Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio – ‘Labyrinth’

Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio – ‘Labyrinth’

Welcome to Scorpio season; the season of depth, mystery and magic – the time of transformation. As half of the earth descends into darkness, we celebrate the thinning veil, the truths that live in shadows – we honor the dead, and the bridge that connects us to them.

When the Sun switches signs, the mood shifts with it. We have left light and lovely Libra for intense, insightful Scorpio – deep insights, revealed secrets, and total rebirths are forecast. Pleasant falsehood are stripped away to reveal stark reality. We face our own unconscious desires. We enter the Labyrinth.


Scorpio stings, but therein lies the opportunity: we have to access our pain to process the poison. Scorpio pierces, mines the richness of experience. Scorpio values pleasure and pain, and delivers them both with deep satisfaction.



“No one can blame you

For walking away.

Too much rejection.

No love injection…

Life can be easy,

It’s not always swell.

But don’t tell me truth hurts, little girl,

‘Cause it hurts like hell.”


The Sun illuminates and energizes the area of our chart that it touches once a year, and in Scorpio, we have the chance to access our intuition – to know ourselves more deeply, and therefore access more of our personal power.



But this week, there is a rare chance for you to expand your perspective along with your opportunities – it comes along just once a year. On October 26, the Sun, linked up with abundant and optimistic Jupiter, joining him for part of his year-long journey through the sign of depth and influence.

This astrological aspect, Sun Conjunct Jupiter, is known for being joyful, expansive, and just plain lucky – it’s an annual opportunity that begs to be seized! You might call it the “self-improvement” aspect! And right now, we can get the most growth out of exploring our unconscious limits and personal taboos.

When the star of personal expression and the planet of adventure team up in the sign of the investigator, soul searching becomes a true treasure hunt. Our willingness to get our hands dirty, as only Scorpio can, dredges up priceless revelations.

Jupiter is the planet of growth, good fortune, travel, and higher learning – in Scorpio, he teaches us that “enlightenment” can only come from plunging into, even reveling in our darkness. After all, he is the planet of revelry – and when the sparkling Sun and jovial Jupiter come together, you can expect an ‘Underground’ party of Labyrinthian proportions.


“…But down in the underground

You’ll find someone true.

Down in the underground,

A land serene,

A crystal moon…”


What mysterious creatures and lessons await you in your personal labyrinth? Facing, and even better, embracing your fears, will allow you to transmute them, and empower yourself. Be willing to dig deep, even go underground.

You may find that you don’t need a whole lot of the baggage you’ve been carrying…

That you can free some misunderstood monsters…

And that you’re more powerful than you’ve yet dared to imagine.


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It’s time to get to the bottom of things if you want to to get to the top, Aries! Generous Jupiter and the shining Sun have linked up in your House of Intimacy and The Other, AKA your House of Sex, Power, and Other People’s Money. Remember, Jupiter will be blessing this House for a full year – the Sun is just adding a boost of power and recognition for the next week, helping illuminate some of your deeper, more hidden needs and desires. Your stars are encouraging you to be a little more vulnerable, to expose more of yourself – especially the parts that don’t quite live up to your standards of strength and assertiveness.

What aspects of your life, or of yourself, would you like to change? This is an ideal time to acknowledge and shed bad habits, toxic relationships, and dead-end efforts. You have an unprecedented opportunity to feel like the master of yourself and your life, to step into your full power and create necessary changes.

Be honest with yourself and your most intimate partners – in the boardroom and the bedroom – in order to activate this massive growth potential. Greater personal and professional fulfillment are forecast.  



Are you ready to partner up, Taurus? There are incredible blessings coming to your closest relationships, as the shining Sun and joyful Jupiter join up in your House of Partnerships. Warmth, expansion, and more fun is forecast when it comes to your one-on-one contacts – that goes for romantic partners, business partners, and your most “significant others.”

Professional negotiations also get a major boost under this energy, and those who do one on one client work could see a financial upgrade over the next month, and more over the coming year. Legal matters and casual disputes can be handled amicably now – be sure that you are listening at least as much as you are speaking. With Jupiter in this House, your generosity tends to be favored and returned!

With whom do you share your ideas, your dreams, your self, Taurus? Major relationships developments are forecast. For those who are single, you could meet a wonderful match with real potential – after all, this is the House of Marriage and Partnership (there is a separate House which rules flings and passionate encounters.) Those who are attached may solidify or improve their commitment – greater harmony, popularity, and success are forecast when you focus on your role in a dynamic duo!



Are you ready for your hard work to be well rewarded, Gemini? The planet of luck and growth, Jupiter, is joined by the shining Sun in your House of Work and Routine this week, illuminating some amazing opportunities to improve yourself, and in turn, your whole life! This is the House of Health and Habits, and therefore, you’re in the mood to hone your skills and efficiency – this is major upgrade energy!

