worth. Take a look at your debts and your desires, and bring them into greater alignment with one another – you can start to get more of what you want by enjoying more of what you have. It’s not all about spending or earning more, but about consciously soaking in more of the pleasure. The New Moon in Taurus is all about manifesting your earthly desires in real life! This would be a great time to revamp your budget and put yourself in a stronger place to get what you really want. There’s no need to make dramatic changes while Mercury is still Retrograde – slow and steady wins the race. Invest in yourself this week to see amazing returns! Feed your mind, body, and soul.

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Are you ready for a little reinvention, Taurus? You’re feeling primed for a personal re-branding this week, with the New Moon rising in your sign and your House of Looks and Personality. This is an ideal time to think about what kind of “vibe” you’d like to give off, and how you can go about cultivating the image that best serves your needs. You could be asked to step into the spotlight this week, so it will benefit you to always put your best foot forward. Dress your best, walk with confidence, and have your elevator pitch at the ready – whether you’re in the office or at a grocery store, you could be offered a surprising opportunity at a moment’s notice, and you’ll want to be prepared! You may decide to embrace a new look or style now, and your stars are saying you should definitely believe in yourself and project the image that inspires you to be your best. What we emit, we attract – so decide to be at your best, and see what kind of magic rolls in. This is a powerful new beginning for you – step into the spotlight!

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It’s time for a little retreat and recharge this week, Gemini, as the New Moon is rising in your House of Secrets and The Past. You may feel like withdrawing slightly from social obligations now, as your stars are prompting you to sort things out, tossing old, unnecessary mental, emotional, and physical clutter out of your life to make room for the brand new opportunities on the horizon. The New Moon’s trip through your House of Secrets and The Past is your chance to lighten your load in preparation for its next trip through your House of Self, which initiates a period of excitement, activity, and new growth. So for now, it benefits you to retrace your steps, reflect, wrap up any old business, and recharge your metaphorical batteries. Peace and preparation serve you well, this week. There will be plenty of time to launch projects in the near future – for now, get the launching pad in good shape. Self-care and slowing down work in your favor!

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Let’s get together, Cancer! What is your greatest goal in life, and who is the community with whom you can accomplish it? The New Moon is rising in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, the House of Goals So Big You Need A Team To Complete Them. What is it that you want to cultivate that extends far beyond yourself? Whether you need a team, a group, or an audience for your dreams to become a reality, this is a prime week for you to commit to a new beginning that you want to create for yourself and for the world at large. It’s an ideal time for networking, group discussions, and brainstorms of all kinds. This House also rules income earned from business, so you could discover a new income source, or get the inspiration to give a considerable level-up to an existing one. It’s an ideal time for you to make and strengthen connections, to think about your long range plans, and to step fully into your role on the world stage. Be the best of who you are, because you attract what you emit, and you’re ready to meet your team!

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It’s time to step into that leadership role that you were born to play, Leo! The New Moon is rising in your House of Career and Destiny this week, prompting you to consider who you are and what you’re capable of – and you know it’s more than this! That’s not a judgment! If anything, your stars are saying, OK, that was a fun experiment – now it’s time to get serious and lead the pride! Don’t let the pressure get to you – remember, you are the Queens and Kings of the zodiac. This is your empire, so you build it the way you want to, and lead it the way that feels right to you! This is an ideal time for you to set up new business plans and goals, and to really focus on self-discipline and mastery. What would the best version of yourself do every day? How can you project that version of yourself to the world, and embrace it within yourself? Make an effort to dress your best, commit to your vision, and show yourself off to your best advantage. It’s time to begin working on that big dream that you want to debut, and some influential figures are poised to notice all of your efforts. Are you ready for your close-up?

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It’s time to think big, Virgo, because your stars say you’re going amazing places! The New Moon is rising in your House of Journeys and Philosophies, prompting you to think about how you want to expand your horizons, where you want you life to take you, and how you yourself must get “bigger” in order to experience all that it has in store for you. This urge could come in the form of of restlessness or dissatisfaction with your routines, all of a sudden. Things that used to feel comforting may have begun to chafe you, so this is a great week to think about shaking things up. What new routines and experiences would you like to have in your life? What would make your future feel more exotic, exciting, and full of possibility? It’s time to go on a new adventure, whether mentally or physically. This week, read and learn about topics that thrill you. Look into travel that stirs your soul. You’re ready to experience new heights, and the mind is fertile ground to grow future plans. Sketch out a big picture that amazes and inspires you – you’re a master of details, and those will come into focus as you zoom in on what you really want. Envision the goal, then commit to the process!

