Weekly Horoscopes – Saturn Conjunct Mercury Retrograde – The Final Countdown

Weekly Horoscopes – Saturn Conjunct Mercury Retrograde – The Final Countdown

Aaahhh, the infamous Mercury Retrograde. When the planet of thought, communication, and technology appears to stumble backward through our solar system, messages get jumbled, gadgets go haywire and projects suffer setbacks and delays.

Mercury will begin moonwalking on December 3, through the sign of exploration, expansion and higher learning, Sagittarius. This time is legendary for its unreliability and fluctuations — major decisions or commitments should be saved until December 21, when Mercury gets its land legs back.

But don’t blame the messenger (planet)! You can get something out of this backpedaling aspect: It’s a great time to reflect, re-evaluate and revise your methods. Which are working, and which are completely aligned with Einstein’s famous definition of insanity? Time to review, reflect, revamp, and reorganize!

Also, reconsider whether certain connections are working for or against you. Right now, you can uncover mistakes or streamline your process to get incredible results — just try not to set the plans into motion for a few more weeks!

Delays and challenges are more likely now  — yes, Mercury Retro is infamous for its tendency to slow down every aspect of communications, technology, travel, and sales — any carelessness will be costly.

But the great benefit of Mercury Retrograde, especially when he is conjunct serious Saturn, is the opportunity to mindfully iron out details now, to save yourself time and trouble down the road  — Mercury’s mental acuity turns inward, and we’re offered the opportunity to redesign and revitalize our plans wherever he lands in our personal chart, giving every detail its due attention. The better to keep up with our planetary patron once he returns to his fleet-footed ways.

Meanwhile, Saturn, the planet of rules, responsibility, time, and structure, is sealing up boxes and ticking off the final items on his checklist, characteristically orderly (and early) for his big end-of-year move.

After two and a half years in Sagittarius, he’ll be moving into his native sign, sure-footed Capricorn on December 19, where he’ll remain until December 17, 2020, aside from a three-month Retrograde into Aquarius in the spring of 2020.

For the last two and a half years in Sagittarius, Saturn has been putting the pressure on our ideals; he’s had us questioning our faith, examining our belief systems, and making certain that we practice what we preach or deal with the consequences!

What aspect of yourself have you been refining, restructuring, reigning in, or solidifying, since the end of 2014/beginning of 2015? What new truth, or true aim have you been pursuing?

There’s a four-planet pile-up in the sign of new horizons – the shining Sun, voluptuous Venus, moonwalking Mercury, and of course, stoic Saturn, placing major emphasis on our willingness to learn, to examine and grow past the dreaded “comfort zone,” and solidify our philosophy – to live our ideals.

Meanwhile, serious Saturn has been dancing with revolutionary Uranus all year, and he’ll continue to through 2018 – together, these strange bedfellows are giving us a fresh perspective, and the dutiful follow-through to start chipping away at old paradigms that once held us back. They’re helping us get firm (Saturn) about our original expression (Uranus.)

Who do you want to be? Behave like that and damn (accept) the consequences! Conscious, constructive inward change is forecast to produce exciting new opportunities more befitting of your current evolution!

This week, chatty Mercury is conjunct serious Saturn, and together, they’re making a friendly angle with motivated Mars, imbuing us with the willpower to make concrete changes.

We’re more willing to look ourselves, our lives, our decisions, and the results full in the face – and this is firing us up, giving us the energy to to make “grown up” choices and accomplish our goals. Saturn and Mercury help us carefully plot out the steps, and Mars is warming up the engine, ready to drive us forward!

This is our opportunity, this brief window of time, to step powerfully out of the proverbial box – the better to position ourselves to build something tremendous once Saturn enters his home sign at the end of December.

Saturn is the prince of the material world – whatever you devote your time and attention to building, he will help you “realize” your thoughts and dreams through effort and action. This week, you’ve got the mental courage and physical endurance to bring your ideals closer to fruition, if you commit to what you believe in, and tend to it with enduring devotion.

Saturn is checking the calendar, circling a date, synchronizing his watch with your heart. What do you want to manifest?

Tick, tock…

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You’re a quick-starter by nature, Aries, always quick to run where angels fear to tread. New horizons are calling your name, but with Mercury reviewing his notes in your House of Journeys and Philosophy, it may be that what you actually need is to step back and remember the larger picture which these daily habits and details are in place to create. Are your everyday habits painting the “big picture” that you want?