Dirty desks demand to be cleaned, bad habits are unmistakably ready to be shed, and every effort you make to improve yourself is forecast to be acknowledged and appreciated – financially as well as personally. Raises, promotions, and big new job opportunities are forecast – your stars are counseling you to bring order to your life now, in preparation for the amazing expansion to come.

Self-improvement brings you joy and luck right now, and over the coming year, so this is an ideal time to focus on cultivating habits and routines that make you feel supported, productive, and full of potential. As the great philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.” Prepare yourself, Gemini!



It’s time to come out of your shell and show off, Cancer! Joyful Jupiter has been joined by the sparkling Sun in your House of Creativity, Romance, Fun, and Personal Expression, and together, they’re making good fortune a natural side effect of enjoying yourself. Pleasure, play, and freedom are forecast! It doesn’t get much better than this!

It’s time to share your gifts with the world, and to be yourself unabashedly – let your inner child plan out the next week for you – then imagine what fun you two could cook up over the coming year! Your willingness to take risks, be a little more playful, and really open your heart are forecast to attract luck and opportunity. Let people see who you are and what you love, and you will be seen and loved for who you are. Those with creative gifts or jobs are set to experience major expansion!

This is going to be a wonderful year for your romantic life as well, whether you’re single or attached. Jupiter brings the party to every House, and here, he brings warmth, amusement, pleasure, and playfulness. The more you are willing to be yourself, the more your stars say you will get out of life. Jupiter says remember, “Life’s a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death!” Dig in, Cancer, and bon apetit!



Do you feel like the Queen or King of your castle right now, Leo? Your empire is forecast to get a major upgrade in the near future, with your ruler, the sparkling Sun joining generous Jupiter in your House of Home and Family. This is an ideal time to notice how “at home” you feel, in your living space, but especially in yourself. Did you know that goldfish grow in proportion to their containers, Leo? Consider the kind of “container” that you live in, the way you “fill your tank,” and whether your environment is helping you grow to your full potential.

Jupiter brings blessings and growth wherever he goes, and in the House of Roots, he can bring healing to old issues with family members, as well as resolutions to old property matters – one way or another, he improves the platform from which you launch in life. Jupiter also rules expansion, and therefore some people may add a new member to their family, or an addition to their home. Beneficial renovations or relocations are forecast.

Consider what brings you a sense of security, peace, and balance, this week, and bring more of it into your life. Taking care of yourself and improving your home and family life are forecast to bring you nourishing new opportunities. Take the time to strengthen your foundation, and you can build a mighty empire.



It’s time to do one of the things you do best, Virgo – sharpen your skills and enhance your efficiency! Together, the shining Sun and joyful Jupiter are bringing enlightenment and luck to your House of Communications, AKA the House of Packed Calendars, Full Inboxes, and Connecting the Dots. Opportunities to expand your knowledge and skill set are activated this week, but are forecast to unfold for the next year!

So not only can you experience the transcendent joy of office supply shopping, you will definitely have plenty of scheduling to implement with those planners and pens. This is forecast to be a busy time for you – lots of invitations, visits, stop-and-chats, and short trips. In other words, this time is all about making connections, Virgo – about learning, sharing, and growing. You share your thoughts and words with great enthusiasm now, and your stars say this will bring you good fortune – writers, teachers, and speakers could see a major expansion to their audiences and accounts now.

Fruitful connections and conversations are forecast – this is an ideal time to sign up for classes, join groups, and to learn or teach about the topics that light you up! You could meet some amazing new friends or colleagues now that help you discover new levels to your potential. Expand your mind to expand your life, Virgo! It’s a good thing you’re a great learner.



How do you know when you’re getting your “fair share,” Libra? What and who makes you feel secure and valued? You’re in for an upgrade to your self worth and your net worth, with the sparkling Sun joining generous Jupiter in your House of Money and Values. You could find yourself preoccupied with your finances, focused on budgeting, goals, and feeling more abundant in your material surroundings.

Jupiter brings blessings and growth wherever he goes, and in this House, there will be ample opportunities to increase your income, expand your business, and shore up your personal sense of security and confidence. It’s important to remember that your sense of worthiness is inextricably tied to your ability to receive – this is an ideal time to really look closely at how you treat and value yourself, and how you seek comfort.

For example, retail therapy could be a bit of an issue now, so be aware of a desire to pamper yourself to the point that you feel the pinch. There’s no glamour in lounging on a velvet chaise with a growling stomach. This would be a great week to focus on your finances, create a new budget, lay out one to three major goals for the coming year, and lay out the steps to achieve them. Your stars say you will be paid major dividends for your energetic investment!



A very happy New Year to you, Scorpio! Yes, the Sun has entered your sign, activating what’s known in astrology as your Solar Return (more exactly, it’s right around your birthday) – the time when you come into the spotlight, are filled with the vitality of the solar system’s spotlight. If this were not enough – you’re always going further – generous Jupiter has joined him in your House of Self, blessing you with greater influence, charisma, and confidence. You may be more magnetic than ever!