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It’s time to empower yourself, Libra. The New Moon is rising in your House of Intimacy and the Other, less politely known as the House of Sex, Death, Power, and Other People’s Money, prompting you to consider where your power comes from, this week. Are you self-possessed, or does your sense of confidence rely on other people or things? It’s an ideal time for you to focus on self-mastery, on filling your own cup and stepping into your true personal power. You may decide to really revamp your life by throwing out things, situations, and even relationships that drain and disempower you. Paying off financial and emotional debts also does you a world of good now, as well. Get your accounts in order and shore up your personal sense of security and strength by revamping your budget or starting a savings plan, and investing in yourself in other ways, too. What makes you feel powerful? This is your chance for a radical transformation based on letting go of what undermines you and embracing your true superpowers. Don’t fear the reaper, Libra. This is a whole new you!

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A new day is dawning in your relationships, Scorpio, with the New Moon rising in your House of Partnerships this week. All of your one-on-one contacts are in for a re-calibration as you are coming into a better sense of yourself, and that extends to all of your partners, whether in romance, business, or a creative venture. You may find yourself negotiating now, whether it’s your salary, visitation rights, or the details of your union. New relationships may begin now, or existing ones will be re-defined to better fit your current level of evolution. Are you feeling supported by your closest partners? If not, ask yourself: How supportive have I been? Is the give-and-take in balance, or is there a need for a “state of the union” conversation to get things back in order? This is a great time for you to embrace new opportunities to collaborate and create – you are coming off as more charming and receptive than usual, so others are more than happy to hear and help you out. Put yourself out there. More mutually supportive relationships are forecast when you come out and tell the truth about what you need. Give, and you shall receive.

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It’s time to re-think your routines, Sagittarius. The New Moon is rising in your House of Work and Routine, prompting you to review your daily grind and ask yourself, “is all this work working for me?” This is the House of Health and Habits, so you could feel compelled to research and implement a new nutrition or exercise regimen. This is a great time for those commitments, with the New Moon in slow and steady Taurus; it’s all about what’s sustainable, so don’t get in over your head! You could make some beneficial adjustments to your schedule and the way you “take care of business.” You could come up with a much smarter way to organize your time and tasks, especially when it comes to your job. Consider your big goals, and the steps that it would take to reach them. This week, it’s all about the building blocks that lift you toward your desires. What are your routines? Hitting the snooze button 5 times every morning is just as powerful a ritual as leaping out of bed and greeting the day with a smile! Set yourself up for success by building habits that empower you. A new day is dawning!

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All work and no play, Capricorn, makes a dull life, even for your hardworking ass! It’s time for you to make a point of partying this week, with the New Moon rising in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun! Your inspiration may well be sparked this week, so you’d be well advised to keep a notebook handy and write everything down! Brilliant ideas abound, and knowing you, once this fun-loving energy runs its course, you’ll be ready and willing to work them! What, and more importantly, who brings you pleasure? Play is productive this week, and passion is also forecast! You tend to have a magnetic energy about you, and your sense of humor is off the charts, as well. Expect people to be entranced, and like the pro you are, use this to your best advantage! This is an ideal time to focus on creative projects, fun with friends, and enjoying the excitement of attraction – you’re radiant right now, so surprise flirtations are practically guaranteed! Get together with the people you love this week, and do what feels good! Your stars say fortune is sure to follow!

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Home is where the heart is, Aquarius, so how supportive does your sanctuary feel? What makes you feel safe and secure? The New Moon is rising in your House of Home and Family this week, putting a spotlight on your inner world, your past, memories, and personal needs. How are you feeling lately, and what would make you feel more confident and protected? As cool as you are, even you must admit that you have needs and hungers, Aquarius, and it’s time to nourish yourself! Make time for self-care and quiet reflection this week, and notice what it is that your soul is craving right now. Time alone? Time with loved ones? More sleep? Less social media? Also consider, what kind of foundation will be the best launching pad to help you reach your success? It’s a great time to take care of work around the house, to straighten up, rearrange your furniture, reorganize or redecorate, and to get rid of clutter that is taking up your space but giving you no pleasure. (That’s physical and emotional junk, by the way!) When you make room for what you want, and honor your space, you’re sending a message that says, I’m ready for better, and willing to let go of what no longer feeds me. It’s time for a brilliant new beginning!

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Can we talk, Pisces? No, really, you might want to check your schedule and make sure you have time to consult this horoscope, because with the New Moon rising in your House of Communications, I’m guessing your line’s going to be quite busy! You can expect an influx of phone calls, emails, requests, and invitations this week, so you’ll benefit from staying on top of your inbox and calendar, and writing everything down! It’s an ideal time to get organized, take care of details, study, learn, and catch up with your contacts. Short trips, messages, and new connections are all forecast. This energy gives you a little boost to get your affairs in order – you’d benefit from setting up a new schedule for yourself now, while your stars are giving you extra alertness and mental agility! Take care of odds and ends, phone calls, emails and meetings, and reactivate all those connections that inspire and activate you! It’s time to learn new things and send a new message – a meeting of the minds is forecast to usher in a new era!

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