Weekly Horoscopes – New Moon in Gemini – Make Sure You’re Connected

Weekly Horoscopes – New Moon in Gemini – Make Sure You’re Connected

Each New Moon is an invitation and an initiation. They are fertile ground for seeds of intention, shadowy gateways to mysterious new beginnings. When the Moon is new, she moves into the same sign as her equal and opposite, the Sun, “shedding light” on what has been hidden from us, offering a rare and powerful window for transformative change.

A new cycle begins under a New Moon, and it is astrologically the most potent time each month to plant seeds of intention, to set goals and make plans. “We reap what we sow” is a Universal law, and your key to powerful energy work and intention-setting during the New Moon.

This is the time to commit, or re-commit, to self-improvement, new projects, good habits, and experiences you wish to manifest in your life. The sign and House where the New Moon rises illuminates the sector of your life that is most ripe for cultivation.

With this Sun-Moon conjunction in quick-thinking Gemini, we are more mentally and emotionally agile, adaptable, and able to make all kinds of new connections. What do you wish to learn and share with others? Gemini is the ecstatic student, the fascinated researcher, the clever  communicator and connector – where will you break new ground this week?

This New Moon will be given additional potency by the square off between voluptuous Venus and powerful Pluto on the same day – though it may come in the form of some tough confrontations that have finally built to a flashpoint, this is also the kind of piercing energy that can allow deep, uncomfortable truths to come to light. Issues around compulsion, addiction, needs and desires are revealed – and, if we are willing to see them, healed.

This weekend, motivated Mars will oppose staunch Saturn, leading to a struggle between our passions and our limitations. Mars is the planet of action, energy, and conquest, and Saturn rules the ties that bind us – time, structure, regulations, and responsibilities. We may find that we cannot reach our desire as fast as we’d like – but these two planetary patrons are merely helping you clarify the level of your commitment. Sure, the initial spark of passion is fun, but are you in it for the long haul? What is worth challenging your limits, scaling your walls?

The clever Gemini New Moon is an ideal catalyst and guide. It only asks for your fluidity, your insatiable curiosity, your sense of humor, and your willingness to see all the possibilities.

Question the answers under this quizzical New Moon.


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You’ve got a way of making getting your ducks in a row look like something out of a Michael Bay movie, Aries! This week, the New Moon is rising in your House of Communications, the House of Full Inboxes, Phone Calls, Paperwork, and Daily Details, offering you the chance to annihilate your to-do list and get clear on which tasks really move the needle for you. You could have some conflicts come up around your personal and professional life this week – the tug between doing what feels good and what you know you must do, the big dreams and the little chores. Try to have some uncharacteristic patience with yourself and the process, and trust that it’s the little details that lead to the big changes. Take your time; sort things out. This week is a powerful time for you to catalyze a change around the way you organize your life in order to be more efficient and “work smarter, not harder.” You’ve got the clarity and energy to focus on what needs to be done to clear it out and make way for what you love to do! Commit to the process this week. You’re extra alert, energized, and ready to learn, this week, and laying the groundwork for something with fantastic potential. Exquisite details will lead to a beautiful big picture.

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It’s time to start fresh, Taurus. The New Moon is rising in your House of Money and Values, offering you a chance to assess your current environment, and notice what needs cutting back, and what needs cultivating. How could you arrange your life to get even more more pleasure from it? How can you show appreciation to yourself, which naturally demands more appreciation from others? This is a great time to pamper yourself – enjoy a massage, pedicure, or just a long, relaxing bath, whatever helps you enjoy and appreciate your body, the exquisite vessel that supports you. It’s also a perfect moment to reassess your finances and set new goals to improve your life. You gain a lot of satisfaction and security from what you are able to build for yourself at all times, and you’re in a perfect energetic moment to do just that! You could run into some limitations when it comes to shared income and resources in your effort to reach new a new level this week, like a disagreement with a partner or institution. Take the actions which make you feel valued and valuable, and know that others learn by example more than advice. And if anyone can demonstrate that “the proof is in the pudding,” Taurus, it’s you.

