Weekly Horoscopes – Sun in Libra and Pluto Direct – ‘Kill Your Heroes’

Weekly Horoscopes – Sun in Libra and Pluto Direct – ‘Kill Your Heroes’

The star of individuality and action, the Sun, has moved into Libra, the sign of partnership, justice, and harmony. Unfamiliar territory for the self-focused Sun, but integration of opposites is the name of the Libran game.

In the northern hemisphere, the equinox and beginning of Libra season heralds the start of autumn, the time when the day is split into perfect halves. Libra straddles day and night, masculine and feminine, justice and mercy.

Libra’s sigil is a setting sun, perfectly balanced, representing the Sun’s zodiacal descent into the underworld. And meanwhile, this week, the king of the underworld, Pluto — the planetary ruler of death, transformation, and rebirth — goes direct after a five-month retrograde.

Pluto is ruthless. He rips out foundations where he sees cracks. He yanks skeletons out of closets and performs emotional autopsies. During this retrograde, each of us underwent an internal excavation — Pluto forced us to dig past the shiny surface of things and get to the truth of a crucial and very likely ignored aspect of our lives.

He rules the “shadow,” the unacknowledged aspects of ourselves that we despise — things like greed, rage, lust, temptation, addiction. Things common to all humans, yet somehow reviled and rejected by the vast majority.

Pluto calls bullshit.

We try to forget the sins of ourselves the way we do our heroes and artists — attempting to ignore the real, deep flaws of people like Ghandi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lennon.

“Kill your heroes” is a philosophical phrase not meaning, “these people aren’t heroes” or that they deserve to die — it means that we should treat them as what they are: human beings. We must “kill” the glorified image we have of them, and recognize that they have challenges, weaknesses, and desires like we all do.

And we should treat ourselves and each other with the same humility and compassion — Libra dares to imagine what could happen if such a daring (r)evolution took place. If we each allowed each other some grace as we navigated our challenges, or even offered support or compassion, transformation would be inevitable. What sort of collective power could we generate?

As he goes direct, Pluto is making use of the Sun’s descent, putting him to work as a lamp in his basement interrogation room. The Libra Sun and Pluto are playing good cop/bad cop — they have different methods, but they both want the truth. Justice prevails, and confessing your “crimes,” if only to yourself, brings the chance for redemption and rebirth.

What we acknowledge, we can affect. Pluto offers us access to our power. Libra balances light and shadow, accepts that two truths can exist at once, and knows a descent is just the precursor to another rise. It’s time to take in the horizon with new eyes. A rebirth is at hand.

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If you left the planet today, what would be your legacy, Aries? What kind of reputation are you establishing for yourself? Pluto is asking the tough questions in your House of Career and Destiny, a potent location for the planetary ruler of power and control. How do you wield yours?

You may be wrestling with some power dynamics this week, particularly in your closest one-on-one relationships, as the Sun has entered your House of Partnerships. You tend to be pretty self-focused and driven by nature, and with Pluto resurging in your House of Ambition, it’s important to remember to honor your support system now.

Sudden evolutions and promotions are likely in the realm of your career once Pluto goes direct, and you could also find yourself under tremendous pressure. Your stars are asking you to lean into change and growth rather than resisting it — a balance can be achieved when it comes to reaching your personal goals while giving and receiving great support. Your popularity is forecast to increase!

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Your interests, beliefs, and perspective have undergone a pretty intense evaluation over the last few months, Taurus, and now it’s time to integrate your newfound knowledge into your daily practices. Pluto goes direct in your House of Journeys and Philosophy this week, indicating that you’ve reviewed and likely broadened your way of thinking recently, after examining the way your beliefs have created your experience.

And with the star of individuality and action, the Sun, lighting up your House of Work and Routine, this week is an ideal time for you to act on what you have learned. Whatever you have awakened to, whatever you have learned from experience, now is the time to make it part of your daily habits. Increased efficiency is forecast — essentially, you’re separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to what you think about and what you do every single day. You may have come to a realization about your habits after they were challenged in a big way, and find yourself making big changes as a result.

As Boris Pasternak put it in “Doctor Zhivago,” “The great majority of us are required to live a life constant, systematic duplicity. Your health is bound to be affected if, day after day, you say the opposite of what you feel, if you grovel before what you dislike and rejoice at what brings you nothing but misfortune. Our nervous system isn’t just a fiction, it’s a part of our physical body, and our soul exists in space and is inside us, like the teeth in our mouth. It can’t be forever violated with impunity.”

This week, live your ideals to live a more ideal life!

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This week is all about tapping into your desires shamelessly, Gemini! Sounds like a good deal, eh? With the Sun lighting up your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun, your inner child is demanding center stage; meanwhile, the ruler of power and transformation, Pluto, is renovating your House of Intimacy and the Other, unearthing hidden urges and asking if they belong in the “keep” or “throw away” pile.