If you had to select a one-sentence statement of your life philosophy, what would it be? Now, ask yourself: Am I living it every day, in every way that I can? This isn’t a judgment or excuse to kick yourself! It’s an invitation to reorient either your path or your destination (hint: they’re the same thing). Perhaps you say your life philosophy is “No pain, no gain,” but your behavior says “buy now, pay later,” or vice versa.

Whether it’s your behaviors and thoughts that need re-orienting, or your “big idea” that needs a truthful tweak, stoic Saturn and mental Mercury are helping you get to the truth of the matter, and align your actions with your wishes. And yes, Aries, under your stars, wishes can come true.

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“Out with the old,” Taurus, and in with the new you. It’s not the “in” that you’ll need to worry about, as external events will be giving you all kinds of new input and information to mull over. It’s the “out” that you want to put your mind to — it’s time to purge anything and everything which no longer serves you.

Mercury is reviewing his ledger in your House of Intimacy and the Other, AKA the House of Sex, Taxes, and Other People’s Money, so it’s an ideal time to reassess your budget, specifically looking at your debts, and reallocating and/or demolishing them as much as possible over the next month. Get practical, Taurus! Go through your closet and home, and sell or donate everything you don’t need or can’t use — hold garage sales and put all of the proceeds toward clearing debts and balancing your books.

This is the House of Deepest Intimacy, so some of these “debts” and “assets” are likely emotional ones. Consider those who have helped you in the past, and do what you can to “repay” them, whether this is with your time, resources, or skills. This is meant to be a cleansing time, a time to restore your equilibrium and regain your footing. You’ll be stepping into greater power by the end of December.

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Who are your most important one-one-one contacts, Gemini? Connections are important to you, and though you’re famous for being a social butterfly, in the coming weeks, as mental Mercury moonwalks through your House of Partnerships, it may be best to dive deep into those relationships that affect you most in order to strengthen them.

This is the house of your most important one-on-one relationships, from romantic partners, to best friends, to counselors, mentors, and business partners — Saturn says it may be time to hold a little State of the Union, to renegotiate the terms, and make sure everyone is still getting what they expect and need from the association. Old issues may rise to the surface for reexamination — there may be a bit of “dirty laundry” to be aired between you. If both partners are willing to listen patiently, great progress can actually be made during this time.

There’s an unprecedented opportunity to get to the bottom of what truly creates any tangles or record-scratches in your one-on-ones. Speak up when something doesn’t please you, and especially when it does — and give your closest partners the same opportunity. By the end of December, your list of associations may be a bit shorter, but those relationships will be tighter and stronger for your review.

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You’re not always known for your precise planning skills, Cancer, but no one can plan an inspiring road trip like you. (Depending on your perspective, you may need to put “plan” in air quotes.) It’s time to put that same creative, visionary, adaptable attitude and energy into your everyday habits.

Can you make planners, calendars, and white boards into a riot of colors and inspiring information? Can you research and plan a nutrition and fitness routine that get you amped up just thinking about them? This month, as Mercury looks over his shoulder in your House of Work and Routine while serious Saturn takes notes, your daily life will be getting delayed, shaken up, and re-shuffled — all your stars’ way of saying it’s time to reevaluate the daily habits you cultivate, and determine whether they support the life you really want to live.

Reorganize and revamp your workspace into one that makes you smile as you roll up your sleeves everyday. Study and test sleeping and eating routines to see which maximize your energy level and happiness quotient, at once. Mercury is giving you a little breathing room to gear up for the coming challenges and accompanying rewards heading toward you — determine what your best self would do every single day, and do it. Then watch what happens.

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You’re the star of the zodiac, Leo, no matter what you day job might be, and improvisation is your specialty. Every creative knows that all sorts of challenges, constraints, and delays will force them to think on their feet — that’s just part of the fun, if you can allow it to be! And your stars say that this week, the challenges you face are the perfect coaches to help you create your finest work. Serious Saturn wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mental Mercury has begun moonwalking across the stage in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play, and here’s the benefit — when you turn things backwards, the whole world looks different. For the next few weeks, allow your mind to wander where it pleases, for your ideas to shift and change during this mercurial (natch) period. Don’t compare your ideas to anyone else’s, and should any past fans or flames rise from the ashes to say hello, don’t be surprised.

