Weekly Horoscopes – New Moon in Virgo – ‘Like A Virgin’

Weekly Horoscopes – New Moon in Virgo – ‘Like A Virgin’

Too often, Virgo is stereotyped as the aloof librarian, the neat freak, the nitpicker. She comes after Leo, the sign of pomp and play, and before Libra, the sign of peace and pleasure. Someone had to clean up after Leo and set a clean, firm foundation upon which the Libran scales could be exquisitely calibrated!

Never underestimate Virgo’s ability to roll up their sleeves and get dirty in order to clean things up. Virgo kneels at the altar of What Must Be Done. It rules routines, service, the daily grind, and most importantly, the job-worth-doing-well-done.

In the spirit of Virgoan purity and meticulous attention to detail, let us remember that the word “virgin” has not always meant “one who has never had sex.” In ancient Greece, priestesses were “virgins,” the original meaning translating to “one-in-herself,” a woman who owns herself.

A virgin was a respected maiden, an unmarried woman who had full governance over her body and sexuality. Virgin, then, did not mean pure of sexuality — it meant free from mental or physical tyranny. A virgin was a woman of strength, independence, and wisdom, and this is the aspect that Virgo evokes.

A New Moon is activating a powerful trio of planets in the sign of the high-minded virgin, the clear-eyed assessor, humble servant, and truth-teller: the sparkling Sun, assertive Mars, and quick-witted Mercury — this powerful choir is lifting their voices so you can hear your calling in the final days of Virgo season.

Virgo is devoted, detail-oriented, and always does her best to get things right. So, this stellium shines on the area of your life which requires your hard work, your humble devotion, in order to set yourself up for pleasure and peace.

Are you ready to put your God/dess-given talents to work?


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Are you ready to clean up your life, Aries? Sounds like a tall order, huh? But with this cleansing New Moon activating the potent trio of active Mars, mental Mercury, and the powerful Sun in your House of Work and Routine, you’re capable of great feats in the name of establishing a happier, healthier daily life, this week.

Your mind is likely on your health, and you could feel driven to analyze and adjust the way you eat and exercise — trust your gut, literally. Your body is speaking to you loud and clear about what’s helping and what’s hurting, if you can tune in and give it the attention it deserves. This is also an excellent time to roll up your sleeves and focus on enhancing your skills and improving your habits — greater efficiency creates greater results, so it’s time to notice what keeps you running smoothly.

In Virgoan spirit, get a little nerdy with it! Pack nutritious lunches at night, and lay out your clothes or workout gear. Sign up for a class. Take care of the details. You are capable of some amazing works right now when you focus on your daily systems. This is your New Moon medicine. For best results: Clean up your body, mind, and workspace — they are all sacred temples.

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You’re a master at working hard, Taurus, but how adept do you feel at playing hard? The New Moon is activating the trio of mental Mercury, motivated Mars, and the powerful Sun in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun, prompting you to revel in the pleasure of life!

You may feel like playing hooky at work, laughing with someone you love, gaming the day away, or focusing on your creative work this week — whatever the case, your inner child is stepping into the spotlight, asking to be recognized. This exuberant energy makes you quite charming and even magnetic — romantic offers and playful flirtations are likely to come your way; it’s quite a fortuitous time for new connections!

The most beneficial thing you can do this week is consider what lights you up, and concentrate on doing more of it! You are the ultimate architect of the zodiac, Taurus, and this week you’re being offered the inspiration to create a proverbial blueprint for a fun and fulfilling life. Discover what you want more of, and you will definitely attract it, this week — you are radiant!

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You’re all about making connections beyond yourself, Gemini — connecting with ideas, places, and people. But this week, your stars are asking you to hunker down and focus on enhancing your home base. They’re saying there’s plenty of activity ahead, so now’s the time to ensure your solid foundation in order to reach success!

The New Moon, along with the powerful Sun, mental Mercury, and motivated Mars, are lighting up your House of Home and Family, prompting you to feather your nest and strengthen your roots. Issues with your family could rise to the surface now, and it’s an ideal time to clean the slate, clear the air, and start fresh to whatever degree is possible. This is your opportunity to prepare for the long term future, to “act as if” your best life is already happening. (The publisher wants the book ready in a month/your audience eagerly waits your broadcast in October/you just got the call saying your dream job is available/your dream date asked you out, et. al.)

