Weekly Horoscopes – New Moon in Leo – ‘Listen to Your Heart’

Weekly Horoscopes – New Moon in Leo – ‘Listen to Your Heart’

The curtains have officially opened on Leo season, and the star of the zodiac certainly knows how to make an appearance!

This lunar month opens with a Leo New Moon, which waxes into a partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius, then finishes in the crescendo of another Leo New Moon Solar Eclipse. Debuts and curtain calls. The tremor of silence before the standing ovation.

Eclipses tend to speed things up, initiating important events, opportunities, and endings. Astrologically, Eclipses are said to bring about “fated” events.

New Moons are portals for change, and Leo thrives on positive attention. So, this Leo New Moon summons us to recognize, appreciate, and share our truest talents – the better to bring about our destiny.

Mental Mercury and action-oriented Mars are joined by the Sun and Moon in Leo, the sign of the performer, the child, the monarch. Revolutionary Uranus in independent Aries is forming a challenging angle to the Sun-Moon-Mars trio, catalyzing a radical awakening – the winds of change are blowing, bringing in new options and sweeping away old rules.

Where are you feeling pulled to, or pushed from? An opportunity may come to your door dressed as a crisis – Leo loves drama and costumery, and Uranus loves surprises!

The North Node – the astrological axis point that rules karmic lessons, present progress, and destiny – has also just moved into the sign of pride, play, and personal power. What beats your heart and thrills your soul?

Leo rules the heart. It’s a sign known for its strength, charm, impetuousness, haughtiness, and magnanimous generosity. Leo is open in the same way children are – Leo wants what it wants without shame.

Leo is proud of what becomes him – and what he becomes. This Leo New Moon invites you to make believe if you could be and do anything you wanted, what would it be?

What comes naturally to you? What do you want to be known for? What is your star power? This New Moon asks you to open your heart to new possibilities for yourself. A promising new light has sparked to life.

Are you ready to shine?

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You must follow your heart, Aries, then all will be well. It sounds simple, and that’s because it is. (Remember: “Simple” is not the same as “easy.” We humans tend to conflate the two.) The New Moon Eclipse is occurring in your House of Romance, Creativity, and Play, opening doors and ushering in new beginnings. This is fertile ground for your dreams, aspirations, and passion projects. Whether you dream of writing a screenplay, falling in love, or becoming a professional shepherd, you must initiate the plans to become your most joyful self NOW. Farmers don’t plant their seeds in the winter, expecting a hardy harvest come summer. The time will not be better to take a major leap, mentally, emotionally, or geographically. Major romance — and a possible new relationship, or the sparkling, surprise renewal of a current flame — is forecast. The Universe is offering you a buffet of pleasurable and passionate road signs, the better to guide you to your true place in the world. “Listen to your heart,” above all. Yes, even above the voice laughing at you for doing so. 😉

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After sitting in neutral for a while, Taurus, you are truly putting things into drive, this week. The New Moon Eclipse is opening doors in your House of Home and Family, indicating that you’ve either just had, or will have, a major change in your residence. Whether you’re moving out or moving in, or making a change to the place you hang your hat, a beneficial shift is occurring. This change is set to bring you surprising opportunities — you may decide to “broaden your horizons” with mental work, such as taking on higher education, or visiting a faraway destination. Meanwhile, motivated Mars and mental Mercury have moved into your House of Home as well, so it’s a fantastic time to make thoughtful changes and strides when it comes to “building” the home life you want. And we’re not talking just hammer and nails – what principles do you want your home build upon? Compassion? Justice? Excellence? It’s an ideal time to channel your powerful energy into projects that excite you, and especially those that could contribute to you building yourself a new foundation, all your own. The timing is right. Begin.