This is quite a powerful planetary arrangement, because if you can actually acknowledge even the most taboo of your desires (after all the House of Intimacy is less politely known as the House of Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money), you actually have the chance to indulge. On the other hand, if you try anything subversive or sketchy when it comes to getting what you want, Pluto will ensure that you pay for it. Secrets are meant to be revealed now, so it’s better to fully express yourself than try to pull subtle strings.

There is excellent potential for fun, transformation, and all kinds of upgrades in your stars — your creativity and personal expression are forecast to bring you rewards when you are honest with yourself and others. Acknowledge what you want and go for it with gusto — following your bliss shamelessly is forecast to bring success!

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Some interesting power dynamics are being revealed to you this week, Cancer — the question is what will you do with this information! The star of personality and action, the Sun, has entered your House of Home and Family, lighting up issues around your literal living space and the people with whom you share it. A sense of trust, security, and sanctuary are extra important to you, this week.

Meanwhile, the intense interrogator, Pluto, is going direct in your House of Partnerships, indicating that you’ve learned a definitive lesson about your one-on-one interactions, perhaps after a few revisits and revisions. The way you balance your needs and the needs of your closest loved ones has been highlighted, and now it would benefit you to make conscious efforts to evolve this area of your life. Healthier, deeper, and more intimate relationships will be your reward.

Power plays and manipulations in particular are revealed by your stars — honesty is imperative now, first with yourself, then with your loved ones, when it comes to feeling safe and secure. Be willing to acknowledge where you may have been clingy or cold as a response to not getting you needs met, and where partners or family members may have played out their own unhealthy patterns rather than using their authentic power. Owning yourself in full, and sharing that with the people you love, gives them permission to do the same. You can build yourself a real stronghold this week, Cancer, one that protects and invites true allies. First within, then without.

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It’s time to get your life in order, Leo! Your ruler, the Sun, has moved into your House of Communications — AKA the House of Overflowing Inboxes, Packed Planners, and Interesting Detours — indicating that life is going to be quite busy over the next four weeks, so organization is imperative! Exciting opportunities and invitations could get lost in the shuffle this week if you’re not careful!

Fortunately for you, you might just get the sliiiightest bit obsessed by the idea of a new daily regime to address this, since potent Pluto has done a thorough renovation in your House of Work and Routine over the last five months, revealing self-sabotaging habits or unhealthy practices that delayed or derailed you. Getting real with yourself about what’s working and not working for you will allow you to transform the sort of access and opportunities you receive.

Whether you’ve been forced to check your unhealthy eating or exercise habits, curb an addiction, or address a tendency to procrastinate on important priorities, an important adjustment is being made when it comes to your daily routine. Your stars are asking you to lean into this evolution rather than resisting it. That’s where your power is.

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Do you recognize the power of play, Virgo? Potent Pluto, the ruler of influence and transformation, is plowing forward in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play, and he’s demanding that you recognize that your unique presence is your ultimate leverage. Your passion is your power. And underneath your current stars, you may even be able to take your charisma to the bank!

The sparkling Sun, the star of personality and action, is lighting up your House of Money and Values, activating your desire for material security and comfort. That makes this an excellent time to look at your budget and needs, and to align the two with who you are and what you want now. After all, Pluto has been renovating your House of Personal Expression, activating all kinds of buried desires and passions. If you choose to invest in your personal gifts, your stars say you’ll see returns.

Your romantic life may be undergoing an intense revision or re-animation as well — and passion is forecast for weeks to come, with fiery Mars and voluptuous Venus heating up your House of Looks and Personality together! This week, get very familiar and comfortable with what you want — indulge yourself, fantasize, play. The more intimate you get with what brings you bliss, the more of it you can magnetize to you. It won’t take much. You might have to bat an eye.

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Your time has come, Libra! It’s your season and you are glowing, thanks to the star of of personality and action, the Sun, entering your House of Self, amping up your power and visibility. It’s the beginning of a new cycle — embrace the confidence, energy, and self-assuredness that comes with this once-a-year gift! You’re bound to be noticed, so put your best foot forward. Because this is the House of Looks and Personality, it’s a wonderful time to focus on looking your best and projecting your true self, shamelessly. Your stars say you’ll be loved for it!

Meanwhile, powerful Pluto is going direct in your House of Home and Family this week, after a five-month renovation. You may have moved, or find yourself considering one now. You’ve also been going through a long period of understanding the subtle but indelible influence of your roots, family, and upbringing — but now that Pluto has performed his requisite archaeological dig, you have likely discovered some perspective-shifting new answers about why you are who you are. Now you’re prepared now to create that identify for yourself.

It’s time to carve out your own path in life, to accept the shifts and changes that have brought you here, and the gifts of knowledge and experience they have given you. It’s time to step into your power, Libra. The spotlight is on you. Take the lead.

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It’s time to do what you do best, Scorpio: Go deep. The star of personality and action, the Sun, has moved into your House of Secrets and the Past, AKA the House of Rest, Recovery, and Reflection. Your mind is on private affairs; you’re likely to be working quietly on personal projects or behind the scenes, and this suits you beautifully right now. Brilliant ideas are forecast to emerge from solitude and silence, this week.

