Weekly Horoscopes – New Moon in Libra – ‘Pretty Soldier’

Weekly Horoscopes – New Moon in Libra – ‘Pretty Soldier’

Each New Moon is an invitation and an initiation. When the sky goes dark, and the intuitive moon leaves us in silence and fertile shadow, our stars offer us a new beginning. A chance to recognize and shed heavy burdens, to consciously cultivate new evolutions.


When the Moon is new, she links up with her equal and opposite, the Sun, “shedding light” on what has been hidden from us, on patterns that began with the tangle of our roots.


When the Sun and Moon unite, a new cycle begins. “We reap what we sow,” and this is your key to powerful energy work and intention-setting during the New Moon. This aspect, Sun Conjunct Moon, heralds a new four-week cycle, so it’s an ideal time to commit to self-improvement, begin or re-commit to projects, visualize your wildest dreams, and lay the groundwork for long term goals.


The New Moon enters lovely Libra today, and since I’m an unapologetic anime/manga nerd, and Libra rules both love and justice, this New Moon reminds me of one of my favorite heroes ever: the unfailingly kind, soft, and strong Sailor Moon. 


She starts out as a teenage girl, not particularly strong or smart or courageous – far from a typical hero – her power lies in her open heart; her willingness to share her true self elevates and enlivens others, and brings out their own power.


But faith and forgiveness look like weaknesses to the uninitiated.


In much the same way, Libra is often written off as fluffy, charming, pure aesthetic – but that would be a tremendous underestimation of the sign of the iron fist in a velvet glove. 



In the sign of grace and diplomacy, the refreshing New Moon allows us to recalibrate our personal scales, to negotiate beneficial compromises without compromising ourselves.


It’s an ideal time to examine our one-on-one partnerships and make proactive changes to bring more beauty and balance to our lives. Libra, for all its lightness, is an action-oriented Cardinal sign whose specialty is uniting opposites. 


The New Moon will make a friendly angle with motivated Mars, who happens to be the consort of Libra’s ruler, voluptuous Venus – rebirths of pleasure and purpose are forecast. This New Moon is undeniably linked to love – love of others and of self, the balance of individuality and union.


It also squares Pluto, the planet of massive change, endings, and rebirths. Profound revelations and true transformations are forecast, though they may come via intense challenges!


Be open to shake-ups in your routine as well as in your emotional life – the more honest you can be with yourself and others, the more you can harness this transformational energy for your own level-up.



The Libra New Moon wants you to appreciate your individuality – to use your authentic voice, because being in the fullness of ourselves is what emboldens others to do the same. We are ideal partners and friends when we can truly own ourselves and our actions, and recognize that we absolutely do not own the thoughts or actions of others.


Freedom, justice, independence, and true love. These are the themes of the Libra New Moon. The sector of your chart where she is rising foretells where your new beginning is dawning. Don’t ignore your heart’s personal quest, or else…


“For love and justice, a pretty sailor-suited soldier…on behalf of the Moon, I’ll punish you!” ;D


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It’s time to refine and redefine your relationships, Aries. The New Moon is rising in your House of Partnerships, AKA the House of One-on-Ones, Negotiations, and Open Enemies. The way you relate to others, and whether those relationships are balanced, comes up for inspection now, with voluptuous Venus and the shining Sun highlighting this House, along with the Moon.

Issues around sharing, whether it’s resources, money, or the workload, come to the fore — are you getting enough? Giving enough? Your stars say there are some new beneficial lines to be drawn this week. You’ve got an extra dose of savvy diplomacy under this energy, so use your EQ to feel out who is “hearing” you, and who is only out for their own gains.

This is a great week for creative work with a close cohort — you come up with your best ideas when you can bounce them off of someone you trust, and vice versa! If you are feeling dissatisfied in any of your relationships, it’s time to address the balance of give-and-take (or lack thereof) in them. You can make great strides toward equality, enjoyment, and especially synergy, this week. Two heads are better than one!



It’s time to take care of business and increase your efficiency, Taurus, in a myriad of ways! The New Moon will rise in your House of Work and Routine this week, snuggled up sensuous Venus and the shining Sun, putting a major spotlight on the need for your to pare down your to do list, de-clutter your space, get organized – the better to create some truly beautiful work!

This is an ideal time to work on building your skills, especially new ones that you want to hone! It’s also a great time to revamp your routine — do your daily habits support your ultimate goals, when it comes to your career and your health? This week, make time to analyze and organize — could some items be removed from your task list? What’s “moving the needle” in the right direction, and what just has you spinning your wheels? Consider what “works” for you.