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Are you ready for a reinvention, Gemini? It’s officially your season, and with the New Moon joining the Sun in your House of Self, you are full of the energy and emotion to make major beneficial changes this week. This is your House of Looks and Personality, so it’s an ideal time to think about how you present yourself, and what you would like to change about it. After all, the New Moon means a new beginning, and your stars say that you’re brimming with the confidence, energy and enthusiasm to start fresh! It’s a great time to think about who you really are, and how you can best present that self to others. After all, it’s not about projecting some unreal, idealized version of you – it’s you now who is ready and willing to grow, learn, and find out just how powerful you truly are! How do you project yourself to the world? What does your personal style and approach communicate to others before you even say a word? What would you like it to say? Now is the time to explore your “personal brand,” to tweak and polish it, and to step out with confidence and pride, knowing that you are offering the best of yourself to the world, and that kind of energy invites golden opportunities.

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Take a deep breath, Cancer, and let it go. This is your mantra for the week, as the New Moon rises in your House of Secrets and the Past, asking you to relax, release, and recharge. You’ve been doing a great deal of internal and external work lately, and it’s high time for some therapeutic nesting. What recharges your personal and spiritual batteries? This is an ideal time to have a little retreat, whether or not you have a quiet mountaintop handy. Time spent in reflection, journaling, meditation or prayer can have transformative effects on you this week. Quieting your mind and allowing your emotions to ebb and flow without judging them is forecast to reveal some important information, secrets that you have kept even from yourself. Your stars are helping you clean out your psychological closet, finding treasure and clearing clutter, all in preparation for when you step into the spotlight for Cancer season, in another four weeks. What aspects of your past would you like to sort out by then? Which emotional anchors could you cut loose so that you can sail toward your true destination? Take a deep breath, and let it go.

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It’s time to assemble your team, Leo! The New Moon is rising in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, making this a prime time to connect with others to conjure your vision. This is the House of Dreams So Big You Need a Team/Network/Audience to make them happen, Leo, so who is your community? And what is your role within that community? What value do you provide, or wish to provide to others? The New Moon is particularly potent when it rises in this House, so it’s crucial to carve out time to consider these questions this week. Who do you feel the desire or need to reach out to? With whom could you strengthen ties, or create something incredible? Invitations and offers are forecast for you this week – so don’t be afraid to offer your hand when the right ones come along! Networking, offering your services to the public, and nurturing your contacts are all forecast to sow fruitful seeds for you, this week. You’re the consummate performer, and this week, you’re preparing for your role on the world stage. The spotlight is on, Leo – are you ready to step into your rightful place?

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Now’s your chance to make some tremendous progress, Virgo – and I know how you love getting results! The New Moon is rising alongside the Sun in your House of Career and Destiny, calling on you to question your professional image and approach, and see what some adjustments could do to improve it. This is an ideal time to renew and reinvigorate your career goals, and to ask, “Who would I have to be in order to get there?” This is your opportunity to make a fresh start and cultivate greater discipline which leads to major progress. What makes you feel savvy, sharp, capable? I’m talking about everything from the way you dress at the office, to the way you speak in a meeting, shake hands, and write your work emails. Your stars say that a shift in the way you present yourself to society and influential figures around you could make the difference between receiving a promotion or reward, and being overlooked entirely. It’s a perfect time to assess, then improve or correct what you project. The efforts you make in this arena now are forecast to lead to tangible results, so give it your best and expect something amazing!

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It’s time to free your mind and feed your spirit, Libra! The New Moon is rising alongside the Sun in your House of Journeys and Philosophy, activating your urge to do, see, and experience exotic new things. You could feel a bit stifled by your everyday routine this week, and an ideal way to channel that restless energy is to set inspiring new goals and make time for a little adventure! You could initiate some exciting projects this week, or find yourself exploring ideas and topics that broaden your horizons in incredible ways. Travel and higher learning are major possibilities for you now, and if you’re not traveling literally, a mental and spiritual journey is definitely forecast. A new perspective is dawning on you, and your stars say it’s a vision that can propel you to some exciting new heights of professional success and personal fulfillment. So, be willing to test your limits and explore your boundaries – with every new discovery, you expand your future possibilities.