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You’ve got a lot to say, Gemini, but ironically, you may not feel quite ready to say it to anyone yet. The New Moon Eclipse is shedding pale light on your House of Communications, painting it with a mirage-like, dreamy beauty. You can see it in the distance, but you’re a little afraid to go in. You remember what happened to Hansel and Gretel. Yet your stars say that this is your dream House, i.e., the House where you can literally make your wildest dreams come true, if you start now. New Moons are times for fertile new beginnings, so it’s time to set your crystal clear intentions — even if it’s just between you and your journal for now. Get started in whatever way is within your reach at this time, and you will see returns that reflect your investment, large or small. It’s an ideal time for you to do what you do best: research, learn, and make new connections! Motivated Mars and your ruler, whip smart Mercury, have joined the sparkling Sun and Moon in your House of Full Inboxes, Intriguing DMs, and Exciting Unheard Voicemails, creating sparks that could lead to exciting new initiatives! Make time to polish these ideas you want to share, or this project you plan to launch. Your studious devotion will pay handsomely.

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Endings always herald new beginnings, Cancer, and you may be in the middle of another big leap this week. The New Moon Eclipse is kicking off radical changes in your House of Money and Values, indicating that one income stream may have ended, but another one is flowing in to replace it. So, what’ll it be, Cancer? Where do you need your new beginning? New car? New home? (It’s a good month to fill out financial paperwork — your stars forecast favorable outcomes.) You may make a little more money over the next few weeks, thanks to motivated Mars’ recent move into this House, where he’ll be filling you with the energy to overcome obstacles and achieve goals that are aligned with your heart’s desire. Chances are good that not only is the way you’re making your money changing, but the way that you’re using it is, too. Give some thought to your long term goals, and how you want your money to work for you. This is an ideal time to set great new intentions for yourself, those that lift you to a higher level of financial and personal satisfaction. Your stars spell success.

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Who are you, Leo? Is it who you want to be? Now, more than any other time of the year, you have the opportunity to choose your answer, to make your mark on the world, to use your voice the way that it demands to be used, from the bottom of your heart. The New Moon Eclipse is occurring in your sign, in your House of Self, heralding earth-shaking new beginnings for you, your attitude, your “vibe,” and even your appearance. As a matter of fact, there won’t be a better time to change your wardrobe, take up an exercise and nutrition regimen, or even get a haircut. Talk about a “new you!” Your stars say you have graduated on a spiritual level, and you’re being invited to your own initiation, more so than any other sign at this moment. What do you want your legacy to be? How will your personality and unique signature support you, your happiness and success, and also influence the world in a way that changes it for the better? (That’s you, Leo, always thinking of the “grand scheme.”) Luckily, right now, the more you do for yourself, the more you benefit everyone else in your sphere of influence, which is growing all the time. Be proud, Leo, and step forward. You are being crowned.

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It’s imperative that you trust your gut this week, Virgo. Your stars are giving you all sorts of signals about what’s ready to leave your life, and what’s ready to flow into it — or could it be, where you are ready to flow with it? Yes, journeys are certainly forecast for you, but not before you determine just where it is you’d like to go. Give it time. Give it thought. As a matter of fact, take as much time to yourself as you can this week. The Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury have all shacked up in your House of Secrets and the Past, indicating that projects begun in solitude now, especially those rooted in that gut instinct we talked about, should come to amazing fruition in the coming weeks, and especially in six months. Yes, the dream and project that you have in mind is worth your time. Your stars say work done behind the scenes is forecast to have fantastic results once it debuts. Break out your planner, laptop, white board, or sketch book, and start mapping your course. The journey will begin soon — it’s time to do what you do best and prepare yourself!

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Who do spend your time with, Libra? Who do you make big plans with? Your stars are spelling a massive change in your life via your social calendar, as the powerful partial New Moon Eclipse washes over your House of Allies and Organizations. Eclipses are cleansing, so some connections may be “eclipsed” from your life, but even these changes are positive, and only make room for more positive associations befitting of your current level of evolution. Let your creativity and charm shine — they may even have a wider audience soon, as the New Moon is creating opportunities to promote your personal brand, in cahoots with generous Jupiter in your House of Self. Change and opportunity are forecast through the power of your community, and though you may question the effectiveness of stacking social engagements to leverage a chance to achieve your Big Dream, strengthening positive connections is forecast to literally change your life. As in, you look around and things LOOK different. If change is what you crave, put yourself – and your brilliant ideas – “out there!”

