Weekly Horoscopes – Sun, Mercury & Mars Opposite Pluto – ‘Teardrop on the Fire’

Weekly Horoscopes – Sun, Mercury & Mars Opposite Pluto – ‘Teardrop on the Fire’

This is a week that may set your soul on fire.

Things are beings shaken and stirred, as a trio of planets faces off against Pluto, the planet of power, transformation, and ancient authority. Mental Mercury, motivated Mars, and the star of personality, the Sun have gathered in nurturing Cancer, the sign of creation, initiation, and loving leadership.

“Love, love, is a verb. Love is a doing word, fearless on my breath…”

Together, they are giving us rapid, energizing ideas for action we need to take in the world. We’re eager, impatient, and emboldened to do! Our energy is high, and there is even an element of domination in these stars, the urge to overcome obstacles at any cost.

But “any cost” is a dangerous variable, especially when you’re playing with Pluto, the ruler of destruction and death. Obsession, fanaticism, and blind passion can carry us into conflicts in a flash under this energy, and in ambitious, dogged Capricorn, Pluto’s will to succeed “at any cost” could become our downfall.

Power struggles, confrontations, and even explosions are possible when our passions run so high and so deep, at once.

“Night, night of matter, black flowers blossom, fearless on my breath…”

But if we put this tension – this conflict between what we wish to do, and the monolithic structures that stand in our way, whether they are physical, mental, or social constructs – to good use, we can make more progress than we may even be prepared for.

We can see more than we were ready to see. Plutonian initiations rock foundations – be sure that you really want what you “really want” this week, because your pursuit will certainly have powerful consequences – one way or the other.

Your stellar secret weapon is this incredible charge of the Cancer stellium – you have the passion, the knowledge, and the will to attain your desires. Refuse to be pushed. Take your time, ask questions, get clear within yourself, and then take fearless action, knowing that you are prepared to withstand everything that comes with it. That what shakes you will not shake you apart.

No, indeed. When you know what you love, and what you aim for, you may shake the world.

“Teardrop on the fire of a confession, fearless on my breath.”


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You could be facing a conflict between your personal and professional lives this week, Aries, that demands a little bit of fancy footwork to handle. With the shining Sun, motivated Mars, and mental Mercury all roosting in your House of Home and Family, you’re in the mood to feather your nest, make repairs, and spend time with your family in the comfort of your castle. Yet potent Pluto, the ruler of death and rebirth, is opposing this little gathering from your House of Career and Destiny, where he’s been knocking down walls and digging up the foundation where necessary, forcing you to recognize your own power and make answering changes in yourself. Your goals require a lot of you right now – they have really become a focus in recent years, and right now it’s becoming a power struggle. But this is an opportunity to find steadiness in the flux – this energy is asking you, how can you balance your personal and professional passions? How can you harmonize the energy between the two, rather than try to avoid, compartmentalize, or just bear it? This week, try seeking understanding and exchange above victory, and you could find yourself, ironically, winning!

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Patience, Taurus. This is your watchword for this week, as the Sun, mental Mercury, and motivated Mars charge up your House of Communications. They’re forcing you to focus on details and errands, while you long to break away and change your course entirely, thanks to their opposition to powerful Pluto in your House of Journeys and Philosophy, who is singing a siren song of new horizons and freedom. Normally, you’re a calm, steady soul, Taurus, who isn’t lured by the promise of grand plans, but this week, you could feel quite impatient to get where you’re going, even if it requires cutting a few corners. Don’t do that! Your stars say it will end up being more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, spend a few quiet minutes listening to that siren song – what is it telling you? Are you bored? Is it time to change your perspective, to think bigger? Try not to think of your urges as enemies, but as helpful messengers here to point you in the direction of your true desires. When you resist the urge to scatter your energy in a dozen directions at once this week, you can actually find the willpower to demolish your to-do list (one thing at a time!) and free up more time for your passions. Let your mind wander.

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You can make some big moves when it comes to increasing your net worth and your self-worth this week, Gemini, as the Sun, mental Mercury, and motivated Mars confer in your House of Money and Values. You’ve got tremendous energy to make more of yourself, to fight for what you deserve: money/credit/acknowledgement, et. al. Yet you may find that you come up against obstacles and restrictions, as powerful Pluto opposes them from your House of Intimacy and The Other, AKA the House of Sex, Death, and Debt. You could feel the restrictions of your shared resources more keenly – shared work, shared money, shared power. Intimate partners especially could be the source of irritation or misunderstanding – but this is a perfect, if annoying, opportunity to get things out in the open and reach a better understanding of why you want what you want, and whether or not you can get it. In fact, you may discover that certain aspirations or values no longer hold appeal for you, so you can toss them out to make room for what does. Dive deep into your desires this week, and explore what really motivates and moves you. You’re quite shrewd and resourceful right now – if you can resist the urge to cut corners and double-talk to get your way, and instead leverage your own work ethic to empower yourself, you could earn interest and accolades now.

