Weekly Horoscopes – Mercury in Taurus – The Tortoise and The Hare

Weekly Horoscopes – Mercury in Taurus – The Tortoise and The Hare

This week, fleet-footed Mercury has entered dedicated and dependable Taurus. When the planet of thought, communication, and speed enters the sign of the slow-and-steady builder, our thoughts become more formative, conservative, and grounded in reality. We’re more apt to consider what is realistic than what is dreamy or aspirational – and though Mercury may not feel as free-wheeling in cautious Taurus, he is more likely to translate his thoughts and words into sensible actions.

This is a good time to focus on one thing at a time, to work hard at an idea or initiative until you see results. We tend to be more willing to work within certain limits and take on responsibilities now, and we’re more apt to take our time, study the masters, aim for perfection via patience.

Mercury can feel stifled in this earth sign, so beware of thinking and speaking in dogmatic, rigid, or overly conservative ways. It’s important to remember to see the possibilities even as you work within the limits. Mercury’s inventiveness can work wonders inside the container of Taurus’ hard-earned experience.

Meanwhile, sweet Venus, the ruler of love and pleasure is making eyes at motivated Mars, energizing us and encouraging us to pursue our passions! And with Mars in cahoots with generous Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, we could take some inspired initiative this week that advances our goals and improves our lives! To see where you’re being activated, check your horoscope below!

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You’ve got your mind on your money this week, Aries. Mental Mercury has entered your House of Money and Values, bringing in the ultimate expert to analyze your cash flow. You could come up with some brilliant ideas to create more income, or save and spend more wisely. With charming Venus warming up your House of Self, making you more attractive than usual, and generous Jupiter making some fortunate introductions in your House of Partnerships, there’s a real chance that you could find yourself on the receiving end of a lovely invitation. On the other hand, you could handle this in your typical fashion and extend the offer yourself! Your ruler, action-oriented Mars is burning through your messages in your House of Communications, urging you to talk, talk, talk. Just make sure you’re willing to listen, listen, listen, too! There are some very good possibilities in the air this week that could end up being not just lucky financially, but also fulfilling personally. It’s not really about the money after all, right? It’s the quality of life, the value that your money can deliver that matters. So, give some thought to what you care about, what you wish for, and how you can speak and share more of what you love with the world. This is going to draw more of it toward you! Generosity breeds generosity.

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Whatcha thinkin’ about, Taurus? I bet it’s interesting! And I’m betting you’ll be talking about it soon, because with chatty Mercury traveling your House of Self, you almost won’t be able to help yourself! You are the calm and cautious builder of the zodiac, my Venusian friend – there is no doubt that you have given your piece plenty of thought, and you’re about ready to speak it. This is a great time to communicate directly with others – you’re more clear-headed and sharp than usual, and you have a temporary gift for witty retorts! Generous Jupiter is expanding options in your House of Work and Routine, increasing the possibility of a profitable project or promotion! You always shine on the job, but you are extra likely to see or speak up to get, the financial proof of it, this week! With your ruler, lovely Venus in your House of Secrets and the Past, you may also finally put a problem or project to bed, and breathe a sigh of sweet relief. Your stars are asking you to consider yourself and then communicate your needs. Use Mercury’s objectivity to evaluate your impact on others, and theirs on you, and then open a discussion about it. This is forecast to bring you some financial and personal satisfaction – your thoughts and words are the ancestors of your results and rewards. So what are you speaking into your life, and into yourself?

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It’s time to dive deep, Gemini. Your mind is immersed in the otherworldly this week, Gemini, with Mercury in your House of Secrets and The Past. Your imagination is activated in a way that can make some incredible magic – but only if you use it wisely! (I mean, it will make magic either way, but you want to brew up the good stuff.) This is an ideal time to make your art, craft your concept, purge your past, and otherwise make your emotional alchemy. Drawing on your feelings, dreams, and vision can create really amazing real-world results. “As within, so without.” So, be careful what you draw upon – in this House, Mercury can activate guilt, regret, and photographic memories. There is such a thing as fruitful reflection, and then there’s rumination – be aware of when you slip into the latter category, because it’s the opposite of beneficial! You may feel like retreating for now, dedicating yourself to a behind-the-scenes project yet to be unveiled. This would be a great way to channel this secretive stellar energy! Your creative endeavors are getting a tremendous boost this week from motivated Mars and generous Jupiter – and when you share your vulnerable and creative side, you may find support from unexpected corners! Happy alliances are forecast!