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It’s set to be the beginning of a momentous phase for you, Scorpio, so prepare yourself for massive changes! The New Moon Eclipse is catalyzing powerful reactions in your House of Career and Destiny, sort of altering the molecular structure of your opportunities, your reputation, and even your chosen purpose in life. Are you in the process of crafting an amazing idea? Or perhaps you’re on the verge of debuting some new program, app, art, or other creative work? Even considering leaving your job? Regardless, the beginnings that you invest in now are forecast to bring you amazing results, but only in direct reflection of the energy and energy that you devote to them. Power-playing Pluto is shining on your communications now , indicating that either you will literally sell an idea in that field, or the way that you communicate will snag you a major investor, partner, or ally — someone who can introduce people, places, and chances that you’ve only dreamed about.

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Planning a trip, Sagittarius? If not, I’d wager you will be soon! The New Moon Eclipse is creating waves in your House of Journeys and Philosophy, and it’s altering your mental landscape as well. New beginnings are forecast for you, and your stars say that if you’re willing to commit to daily habits which march you straight toward your ideals and goals, major opportunities will become available as well. Serious Saturn is encouraging healthier habits, a more minimalist, structured lifestyle — ironically, it’s meant to lead you to bigger, better, more creative things (he’s in cahoots with jolly, generous Jupiter, but they don’t much like to be seen together. They have reputations to maintain. It may even be that the “broad” aspect of this House is about a literal broadcast — are you preparing something for a publishing, internet or TV debut?) Your crystal clear intentions, combined with devoted hard work, are forecast to bring about exciting, heartfelt adventures. If you have dreamed of sailing away, literally or figuratively, now is the time to plot the course of your dreams.

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You know what’s interesting about you, Capricorn? You love a feeling of success and enjoying the material comforts and security that money can buy — yet, you hate to talk about money. It’s vulgar. Well, I’m both sorry and pleased to say, that for you, it’s all about the money right now. The New Moon Eclipse is kicking off a big new venture in your House of Other People’s Money, indicating the possibility of wealth through a joint venture, or with help from a benefactor or investor. Some project of yours — I bet money that it is in one way or another, “creative,” whether it’s in the arts, or the content comes directly from you in some other way — has enormous potential to earn you significant income. Jupiter, the bringer of growth, luck, and abundance, is waving from your House of Career and Destiny, reminding you that he’ll be creating a massive network and audience for you starting in October, when he moves into your House of Allies, Organizations, and Big Dreams. So in the meantime, put your nose to the grindstone. Learn your lines. Polish your projects and flesh out your ideas. Great gains are forecast, spiritually and financially, when you invest in the best of yourself!

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You’re an independent soul by nature, Aquarius, but you also appreciate a dynamic partner in crime. Who are your committed to, or who can you see yourself working happily with, in business or in life? Has that image changed recently? The New Moon Eclipse is opening brand new doors in your House of Partnerships, bringing about sudden changes and swift opportunities. Some of you may meet your soul mates in the coffee line, others may ditch a dead-end partnership, while still others may end up getting hitched in Vegas. Your creative realm is also highlighted now, so this partner could be someone helping to get your brilliant ideas off the ground. This is an ideal time to engage in new connections, or to improve and renegotiate existing ones. Great new beginnings are forecast with regard to both your partnerships, and a project close to your heart. Invest in what matters most to you, and share it with someone important, and you can’t go wrong.

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Which door will you open, Pisces? I know how you hate to be forced to choose, but this New Moon Eclipse forces you to check in with your intuition, your gut, your lofty ideals, and asks: How you can make them your daily work? New Moons kick things off, and you may find that you are offered a new position with your current employer, a new job, or that a personal project of your own is calling out for more of your daily attention. The New Moon is opening doors in your House of Work and Routine, reminding you that changing up your daily habits — tasks which, on their own, seem so mundane — leads irrevocably to altering your larger destiny. Great financial and personal successes are forecast, but not without your devotion, time, and focused energy. Serious Saturn is demanding a literal “change of pace” in your House of Career and Destiny. You have something quite important to share, so it’s imperative that you take your time. Work on it. Put your thoughts to paper or screen, then give them time. Polish them. Soon, you will have something life-changing on your hands.

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