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It’s time to empower yourself, Scorpio. The New Moon is rising alongside the Sun in your House of Intimacy and The Other, less politely known as the House of Sex, Death, Power, and Other People’s Money. Are there any people, emotions, or institutions to whom you have given your power? Debt is one straightforward form this can take, but people can also hold their power in spiritual hock – leaving it in the hands of fickle emotion or addiction. This New Moon is offering you self-mastery which, ironically, allows for true union, the unstoppable kind which takes both to new heights. It’s time to take stock of your personal power inventory, Scorpio, and see where you must replenish your stores. This is an ideal time to set financial goals, to pay debts, and to repair or sever connections that drain your resources. Whether it’s a toxic friend or partner, or a credit card that you keep maxing out despite your best intentions, now is the time to wipe the slate clean and set yourself up for success. Your intuition is especially keen under this energy – trust it to move you toward what is empowering for you. Think of it as a compass that says simply “yes” and “no.” Get quiet with yourself, and allow a difficult situation or relationship to come to mind. Close your eyes, and look at your compass. What does it say?

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It’s time to reach out and touch someone, Sagittarius. The New Moon is rising in your House of Partnerships, asking for a renewal and re-invigoration of your closest one-on-one contacts. Is there someone you want to re-establish contact with, or introduce yourself to? Or perhaps you have a negotiation to begin. One way or another, this week, there is a focus on sharing and exchange, and the balance thereof. This is an ideal time to ask yourself whether you’re giving enough and receiving enough in all of your partnerships – whether they’re romantic, creative, or in business – and resolve to correct any imbalances. You come off as quite gracious and charming under this energy, so if you ask for what you want, you’re quite likely to get it now. So, this is a great moment to go out and circulate, negotiate, or make some personal efforts public – you’re very likely to be well received! If you need support, ask for it – your stars say that whether you’re asking for a meeting, a date, or a collaboration, all sorts of new partnership potentials are blossoming for you, this week!

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It’s time to do what you best and get down to business, Capricorn! The New Moon is rising in your House of Work and Routine, prompting you to sort things out, clean things up, and cut out the crap. You’re in the mood to increase your efficiency, and you may find yourself compelled to revamp your routines entirely. It may be that you look in the mirror and decide to commit to a new nutrition and exercise routine, or that you decide you’re done with disorganization and clear your calendar to start fresh. Your ability to analyze and organize is at a peak this week, so it’s an ideal time to assess which of your rituals have been working for you, and which have been working against you. (Remember: never planning ahead is just as much a ritual as planning diligently every day. One just might be more effective than the other.) You can make some incredible strides by looking at your choices and their consequences this week (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and making adjustments to your routine based on your findings. Your stars say this evolution will empower you to execute something amazing!

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It’s time to be bold and enjoy life, Aquarius! The New Moon is rising in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun, indicating that some beautiful new things are brewing for you, and if you’re willing to take the initiative, you could see some of the signs this week! This is an ideal moment to express yourself, to show your unique talents and methods to the world! You’re feeling a little hungry for approval and attention right now, so why fight it? The world adores your offbeat approach and way of seeing things, so please share yourself with us! Are you thinking of blogging, vlogging, publishing, or painting? Whatever way your creativity manifests, you were born to color the world! Above all, it’s essential that you make time for fun and games this week, Aquarius, and even a little flirtation is forecast. They’re here to lead to some exciting new developments as your seed of intention grows. So, what are you planting, Aquarius? What are you projecting out into the world? (You know they’re the same thing, right?) You shine best when you shine from within, when you adore your own efforts and skills. Plant your joy this week, and your openness. Plant love and freedom. See what grows.

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Take a moment, Pisces. Check in with yourself. Are you feeling safe and secure? Is your living space providing the support and sanctuary that you need? With the New Moon rising alongside the Sun in your House of Home and Family, your home life and support system are coming into the spotlight to be reviewed and renewed. What are your feelings telling you right now? What are your needs? This week, take some quiet time to reflect, journal, pray, or meditate, and listen to your gut. What is your intuition asking you for, in order to feel secure from the inside out? The great psychologist Carl Jung said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” This is your special power, Pisces – getting in touch with your feelings and vulnerabilities is forecast to lead you to new levels of self-mastery and empowerment.  This is also a great time to do work around your literal home, organizing, de-cluttering, and cleaning, making room for new possibilities. Nature abhors a vacuum, Pisces, so if you want some new energies in your life, clear out the old! A new phase is beginning.

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