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You’ve got some fascinating ideas this week, Cancer – who is the ideal audience with whom to share them? Talkative Mercury has entered your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, the House of Goals So Big You Need a Team/Audience/Network to realize them! You could have some quite illuminating inspirations and discussions this week – listening is just as important and sharing, and just as beneficial for you! You could have a lively exchange with friends or teammates, or perhaps a group you hang out in online, that produces some great plans, and even greater connections. Charming Venus is warming up your House of Career and Destiny, attracting the right resources and helpful influencers, while generous Jupiter is generating luck around your home. With your professional and personal lives both getting a boost, all your stars are asking is that you share the wealth! Your ability to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and vision clearly, and to understand others’ words in the same way, is a real goldmine for you now. This is an ideal week to think about what makes you feel truly satisfied and happy, and then think about how you can help others figure that out for themselves. Your sweet energetic investment is forecast to yield fantastic returns!

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Break out the pencil skirts and pinstripes, Leo – you’re giving your career and social status some serious thought, this week. Mental Mercury is doing some analysis in your House of Career and Destiny, prompting you to ask yourself which ideas and initiatives that you’re ready to make public? Are you ready to debut a new role for yourself, or to begin thinking and speaking in a way that lifts you to prominence, or helps you get noticed by influential people? This is a great time to consider how you market yourself, what it is that you want to be known for, and to publicize your professional image. You communicate with gravitas right now, and thanks to some lucky energy between motivated Mars and generous Jupiter, your words tend to reach far and wide, and fall on some incredibly interested ears. Opportunities and exotic new connections are forecast. So, dress your best and put your best foot (resume/elevator speech/profile pic) forward! You’re very likely to be noticed this week one way or the other, so give them something fabulous to talk about!

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We all admire and praise you for your modesty, Virgo. You’re measured and mannerly, and you don’t need much to be happy…pffffffffft. Your stars are saying that’s enough of that, how about what do you want and let’s reach out and take it! Mental Mercury is wandering your huge House of Journeys and Philosophy, asking you what the really big ideas are, what you want to see and experience in life, in the grand scheme of things – without preconceived limits. That part is important. Give yourself some room to imagine and dream, this week, and see what happens when you dare to want something a little wilder or further away. They could surprisingly lead you to some fortunate connections and career opportunities, particularly partnerships and alliances. With generous Jupiter blessing your House of Money, and linking up with motivated Mars in your House of Career, asserting some more exotic ideas could get you noticed in a big way. This is a great time to dive into studies and topics that captivate you, or even to travel to inspiring places – in whatever way you can manage, broadening your horizons leads to opportunity and action!

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You’re a natural mediator and diplomat, Libra, and your ability to handle delicate situations is going to come in very handy this week, while Mercury rides through your House of Intimacy and The Other. Your intuition is keener than usual, and you have a sixth sense for what others need and desire even more than usual now. This is a very quiet House, the House of Sensitive Information, Sex, Death, Power, and Debt – so silent or even secret work on these aspects of your life are favored now. You can come up with great financial strategies to increase your wealth by decreasing your reliance on others, such as paying off debt or investing in products or services that automate your life and free up your time. You could have some very fruitful conversations now, especially centered around “taboo” topics like sex, money, religion, or politics. It may even be that it’s your words themselves which could bring you power and money! Don’t be afraid to test your limits, think outside the box, and be open to intense encounters that can open up your options. Are you ready to step into your power?

