Full Moon in Taurus – ‘Fixed to a Star’

Full Moon in Taurus – ‘Fixed to a Star’

Every full Moon is a scrying mirror waiting to be examined. What its depths reveal is unique to each who dares to look: intimate, illuminating, disturbing on the level that makes great art and shakes foundations ripe for demolition.

The full Moon reminds us that “divine” is a verb, as well as a noun or adjective.

When the intuitive Moon shines in her full glory, she opposes her counterpart, the shining Sun, creating tension between our internal needs and external expectations. When we are in alignment — when our emotions match our actions — we experience this energy as empowering, illuminating and evocative.

If, on the other hand, we have attempted to bury our feelings, our intuition, issues with family or our past — all ruled by the inconstant Moon — we can experience tension today, a feeling of disconnectedness or emotional compulsion. Unpredictable reactions can bubble up from seemingly “out of nowhere” — which is always the deepest well of our feelings and memories.

Today, the Full Moon shines in the sign of Taurus, the sign of the honest, steadfast, and savvy builder. What has been “building up” in your life? What is ready to come to fruition, or to be released to allow for new growth to begin? Full Moons bring about completion, or recognition of crisis. One way or another, changes are afoot.

This Full Moon offers us the opportunity to get grounded, to speak and act from within, according to a compass calibrated to our true heart’s desire — not the whims of our mind or feelings, but the seat of our soul.

The Moon is exalted in Taurus — she feels perfectly at home here, luxuriating in the sign of earthy sensuality. When the ruler of intuition and emotion is grounded in her native House, she reveals our natural talents, and enhances our innate ability to summon abundance, joy, and wealth, and more importantly, to recognize its constant presence in ourselves.

We’re asked to love and value ourselves, to accept our authority, and embrace the rewards and responsibilities that come with it with pleasure.

Taurus is the sign of the builder, the unshakeable manifester, the fearless, devoted creator. Taurus is stubborn, yes, but Taurus is also patient. Taurus will outlast the speed, charm, talent, and skills of others by virtue of pure perseverance.

The Full Moon in Taurus invites us to design and build our empire from a place of pleasurable anticipation, full of confidence. Taurus also has a softer side, as it is ruled by voluptuous Venus — Taurus is also the great lover, the pleasure-seeking gourmand, the appreciator of luxury.

Taurus has expensive tastes, but they also know that their future wealth and success is only ever created in the steps they take today.  

Today, notice the abundance that already exists in your life, and soak in the gratitude. “Count your blessings.” Make plans to better support your own prosperity and security. Taurus is a practical earth sign, so getting literal and writing it all down would be ideal  — appreciate what you have, and envision what can be.

The Full Moon invites you to understand that you can create or summon what you truly value when you operate from a place of confidence, security, and willingness to put in the work. Taurus rules our values, including our self-worth, which we build by committing to and living by those values.

Under the Taurus Full Moon, tap into your power by reigniting your innate connection to it, and to everything. Close your eyes. Feel the weight of your body.

Feel the the life energy — the ever-present, all-knowing force which gives you breath and beats your heart, coursing through you.

Pay attention to the soles of your feet. Notice how they each have a trapdoor you can open and close. Swing them open and sink your energy — your roots — deep, deep into the earth. Curl them in the rich soil.

Feel how grounded you are, how supported. From this place, reach.

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It’s time to shore up your resources and your resourcefulness, Aries! It’s very likely that your finances are reaching a new culmination this week — something has been finished up, whether you’re finishing paying off an old debt, getting your books in order, or even just clearing out old financial paperwork. The Full Moon is lighting up your House of Money and Values, asking you to de-clutter whatever you can — the better to invite in new wealth and resources that you’ll need for the new phase in your life.Donate, sell, and trash resources that you haven’t touched in years. Do your best to pay off debts and balance the books. A beneficial financial transformation is yours for the embracing, this week!  This is a The House of Self Worth as well as the House of Net Worth, so you could contend with some issues around how much you value yourself – what do you care about most in life? Are your needs being met? This week, focus on cultivating more of what makes you feel comfortable, secure, and taken care of. The more fully you “appreciate” yourself in every way, the more you will find yourself appreciated.


What do you want from your life, Taurus? It’s time for you to stand up and be counted, with the Full Moon rising in your House of Self. You may have felt, lately, like your needs have been neglected or gone unheard. Ask yourself if this is the case, or if you need to be a little more clear and vocal about your desires. Your challenge this week is to step up as the leader and CEO of your life. If something isn’t working for you, it’s up to you to address it. True leaders don’t complain or cajole — they guide with a firm, compassionate hand, and they seek first to understand, then to be understood. How can you do your part to get what you want, this week? It’s an ideal week to figure out how to put your needs first, but only in such a way that the entire “team” (whether that be your coworkers, family, or tribe) benefits. Be sure not to bottle up your thoughts and emotions, this week — the Full Moon in this House could cause sudden outbursts or extreme reactions in the moment. If you can take responsibility for getting what you want starting now, fortunate results are forecast by the Full Moon.