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You’re known for being the compassionate mother, the giver, sometimes to the point of martyrdom, Cancer… But not this week. With the shining Sun, mental Mercury, and motivated Mars charging up your House of Personality, this week, it’s all about you. You could find yourself embroiled in a conflict with a partner, or with your attitude about commitment and loyalty, this week, thanks to potent Pluto’s stirring presence in your House of Partnerships. Your one-on-one contacts are subject to intense analysis under this energy, because they seem to be challenging your sense of self and you happen to be feeling particularly pushy! And when you’re feeling defensive, Cancer, your undammed waters can ravage the battlefield. Rather than getting swept away by your emotions when you feel crossed this week, take every annoyance as an opportunity to get clear about who you are and what you desire. (The clearer your intention, the likelier you are to achieve it, natch.) Take every challenge from someone you love as an invitation to know them better, to strengthen your bond – or, if need be – to let it die a natural death (Pluto’s purview.) Your one on one bonds are forecast to deepen or disintegrate, this week, as you better understand yourself.

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You’re feeling torn this week, Leo, between the urge to retreat and reassess your goals, and the need to get shit done. Your inner and outer worlds are in opposition at the moment, because the Sun, mental Mercury, and motivated Mars having a spiritual retreat in your House of Secrets and the Past, while despotic Pluto demands concrete results in your House of Work and Routine. You’ve been quite devoted to your work lately, and the threat of burnout has singed you already, so it’s essential that you honor your need for silence and solitude to get your thoughts in order, this week. Private matters, intuitive endeavors, and creative goals are calling your name, and yet you may find that your duties and responsibilities fight for center stage. Working alone or in secret may be most effective for you right now, as you’re feeling incredibly introspective and a bit exposed. This is an opportunity to transform the way you run your life on an everyday basis, to bring it into greater alignment with your inner needs. Yes, discovering them and then expressing them is incredibly vulnerable, but it is also immeasurably powerful, and truly the secret to you living the life you want – on the spiritual and everyday level. Allow your internal discoveries to inform your outer habits, and you’ll be unstoppable!

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You’re looking good in the eyes of the public, Virgo – celebrated, admired, and supported – and deservedly so! Your devotion to a goal larger than yourself is in the spotlight now, as the Sun, motivated Mars, and mental Mercury confer in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, driving you to achieve your big dreams. And yet you may find yourself torn between that very real commitment, and a desire to do just exactly what you feel like for you. You can thank tempestuous Pluto’s opposition from your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play – he’s been forcing you to come face to face with what you’re really passionate about, what lights you up and inspires you. Is what you find fun in total opposition to what your big goals are in life? Your stars are highlighting that disconnection, and encouraging you to find authenticity, and a union between these two poles. What would it take to get back to a place where your purpose is your pleasure? Honor your intense need for freedom and fun, as well as your devotion to your ultimate goals. Each gives the other meaning – their contrast is what gives them, and you, life.

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You’ve been hard at work on your professional life, Libra, giving it lots of consideration and taking lots of action – and goodness knows, you’re getting noticed for it, with a trio of the sparkling Sun, motivated Mars, and mental Mercury lighting up your House of Career and Destiny. Yet you could feel an annoying friction this week, a sense in your scales that things are out of whack. Your personal life is feeling ignored, and when Pluto is the one feeling left out in the cold in your House of Home and Family, he can find intense ways to bring the imbalance to your attention. You could run into interruptions and frustrations on a very mundane level, like the sudden need for household repairs, or a family member could suddenly require a lot of your attention, right in the midst of a crucial project. There’s a re-alignment required to find harmony between these seemingly competing needs – and if anyone can accomplish that, Libra, it’s you! Make an effort to slow down this week, take your time, and be conscious of your mood and energy level. Prioritize your personal time as much as your professional time, recognizing that one feeds off the other. You’ll be a better pro when you’re feeling nourished and secure, and you’ll be a better member of your tribe when you feel like you’re achieving your goals as an individual. Balance it out!

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It’s all about the big picture for you right now, Scorpio – the bold new horizons, the potentials and possibilities ahead! You can thank the shining Sun, motivated Mars, and mental Mercury for lighting up your House of Journeys and Philosophy, calling you toward exotic adventures. And yet… and yet there is that annoying need to file paperwork, answer emails, do the laundry – the tasks, toils, and errands of the here and now. You’re feeling particularly torn by these two poles this week, as your ruler, powerful Pluto is ripping of the floorboards and tearing out the walls in your House of Communications, fundamentally altering the way you think, speak, and study. You may find that an exciting new opportunity comes with a big pile of paperwork, or a series of hoops made out of red tape that you have to jump through in order to get there. As much as possible, be calm, and keep that big picture in mind as you demolish your to-do’s. The key for you is to keep the “why” of all those little tasks in mind – as long as they are building up to a great result, then they are just as worth your time as the adventure itself. Rise to the challenge of not letting life push your buttons – if anyone can decide when they’re turned on and off, it’s you, Scorpio!  