New diets, health routines, and organizing systems benefit you hugely now. You’re forecast to improve your skills, organize your life, and annihilate your to-do lists, this week. Ready, set, grow!



Are you ready to express yourself in a big, bold new way, Gemini? Your ruler, the New Moon is rising in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play, riding along with charming Venus and the shining Sun, all of whom are shining a cosmic spotlight on your innate talents, and the degree of fun and spontaneity in your life.

Your stars say that embracing a playful attitude this week can bring a lot more fun into your everyday life, along with some considerable creative opportunities! Your hobbies, leisure activities and “just-for-fun” diversions could hold more potential than you know — is there some innate talent that you’ve been complimented on consistently in your life? Is there any way that you could devote more time and energy to it? What brings you joy? What fills you with passion and energy?

This is a great time to play games, dive into your creative pursuits, enjoy friends, and show off the very best of yourself. Be willing to share your unique essence with the world — great satisfaction is forecast.



What makes you feel secure and steady, Cancer? When it comes time for your meteoric rise, what sort of platform would you like to launch from? It’s time for to reinvigorate and reorganize your home and the seat of your personal power, with the New Moon rising alongside the shining Sun and sweet Venus in your House of Home and Family.

How can you strengthen your roots and sense of personal security, this week? Pay attention to your gut now, especially when you’re feeling vulnerable — what sends your sensors whirling, and how can you bring yourself back to baseline? How do you care for yourself? What are your needs?

It’s an ideal time to examine and adjust your physical abode, as well as your familial relationships. Your support systems are getting a lovely boost this week — steps you take to flourish in your home yield great returns. Time to feather your nest and claim your space!



Ready to learn and share something beautiful this week, Leo? Your adoring public want to hear from you, and it’s time to set yourself up to spread your message far and wide! The New Moon is rising alongside charming Venus and the shining Sun in your House of Communications, AKA the House of Inboxes, Short Trips, and Paperwork. You’re even more of a charmer than usual this week, and you could make some quite fortunate connections that plant you firmly in the spotlight.

This could be the week you get to the fabled “inbox zero,” since you’re forecast to give yourself a clean slate in the “busy-ness” department. It’s an ideal time to de-clutter your to-do list, organize emails, and start mental initiatives that thrill you. Have you been considering taking a class, learning a skill, or trying out a new social media platform? Now’s the time! New connections are forecast — expect to be inundated with invites and networking opportunities.

That said, it’s also a good week to refine how you want to “speak into the world,” and the lives of others. What is your message?



You’ve got your mind on your money, Virgo  — as a matter of fact, both your net worth and your self-worth are spotlighted this week, with the New Moon rising alongside voluptuous Venus and the shining Sun in your House of Money and Values. What makes you feel worthy, valuable, appreciated? How do you contribute to the world, and do you allow it to give back to you?

It’s an ideal time for you to set financial goals, get your budget on track, and plan projects that bring you pleasure and paper! What do you value in your physical world? Soft sheets, great music, a warm hug? It’s time to invest in every resource that shores up your sense of security and support.

You’ve got a stellar sense of your finances right now — your ability to analyze your income and earning power is off the charts, and therefore, a brilliant new beginning is forecast! You could increase your income through communications now too, so put your money where your mouth is! Spend some time “investing” in your plans and projects this weekend — your stars say you can take your ideas to the bank!



Happy New Year, Libra! No, I didn’t skip a season — this is the time of your personal New Year, the time once a year when the Sun and New Moon rise together in your sign, and in your House of Self. This is an ideal time to reinvent yourself, to revamp your image — everything from the way you look and dress, to the way you walk and talk — in order to represent your strongest, most evolved self yet! And with your ruler, gorgeous Venus lighting up this House too, you’re nigh irresistible! 

This is forecast to be a fun, exciting time, when you get a sense of your expanding potential, of how far you have come, and how far you can still go! This is a perfect time to focus on increasing your influence — getting your personal work, art, or message out into the world is highly favored!

Act on your impulses; try something new! Opportunities abound under this energy, and you are practically magnetized to them now, shining under the spotlight of the Sun and New Moon! Shine your shoes, smile pretty, and put your best foot forward. Express yourself, take action, and most of all, enjoy every single second of it. You are definitely on the upswing!