Meanwhile, your ruler, powerful Pluto is going direct in your House of Communications after a five-month period of renovation. You may have been examining the way you connect with others, your lack of the small-talk gene, and what you actually want to learn, read, talk, and share about. It has to be intense and interesting, of course, and some Scorpios may finally be ready to share their ideas, writings, or teachings with a wider audience.

Rest and recharge this week, as much as possible. As the Sun wraps up your yearly cycle and prepares to start the new one when it enters your sign, you want to take this time to tie up loose ends, dispose of emotional and physical clutter, and generally prepare yourself mind, body, and soul, for the brilliant new beginning on the horizon.

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A new era is dawning in your life, Sagittarius, where you become intimately aware of what you actually value and desire — and even better, your stars say you can experience it. The star of personality and action, the Sun, has moved into your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals—  AKA the House of Dreams So Big You Need an Audience, Team, or Network to Make Them Happen — activating opportunities and social events that lead to more than you might guess! Even casual connections are forecast to lead to greater things under this energy, and regardless of your intentions, this is an incredibly fertile and fortunate time to socialize.

Meanwhile, powerful Pluto has been renovating your House of Money and Values for the last five months, forcing you to reevaluate your sense of security, what you value, and what makes you feel self-sufficient. You may have undergone a massive transformation of your thoughts on money and what constitutes “luxury” or a good life — lean into your evolution. You can dissolve some old beliefs and blockages around abundance now.

Between this beneficial, if shocking, reorientation of your desires, and the Sun’s spotlight on your House of Dreams, this is the perfect time to focus on living your ideals in the here and now, as a method of paving the way to your beautiful future. Make connections; do what you love. Miracles happen.

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Your image matters to you, Capricorn — let’s not mince words. Your reputation and status say something about you, and with your impossibly high standards, you’d like yours to say: Powerful. Irreproachable. Unstoppable. Well this week, your stars are conspiring with you to make that goal a reality! The shining star of the zodiac, the Sun, has moved into your House of Career and Destiny, putting you firmly in the spotlight! It’s time to dress your best, speak up, and think big because this is the time of year that you are most visible and likely to receive recognition!

Meanwhile, powerful Pluto has finished up a five-month renovation of your House of Self, going direct this week, and reactivating your desire to look the part of your internal mogul, as well. You have likely stripped away some false layers from yourself, physically and emotionally, over the last few months, and are feeling a little more like yourself now, and like you are heading in the right direction again.

Lean into this evolution! Embrace the change and participate in the overhaul — this is your astrological green light to upgrade or change up your look to align with your new vibe. Whether it’s dresses, pin stripes, or pasties, wear what makes you feel powerful, attractive, and capable — you are magnetic!

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You’ve carried it around, sorted through it and sighed long enough, Aquarius — it’s time to unpack that baggage once and for all. At the bottom, you’ll find something weightless, priceless, and precious — your full power and magic. Potent Pluto, the ruler of death, rebirth, and transformation, has finished a five-month inventory of your House of Secrets and the Past, and he has come up with a sizable pile of keepsakes for you to sort through.

You may have undergone a series of revelations when it comes to your deep past and patterns — the planet of endings is a huge help in the House of Unfinished Business. Confrontations and power struggles likely catalyzed a transformation in you, a realization that your external conflicts were the result of internal schisms. This is a powerful opportunity to confront your personal demons honestly, and either acknowledge or forgive them in order to detach from them.

Because a big, beautiful new adventure is on the horizon for you, and you don’t need a lot of baggage. The star of personality and action, the Sun, has moved into your House of Journeys and Philosophy, activating your desire to go out and seek your fortune. Try something new. Take a risk. Allow yourself to step outside the bounds of who you have been up until now, and take a leap of faith. Joy, adventure, and expansion are forecast!

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It’s getting really real, Pisces. You have been on a journey of self-discovery your whole life, let’s be honest, but the last year has been quite a doozy in itself. Rest assured, your stars are lighting this winding path — this week, the star of personality and action, the Sun, puts the spotlight on your House of Intimacy and the Other, AKA, the House of Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money. A sense of power and influence is important to you now, a feeling of self-mastery. It’s an excellent time to consciously clear out bad habits, as well as physical and psychological clutter — true transformation is possible for you right now.

Meanwhile, the planet of death and rebirth, Pluto, has finished up a five-month renovation of your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, leaving you with a revamped, and potentially reduced friend list. This is not a bad thing at all — Pluto rules evolution; those that are meant to continue this ride with you will come back or remain, and those that aren’t are making room for your true soul mates. Your goals have likely also undergone quite a change in the last few months — lean into this evolution.

Passionate, meaningful new alliances are forecast for you. Take some time to delve deep into who you are and what you want now. Your stars say the more honest you are with yourself about your desires and dreams, the more you’re able to draw them toward you.

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