Whether that means de-cluttering and cleaning your home in preparation for your future move, sprucing up your home office to accelerate your side hustle, or simply making yourself and the ones you love most feel more comfortable and secure — the practical steps you take now march you toward their eventual future. Bonus points if you take some of those steps in fuzzy slippers.

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You have the opportunity to learn and accomplish so much this week, Cancer — if you can find the will to focus! The New Moon will join motivated Mars, mental Mercury, and the spotlighting Sun in your House of Communications, i.e., the House of Packed Calendars, Interesting Detours, and Overflowing Inboxes.

The urge to multitask could be pretty overwhelming in the face of all the invites, emails, forms, and phone calls you’re fielding this week, and that’s on top of your errands, classes, and coffee dates! Mercury and Mars working this close together particularly makes you prone to rush and/or scatter your energy in a myriad of directions, resulting in a lot of unfinished tasks and frustration.

The New Moon offers your a cleansing new beginning, the chance to consciously direct these energies to work in your favor. What sort of schedule would serve your honest-to-goodness desires? Taking the time to map out your priorities and schedule the time to: study for that exam/conquer that inbox/return those calls/submit that paperwork/insert your errand here — will serve you a lot better than leaping gung ho into a pile of tasks. This is very fortunate energy for interesting new opportunities — so make sure your mind and inbox are both clean, organized, and ready to receive!

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What do you value in life, Leo? And what makes you feel valued, secure? There’s a planetary pileup made up of the New Moon, mental Mercury, motivated Mars, and the spotlighting Sun in your House of Money and Values, prompting a re-organizing and reprioritization when it comes to your income and resources.

You could be inclined to overspend right now, especially on luxury and comfort items, things that make you feel like you have upgraded in the moment. But you are ready for the real Upgrade, Leo. That’s your mantra for the coming month, catalyzed by this fertile New Moon. It’s time to consider your values in life as well as your resources, because they are intimately connected. Where do you spend your money, and where do you spend your energy?

All efforts to clean the slate and align your spending and planning with your goals and values benefit you, this week. It’s an ideal time to create a new budget or set an inspiring new savings goal. This is also the time to enjoy the simple, sensual pleasures of life. Luxuriate with good food, good music, a long bath, and other enjoyable physical pursuits — remember that it’s actually upgrading your energy that upgrades your life. New income opportunities are forecast when you analyze and then honor your priorities.

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You’re ready to step up and seize opportunities, Virgo. Your chart is full of stellar power, with a planetary pile-up of the New Moon, the shining Sun, mental Mercury, and motivated Mars all charging up your House of Self, the House of Your Looks, Personality, and Personal Brand.

This is the time of year when your focus is (and should be!) on yourself, your ideals, and your desires. Knowing the truth of each of these allows you to take the expert action you’re known for. Are you ready to seize the day, Virgo? This is your chance at a rebirth, the opportunity to step into this newest, best version of yourself and really live your ideals.

This is a special gift of yours at all times, but really matching your persona to your values at this particular time is forecast to yield golden results in the next few weeks. Speak your piece. Dress your best. If you’ve been considering a kind of “re-branding” of yourself, from a new haircut to a fresh logo, now is a perfect time to change things up and embody the new, upgraded you.

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It’s time to reflect, release, and recharge, Libra. This week, four planets are conspiring in your House of Secrets and the Past: the sensitive New Moon, the powerful Sun, motivated Mars, and mental Mercury. Together, they’re helping you quietly cut away the frayed edges of loose ends, sort and toss emotional clutter, and clear away the cobwebs in this House of Endings. The Sun is preparing to move into your sign; your most powerful opportunities of the year are just ahead — so now is the time to rest, review, repair, and prepare. This is an excellent time for behind-the-scenes work, solitary study, and research.

Reflecting upon your goals brings rich insights — although you may find yourself sweeping a few old dreams away, it is only to reveal those new dreams that are more befitting of you now. You’re in the process of re-orienting and rearranging, which is often equal parts awkward and exhilarating!

This is the House of Sacrifice and Blind Faith. Trust, Libra. Your time is coming, and you don’t want a lot of old emotional baggage weighing you down when you’re running toward this peak. Be extra compassionate and focused on self-care this week — recharge your batteries now, because your big debut is on the horizon!