It’s time for a little retreat and recharge, Scorpio. The New Moon is rising alongside voluptuous Venus and the shining Sun in your House of Secrets and the Past, AKA the House of Unfinished Business, Endings, and Skeletons in the Closet. Some soul-searching is in order, and a little break would do you good now — a pause in the action could make room for some incredible epiphanies this week, which help you move forward with courage and confidence.

What do you need a break from? Or what would be better released from your life? You may feel like pulling back from socializing under this energy — the better to shore up your energy and understanding for the big break heading your way once Scorpio season begins in a few short days. Until then, it would benefit you to consider what brings you peace of mind.

Private and personal matters are getting a great boost under this energy, so although you may not feel like showing it off yet, your creative work is tremendously blessed now. Use this time to reflect, recharge, and then reconfigure your life. A spiritual awakening is forecast.



Time to make connections, Sagittarius! You’re set to turn your focus from the inside out this week, as the New Moon rises alongside sweet Venus and the shining Sun in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals.

You could meet some wonderful people and set some potentially fruitful objectives now — original ideas abound, and this would be an ideal time to seek out your “tribe,” a like-minded community that supports your endeavors. Whether you do it in person or online, start sharing! People are particularly attracted to your energy now, as you’re forecast to feel more lighthearted, and simultaneously more ambitious! Achieving goals becomes fun under this New Moon, like a puzzle to be solved! 

You’re likely feeling restless — a symptom of this far-seeing energy — and your stars say if you can channel that frustration into creativity, you could come up with something much bigger and better than you thought. What do you want to create, or become? Now is your chance — plant the seed.



No matter your status in the world, Capricorn, I feel pretty comfortable saying that you’re a thought leader. You’re the climber, the CEO, the natural authority figure. How could you make your natural gifts into a career suited to your one-of-a-kind personality? What sort of reputation would you like to cultivate?

Now’s the ideal time to reach the social stratus your desire, with the New Moon rising alongside charming Venus and the shining Sun in your House of Career and Destiny. It’s time for a new beginning! Are you ready to practice some self-discipline in order to gain mastery and get where you want to go? Your vision is keen, intuitive and practical at this moment, so now is the time to start drawing up plans that excite you!

Self-development is highly favored now, and any investment you put into yourself and meeting your goals, is forecast to pay you back many times over. What is one important accomplishment or accolade that you’d like to get under your belt? Now is the time to come up with a plan to reach it — the sky’s the limit, Capricorn, and your stars say you’re ready to soar.



Time to explore and initiate, Aquarius! Let your dreamy mind wander where it pleases this week, as you are forecast to begin a brilliant new adventure, with the New Moon rising in your House of Journeys and Philosophy, coupled with sweet Venus and the shining Sun.

The mundane details of everyday life interest you even less than usual now, so you may have to make a concerted effort to keep up with schedules and other structures in your life now — who wants boundaries when your potential is boundless?! There’s a definite spotlight on your urge to get out of your everyday rut — er, routine — and discover new worlds, within and without. Mind-expanding projects and plans are favored now — can you take, or even begin planning, a trip that will broaden your mental and geographical horizons?

A higher perspective could be yours this week, if you’re willing to let your imagination run away with you…and that is sort of your specialty, isn’t it, Aquarius? A leap of faith could carry you to loftier meaning — and one of your most precious gifts is your ability to dream up innovative solutions! Travel this week, whether in body or in mind! Explore the worlds of your dreams, and if they do not exist, now is your time to build them. Dream and do, Aquarius — you’re on your way.



What is the secret of your power*, Pisces? Would you say you are you the master of yourself? This week, as the moon wanes, making its way toward your House of Intimacy and the Other, where the Sun and Venus are already conspiring, it’s time for you to get to know yourself a lot better. What do you crave? What sort of power or influence do you seek in life? What fills you with primal energy and willpower?

It’s time for you to go deep, read between the lines, and really empower yourself from the ground up. This is a great week to do financial planning and rearranging — efforts to consolidate or pay off debts are especially favored. “Take back your power,” by resolving any imbalances of power in your intimate relationships, as well as your relationships with authority figures and moneymen (this House is less politely known as the House of Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money — so be sure taxes and payments are neatly completed!)

A powerful transformation is forecast for you, Pisces, if you would like to seize it — is it what you want? This week, plant seeds of manifestation. Deepen your desire. Get intimate with it. Then throw out the unnecessary and give it everything you have.

*Bonus points if you sang out, “Wonderbooooooy!” just then!)

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