Are you feeling a little bit of tension or overwhelm this week, Gemini? It’s time to recharge your emotional, physical, and spiritual batteries — though this may appear to be an indulgence, taking some downtime is forecast to lead to greater and better quality productivity in the near future. This week, the Full Moon will finish her rise in your House of Secrets and the Past, the House of Unfinished Business, Loose Ends, and Emotional Clutter. Time to clean some skeletons out of your closet and let go of guilt, regret, and anxiety. You may feel like carving out some major alone time, especially this weekend, and this would do you a world of good. Catharsis is forecast — this is a great time to “let your thoughts out,” whether you write them in a journal, draw, sing, paint, or simply go outside and enjoy a good, old fashioned primal scream! On the other hand, since this is the House of Behind the Scenes, a project that you’ve been quietly working on could come to its culmination this week, and you could be in a fervor finishing up the details. Make sure you get rest this week — sleep is important for you now, and your dreams could also hold some powerful intuitive messages. Clear out the mental clutter now, because some inspiring ideas are waiting in the wings.



Who is your tribe, Cancer? With whom do your surround yourself, and how do they affect your life? Do they lift you higher toward your goals and dreams, or deter and disappoint you with their feedback? This week, the Full Moon will rise in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, shedding light on whether you have the right people around you to support your evolving role in the world, and whether you serve others’ needs, too. Your “place” in your community is under the spotlight. You could experience a confrontation with someone close to you — the result could be the end of a friendship or association, or simply the purging of the problem. Try to relax if it seems like like you are moving away from a certain organization or goal, this week — with your ruler trining the planet of transformation, a beneficial transformation is forecast in the realm of your friendly relationships. A friend may come to you with a crisis this week, or you may be called on for help — you could learn a lot about who you are by the way you handle it!


Are you ready for your close-up, Leo? (Aren’t you always?!) The Full Moon will rise in your House of Career and Destiny by the end of the week, putting the spotlight on you and the name you wish to make for yourself. Shine your shoes, smile pretty, and keep your proverbial portfolio handy all week, as you’re likely to be called upon for a sudden opportunity, interview, or role in the public eye. This is the week to step up, to show your competence and responsibility, and to embrace your role as a leader, no matter what your field is. Put yourself front and center, and be ready for those flashing lights. Now that said, don’t make a display of yourself unnecessarily, Leo, as your flubs are as sure to be broadcast as your flair! You could meet a goal this week, finish and promote a major project, or step into a much “bigger” role in your work. This is a great time to evaluate your career goals, to see where you’ve come from, and where you’re going, and determine whether you’re on the path to get there. Put yourself “out there” and be ready to receive, Leo. You could be stepping in a bold new direction.


Are you willing to open up, Virgo? Are you willing to let go, just for a little while, of your hold on what you know, in order to discover brave new worlds of thought and feeling? The Full Moon will rise in your House of Journeys and Philosophy this week, stirring up a yearning for new horizons, of the physical and mental variety. As much as you enjoy a predictable routine, you could find yourself oddly itchy to break out and try new things. To whatever extent you can, this week, enjoy a little adventure! A trip to a new, exotic, or foreign location would be ideal, but even a day trip out of your city could do wonders for your wanderlust! Your urge for expansion could come in a more spiritual form — you could find yourself gobbling up information in books, music, or film, that inspire you and broaden your mental horizons. Opening up your mind and perspective will bring you rewards, this week. An evolution of your views, personal growth, and an ensuing adventure are forecast! Follow where your spirit leads you!


It’s time to settle your debts, Libra, the better to increase your personal power! These could certainly be financial payments — it’s an ideal time to take care of credit cards and other outstanding balances. But this week could also find you balancing the books in terms of power dynamics and your most personal relationships, with the Full Moon rising in your House of Intimacy and the Other. Is there anything dragging you down in life, the way only a sense of indebtedness or lack can? If you’re holding onto any objects or connections in the way that one might hold on to a security blanket, it’s time to let them go. It’s one thing to get a sense of power from one’s partner or possessions — it’s another to give your power away to them. This is also the House of Transformation, so you could very well shed some financial or intimate baggage that has been weighing you down. You’re likely to find yourself confronting these issues head-on, whether you intend to or not. Embrace the opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you — the better to open your arms for new gifts.