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You’re quite intuitive this week, Sagittarius, and if you can keep that calm, receptive energy about you, you could discover some quite important, life-changing things about yourself, this week. The Sun, motivated Mars, and mental Mercury are heating up your House of Intimacy and The Other, igniting your passion and power – you’re likely to be more introspective than usual, keen to focus on what is currently transforming your life. Well, look no further than powerful Pluto, who’s remodeling your House of Money and Values, indicating a fundamental transformation of your sense of what really matters in life, and what you want to invest your time and energy into. You could feel suddenly obsessed by cultivating a certain plan or principle, and have a sense that you must: donate all your worldly possessions and move to Guam, give up XYZ, adopt ABC, convert to the lilac religion, etc. But rather than leaping into impulsive action, let these messengers speak to you a little while longer – interview them. Get to the bottom of where they’re really coming from, and where they are really pulling you. You can run west with as much ardor as you want, but if your goal lies in the East, then you’ll be running a long time. Get intimate with yourself, Sagittarius, then strategize.

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“Know thyself.” It’s good advice, right, Capricorn? Your favorite kind: pragmatic, simple, effective. It’s excellent counsel for you to put into action right now, because powerful Pluto, the ruler of death, rebirth, and transformation is doing some demolition in your House of Self, dismantling old paradigms and perceptions that were holding you back. As you become more of yourself, you are faced with new conflicts and opportunities when it comes to those you love most. With the Sun, mental Mercury, and motivated Mars opposing Pluto from your House of Partnerships, your stars say that this week, you learn a lot about yourself through the way you relate to others. You could have some conflicts and downright confrontations this week, as your new self bumps up against the old expectations of others. You have changed, make no mistake about it – and so have your closest one-on-one contacts. Rather than approaching any static or disagreements from your old patterns, try taking an investigative, curious approach. Get intimate with yourself and what you want, and share that with the ones you love most. In turn, be willing to ask for the same input from your partners. Together, you can help one another be more of who you are.

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How much of yourself do you keep a secret, Aquarius? And what parts of you do you keep undercover, away from prying eyes? Powerful Pluto always knows where the bodies are buried, and he’s been digging up graves in your House of Secrets and the Past, forcing you to sort through memories and baggage that you may think is better left underground. He’s not shy, so he’s probably left a few secrets bare to those around you, shattering your cool image by revealing some intense needs and unfulfilled wishes. It’s not the end of the world if someone sees how much you care, Aquarius – in fact, it might just be a new beginning. The Sun, mental Mercury, and motivated Mars are lighting up your House of Work and Routine, and they’re opposing Pluto, pitting your internal needs against your external duties. However, this is more than a challenge – it’s an opportunity to find real alignment between the way you feel inside, and the way you run your life. This is an incredibly potent time for you to make positive changes when it comes to your habits. So, when a conflict presents itself this week, a tension between what you really want, and what you “have” to do, assess whether what you’re doing is actually moving you toward what you want. If it isn’t, take a life inventory, then roll up your sleeves and join your planetary patrons in your personal renovation.

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Playing will teach you about your purpose this week, Pisces; playing games, playing with ideas, with friends – all of these are forecast to bring you in closer contact with your true joy and your true community, as the Sun, motivated Mars, and mental Mercury light up your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun! Meanwhile, potent Pluto is tearing down walls in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, AKA, the House of Dreams So Big You Need a Team/Audience/Network to make them happen. He’s been ripping away false friendships, superficial contacts and goals, and generally wreaking havoc on the proverbial vision board that you crafted just a few short years ago. Things have changed, Pisces – you have changed. You’ve grown and outgrown. You could feel a little friction between what you want to do, and what you feel you must do, this week. Achieving your goals could seem to come at the cost of your fun, or vice versa – but what your stars are actually seeking is the right kind of tension – the kind that keeps the tight rope walker alive and inspiring. Who, among your contacts, makes fulfilling your mission more fun? Who inspires you and motivates you to be your best? Get out and “play” with your ideas, with them! “You don’t get better playing with someone worse than you,” so take every “challenge” to your ideas as an opportunity to improve them, and move closer to your goals. Make a game of it!

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  1. Pluto knows where bodies are buried and he is digging up graves in your backyard. Indian astrologers know correct positioning of Sun, Moon, planetary bodies so they can give accurate predictions.

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