Jupiter rules growth and expansion, so you can expect a major upgrade when it comes to your outlook and attitude – you might be downright perky! I know, Scorpio – that might sound like a little much, but go ahead and soak in the goodness. There’s a relaxed, fresh, “I’ve got this” energy in your chart – and we attract what we emit, so you can expect some fortunate opportunities to further broaden your horizons and your “reach.” Are you marketing yourself as a personal brand, or expanding your own vision of what you can do?

Now is the time to take initiative and show us what you can do, Scorpio. You make a mighty first impression right now. What is it that you want to be, to embody, to personify? Your future is yours to create, and more than ever, your stars are lighting a path toward leadership, prominence, and greater development. Are you ready for a massive level-up?



You’re a philosophical soul, Sagittarius, always pondering and discussing the “big ideas” in life. I attribute your quirky sense of humor to that same bent – after all, it was the famous philosopher Camus that came up with the concept of absurdism. Your way of reflecting on life and integrating it as you go is a really beautiful gift – it is what makes you one of the more spiritual signs, whether or not you always present yourself to be.

This gift is vitally important to your personal fulfillment now, as the shining Sun and your ruler, generous Jupiter, light up your House of Secrets and the Past – AKA the House of Baggage, Unfinished Business, and Cleaning out the Closet. This is a time of reflection, recovery, and re-filling your personal well. It’s an ideal time to become aware of the negative sort of attachments in your life – toxic relationships, dead-end jobs, and emotional doors that have been left ajar and need closing.

This is a time to clean up and clear out – the better to make room for the amazing blessings that are in store for you next year, when Jupiter moves into your House of Self. It’s an incredibly fruitful time for “private matters,” like behind the scenes work, research, therapy, and spiritual studies. You can shed a lot of dead weight now, and find your creativity reaching new heights. Go deep, Sagittarius, because before you know it, your stars say you’ll be back in your best form: going BIG.



It’s time to get out there and show them what you’ve got, Capricorn. The shining Sun has joined generous Jupiter in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals – AKA the House of Dreams So Big You Need a Network, Audience, or Team to Make Them Come True. Together, they’re refreshing your social network, promising that opportunities lie with getting your name and face out there.

You may expand your group of friends, or join groups that help you achieve your goals, whether through mutual support or working as colleagues. You may even feel like taking on a leadership role (shocker!) Go for it, Capricorn! Jupiter brings you good luck and optimism, and the Sun is filling you with energy to go out and make the connections that can help you create a fulfilling future. An increase in your income is forecast – this is an incredibly blessed time to plant your intentions and tend to them like seeds. The potential for fruition is massive under these stars. Who is your community, Capricorn, and what do you want to create for and with them?

One key to this magic is to have fun with it. Embrace the jovial, benevolent, childlike energy of Jupiter partying in the House of Dreams. “That looks like fun! Let me try!” Unprecedented opportunities to reach way out of your current comfort zone and all the way to your wildest dreams are forecast by your loving stars. Reach out.



You’re ready to get what you want, Aquarius, and your stars are behind you all the way! The shining Sun has joined generous Jupiter to light up your House of Career and Destiny, putting you squarely in the spotlight, ready to be recognized. You’ve got luck on your side when it comes to influential figures, which are ruled by this House – “friends in high places” could be a theme for you now and in the coming year.

This is your House of Life Purpose and Reputation, so it’s an ideal time to think deeply about what you want to be known for – what you want to contribute. You’ll have many more opportunities for advancement than usual right now, so don’t be shy about asking for and pursuing what you want. A major status upgrade is forecast – promotions, awards, and even marriages are forecast under this energy.

Keep in mind that, for better and for worse, you are marked with a cosmic highlighter this month, and all year, even after the Sun moves on, making you very recognizable. Step your game up – dress your best, hold your head high. Jupiter, the benevolent sovereign, is asking you to step into this newest, biggest version of you, Aquarius – with all the benefits and responsibilities it requires. Public recognition and success are yours for the taking.



You have a magnificent vision, Pisces. I can’t even begin to imagine what you will create with this dose of horizon-broadening magic coming into your chart, but I can’t wait to find out. The shining Sun has joined generous Jupiter in your House of Journeys and Philosophy, lighting up your opportunities for adventure, mind-expanding experiences, and a brand new perspective.

A weight has been lifted – you know yourself more fully now, and ironically – beautifully – it has made more room to learn and grow! This is a wonderful time to reach past your everyday routines and the dreaded “comfort zone,” to push your limits and discover new parts of yourself – these explorations are forecast to bring you incredible gifts – physical and metaphysical, alike! Things like taking classes, traveling to new locations, and studying other cultures and religions leads to dramatic discoveries and possibly passionate encounters!

Doors are opening all around you. Expansions of understanding, opportunities, and audiences are all forecast – you may even broadcast or publish your work for a wide audience. You are really great at going deep, Pisces – now it’s time to go BIG!

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