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Your internal restlessness, Scorpio, your fervent search and hunger, is finally set to be satiated. Temporarily. But that’s just you. Don’t give me that look! The most powerful House to be activated by the New Moon, your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals is also being charged up by motivated Mars, mental Mercury, and the spotlight of the Sun. You almost couldn’t ask for more alchemical magic when it comes to linking up with the community, audience, or team that can help you make your long term aims into your present reality.

Invitations and opportunities are forecast to fly at you now, and in the coming weeks, as the New Moon always kicks off a steady build of energy. Networking, socializing, and making a conscious effort to reach out and connect all serve you tremendously right now. Right time/right place magic is coursing through your chart, especially as the planet of luck, growth, and expansion, Jupiter, prepares to move into your sign in October.

You’re likely to be full of ideas right now — don’t hesitate to connect with those who you know can help lift you and amplify your message. And if you suddenly come up with a new plan, or your old plans alter or disintegrate altogether, try to look at this joyfully as part of the alchemical process — the breakdown before the reconstitution, lead to gold. Rebirth is your specialty, Scorpio. A new life is on the horizon.

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You’re ready to shine, Sagittarius. To speak. To act. The New Moon, joined by motivated Mars, mental Mercury, and the spotlight of the Sun, is activating your House of Career and Destiny, moving you to be the best of who you are. You may feel almost as if fated events have led you to this point where you get to step into your leadership, or have your ideals of discipline and progress suddenly reinvigorated.

This is a great time to take charge of your life, your public persona, and your goals. You’re bound to be noticed this week, as this energy acts as a sort of cosmic highlighter, so make an effort to dress your best, speak with confidence, double check your emails and applications, and do your due diligence.

Your stars are lighting your way toward a new career or business opportunity, and the chance to feel more fulfilled personally and professionally. You could find yourself quite busy this week — greater recognition, respect, and responsibility are forecast!

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It’s time to think bigger, Capricorn. You could be feeling quite restless this week, and uncharacteristically eager to think far beyond the present and practical. The New Moon, along with the shining Sun, motivated Mars, and mental Mercury, is activating your House of Journeys and Philosophy, urging you to think beyond your present borders of all kinds.

You may feel compelled to change up your focus in a big way, whether by traveling, taking a class, or diving deep into a new skill or topic that will allow you to stretch beyond your current status, and really enliven your soul. You’re hungry for an adventure and it’s time to feed your spirit.

This is a great week to expand your activities. Go new places, try new things, explore the talents or topics that once seemed outside your wheelhouse. As usual, Capricorn, without even having realized it, you have ascended to a new level. Fresh new perspectives and routines are forecast!

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If you’ve been feeling a little itchy lately, Aquarius, it could be that you’re sensing that you’re about to shed yet another skin. This week, the New Moon, motivated Mars, mental Mercury, and the spotlighting Sun are activating your House of Intimacy and the Other, AKA, the House of Sex, Death, and Rebirth.

This energy is ripe for self-empowerment — you have an opportunity to peel back some layers and really get intimate with yourself, your rawest needs, most secret desires, and deepest fears. What they are and why they are, and how to make them work for you. This is the House of Shadow work, of accessing the untapped resources we have hidden from ourselves.

When you recognize your patterns and motivations without shame, you gain the key to unlock and adjust them — to take conscious control. To actually get what you want. Your intuition is keen right now, Aquarius. Listen carefully and without judgment. When you do that, more power and pleasure are forecast.

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It’s all about your one-on-one connections this week, Pisces. The New Moon is activating the powerful trio of the shining Sun, motivated Mars, and mental Mercury in your House of Partnerships, prompting a new beginning when it comes to your most personal relationships. Discussions, conflicts, and resolutions all abound under this dynamic energy. If you’ve been waiting to ask a question, send a message, or clear the air about something with someone very close to you, now is the time.

It may also be that you need, or feel you need, the support of a partner in your life or work right now. The desire to “bounce ideas off of” someone, and to share some banter is present. You’re expressing yourself quite well and confidently now, so whether it’s your romantic partner, a business associate, or best friend, you’re bound to come up with some new and exciting joint endeavors this week! Working cooperatively is forecast to bring you greater success!

This is also a wonderful time to create new resolutions for yourself when it comes to your one-on-one relationships. Do you give too much? Take too much? Do you feel both supportive and supported? Empowering yourself allows you to empower your loved ones to take care of you. Sharing is caring, Pisces, especially when it comes to letting us know what you need. When you are happy, you make the whole world brighter.

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