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It’s all about connections for you this week, Scorpio. Mental Mercury is chatting it up in your House of Partnerships, making deals and turning wheels. You could find yourself negotiating this week, whether literally for your salary, or emotionally, as you talk out a disagreement. You’ve got an extra dose of diplomacy this week, so your willingness to hear others out, even above your own wisdom, is highlighted. You could also find yourself weighing your options, wrestling with uncharacteristic indecision as you decide who you are aligned with, and who feels like a chore. You’re always pretty much thinking in terms of “get real or get out,” but this week, you may even be inclined to say it. As the sign of transformation you know that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, even if it’s not an easy thing. Your stars are forecasting a very beneficial series of dialogues that reveal the truth and help you shed dead weight and baggage in order to move forward with tight team you can rely on without question.

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Sort it out, clean it up, chuck it out, update it, Sagittarius! Mental Mercury is gleefully reorganizing your House of Work and Routine, finding a place for everything, and putting everything in its place! This is Mercury’s natural House, so you’ll be feeling the beneficial side effects like increased efficiency, better time management, and an urge to research and improve your daily habits or job skills! You would do well to take advantage of this energy because your stars are forecasting the opportunity for a tremendous level-up that brings you closer to your long-term goal, thanks to generous Jupiter’s work in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Big Dreams, if you set yourself up for success in the present. This is an excellent time to schedule check-ups, pay bills, sort out clutter, and generally get your life in order. That way, by the time your big new opportunity launches, you’ll be in a clean organized mindset and workstation to operate from! Plus, your stars say that you’re going to be receiving some quite powerful company that could do a lot to assist you, so you’ll want to be prepared! Set yourself up for success!

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This is going to be good, Capricorn! Embracing your pleasure is forecast to bring you power this week, with mental Mercury putting on a show in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun! Your desire to express yourself is strong, and you’re doing it with charm, and in a way that could end up bringing you a lot more than applause. Generous Jupiter is riding in your House of Career and Destiny, asking you to notice how offering pleasure and value to the world can result in you receiving value in return? What kind of activities make you feel inspired and expressive, and also receive a ton of positive feedback from others? There’s an intersection of passion and precision here that is an absolute goldmine! And meanwhile, with the Sun and Mars lighting up your House of Work and Routine, you’ve got the motivation and consciousness to shift your habits to get better results and squeeze more fun out of life! Your humor, ideas, and inspirations deserve your attention this week. They’re sparkling and so are you!

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Even an aloof, cool character like you needs a sense of home and security, right, Aquarius? Your mind is on your living space, your personal life, and the foundation from which you spring this week, with Mercury in your House of Home and Family. You could find yourself hanging out more with family, or just chilling at home with your fuzzy slippers on, craving the simple things. A bit of sensitivity and a desire to retreat is common now, so if you feel like withdrawing from the social scene a little bit this week, indulge yourself. You could come up with some very beneficial epiphanies within yourself, or resolutions with close family, so don’t think of this as wasted time. Your stars say this is like the prelude to a beautiful symphony – the first soft, barely discernible strains that are leading to a gorgeous crescendo! With motivated Mars in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun linking up with generous Jupiter in your House of Journeys and Philosophy, there are some amazing opportunities for self-expression, travel, and joyful expansion ahead of you! So go ahead, rest up, refill your reserves, and enjoy your loved ones – because there is a fantastic voyage in your future!

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Prepare for the incoming inundation, Pisces! Talkative Mercury is moving into your House of Communications, blowing up your phone, filling up your inbox, and chatting you up in the grocery line! Multi-tasking is almost guaranteed, if not demanded this week, as your stars forecast a multitude of errands, short trips, and interruptions (for better and for worse) as you go about your daily life! You’ll benefit from staying organized, keeping track of tasks, and accomplishing what needs to be done rather than getting distracted by shiny-object-syndrome. You’re feeling a little scattered thanks to this energy, so you will probably do better to have, say, three goals to work on at a time rather than one, so that you can jump from one to the other when you inevitably get bored. However, this speed also means that you’re in a great mode to learn and study, so if you want to acquire or sharpen a skill, now’s the time! Fortune financial connections and communications are forecast, so keep your head in the game! Trust your intuition when it comes to a powerful partnership you’ve been considering. Luck and growth are forecast when you share your skills!

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