With whom do you consider yourself to be partnered, Scorpio? Whether in romance, business, or a creative endeavor, your one-on-one connections are in the spotlight as this week goes on, with the Full Moon rising in your House of Partnerships. You may find yourself having major confrontations in, or even walking away from some relationships now, as events come to a head and underline the unspoken need for a dramatic change. Negotiations are necessary now, and it could actually benefit you to err on the side of giving more to your partner, whether you are sharing resources or giving up some emotional ground. Express your feelings honestly, and be willing to listen just as intently as you speak. A cathartic expression of emotions on both sides of the aisle is forecast, as long as you make sure your cohorts know that they have the floor. Yes, partnerships could be tested this week, but these are opportunities to discover the true depth of your connections — if they fail, they were never going to fulfill you, and if they survive, they are forecast to be stronger than ever. “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”


You’re craving a major change this week, Sagittarius. Events are forecast to bubble up over the course of this week, leading up to the Full Moon rising in your House of Work and Routine, which bring a sense of crisis or culmination when it comes to your daily habits. You may wake up and think, “I’m done feeling like this. It’s time to eat right/work out/get more sleep.” Or you may sit down at work, look around, and tell yourself, “That’s it. I’ve got to find a new job/talk to the boss about that raise/clean out my desk and inbox.” Go with it! It’s the ideal time to shed bad habits, throw out old paperwork and clutter, and start making plans to get your daily routine in line with where you’d like to be, and who you’d like to become. Make sure not to be too hard on yourself if you do feel a sense of boredom or dejection around your daily tasks now — Full Moons are incredibly emotional, and you could be tempted to suddenly declare that you’re going from couch potato to ultra marathoner in a month, or from lifetime meat lover to instant radical vegan. Rather than resigning your unsatisfying job all at once, or quitting coffee, chocolate, and Netflix all in one day, notice what is and is not working for you, and make joyful adjustments, knowing that the benefits come day by day. Great satisfaction is forecast when you put energy and thought into crafting a routine that supports and inspires you.


You’ve simply got to make time for fun, creativity, and even some romance this week, Capricorn! You’ve been so focused on what needs doing for the past few weeks — it’s time to focus on doing what feels good, and what fills you with a sense of natural joy! The Full Moon is Rising in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play, forecasting epiphanies and completion when it comes to matters of your heart. A personal project could reach completion or crisis in your mind — you may feel quite compelled to create. It’s also possible that you could come to a new conclusion in your romantic relationships — a new understanding may be reached, a relationship solidified, or you could have an amicable split. (In this House, a break up is usually one that feels more like absolution than abject despair.) Alternatively, you may just “pour your heart out” to a lover, or a prospective one. Now is the time to put it all on the table, and above all, really enjoy yourself! Give yourself permission to be passionate, spontaneous and creative this week, hardworking Capricorn — let your inner child run the show for a week.


When deciding how to get where we’re going, Aquarius, most of us immediately envision the destination. But isn’t it quite important to consider where you’re starting from, if you’re ever to get where you desire? What if we walk in the right direction on the wrong road? Taking the time to recognize “where we stand” could mean the difference between time invested and time wasted. Events are forecast to bubble up over the course of this week, leading up to the Full Moon rising in your House of Home and Family, which bring up the need to assess your priorities, specifically the balance between your personal and professional life. Are you taking care of business at the cost of your relationships, or creative pursuits? Or vice versa, are you doing so much playing that you’re neglecting the structures that secure your ultimate success? It’s time to prioritize, so that you’re not stretching yourself too far in any direction. This is an ideal week to focus on releasing what’s not benefiting from your constant attention, so that you can better focus on those things that will improve with it. The Universe is asking you to check your form now, and get yourself in the shape and position to best move forward. On your mark, get set, grow!


Life could be pushing you to make connections, complete to-dos, and assault your inbox this week, Pisces! The speed of events and input increases all week long leading up to the Full Moon’s rise in your House of Communications, and you could feel pulled in a million directions! You’re an adaptable fish for sure, so I trust that you’ll move gracefully through every unexpected appointment and expectation — but beware of pushing yourself to the point of overwork and exhaustion! Prioritization will be your saving grace this week, so rather than throwing yourself into the whirlwind of events and messages whipping through your life, take the time to make a plan. Rank your tasks in a way that makes sense — your keen intuition will come in handy there. Sudden errands and invitations could pull you off course during this busy week, but as long as you focus on taking care of what really matters and communicating clearly, your choices are forecast to lead to a big new opportunity by the time of the next New Moon. Invest your energy wisely.

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