Your desires, your sense of play and fun, are all under review, and you’re meant to figure out what it is that truly fills you with joy. If your urge is to withdraw, to take your creativity inward, go with it. Journal, set that blog to private, or keep the Great American Novel /play /painting /composition away from prying eyes for now. But the more you allow yourself to explore and “play” with your ideas, and anything you can fall in love with, the more you will be able to invoke and enjoy them by the end of December.

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Change is good, Virgo — you’re a big fan of revisions, and asking the critical questions that lead to big improvements is a specialty of yours. That’s going to work in your favor this month as mental Mercury is looking over his shoulder in your House of Home and Family next to stoic Saturn, reassessing where you’ve come from, and to what degree that influence directs where you’re going.

Fundamental questions about your beliefs and childhood “programming” will come up now. Mercury is offering you the opportunity to check all the nuts, bolts and hinges on your apple cart before the world can come along and upset it — better that you upset it yourself, and discover what weak spots need repair. You may also have a literal geographical move at this time, or simply the desire to rearrange and reorganize your home. All of the above will be beneficial to your evolution. The more you’re willing to make changes that better support who you are now, whether in the physical world or on the psychological plane, the more you open yourself up to freedom and enlightenment.

Speaking of “enlightening,” this is an ideal time to lighten your load by purging your home of any objects that are just cluttering up your space. Sell or donate what you no longer need to make room for the new abundance on its way. Trust that change brings you progress, and progress brings you pleasure. You’ll know yourself, and your power, better by the end of December.

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Your mind may be swirling with meaning and messages over the next few weeks, Libra, even more than usual! Mental Mercury has begun reviewing his date book in your House of Communications, indicating a major reshuffling of your schedule, and possibly even your contacts, over the next month.

Serious Saturn says it’s vital that you carve out some non-negotiable time for yourself in the midst of this flurry of activity — it’s going to bring up a lot of questions about how you should be spending your time and energy, and what systems in your life need reviewing and repairing, from the way you care for your car to the way you care for your social network. It’s a good time to reconnect with close contacts that you may have lost touch with, or have unresolved tension with, especially siblings, roommates, or neighbors.

Ask lots of questions, and repeat the answers back to make sure that you understood — don’t be afraid to take your time with every thought and message — your deliberation will be rewarded with greater clarity and positive motion by the end of December. It’s a good time to do research, compile information, ask questions, and explore. Your mind may change by the end of this Retrograde period, but if it does, it will be in your favor, based on a deeper understanding.

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What’s your net worth, Scorpio? Is it where you’d like it to be? Does even considering the thought fill you with dread, or with excitement? With Mercury turning backward through your House of Money and Values under stoic Saturn’s direction, it’s time review, reconsider, and revamp your budget — and more importantly, the purposes of your budget.

So, you know you want money. What do you want it for? Before you begin putting pen to paper (or cursor to screen) when it comes to your budget, envision the end goal. For some, more free time may be worth a cut in pay — others may be willing to work overtime to earn a coveted possession or experience. What matters is knowing what you are working for, what you are building toward.

Your “net worth” is ever so much more than the number of digits in your bank account — it’s what you are capable of creating, and securing for yourself. It’s your intrinsic worth. Remember that you are priceless, and from this sense of wholeness, begin to design the life you were born to live. You have a priceless gift to offer, and to accept, if you will take the time to discover it.

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How often do you “spend” your time and energy investing in yourself, Sagittarius? And how do you feel about your current returns? Are there parts of yourself which feel fulfilled and positive? Are there others which feel wobbly and uncomfortable? With Mercury moonwalking through your House of Self under stoic Saturn’s supervision, it’s time to commit a significant amount of time and effort on caring for, and getting reacquainted with, yourself.

You are the zodiac’s eternal traveler, Sagittarius — are you familiar with the concept of inertia? It’s that physical sensation when you’re racing forward in your car, then have to brake to a sudden stop, causing your body to absorb the unused forward momentum, jarring you against the seat and jangling your nerves. This Mercury Retrograde is offering you the chance to come to a slow idle rather than a screeching halt.

Find time to consult with yourself by journaling, meditating, and ideally time for nothing but daydreaming and reflecting — coffee and porch recommended, but not required. It’s time to affirm, and then reorient yourself. Your stars say that you’re stepping up to a new level, and this hiccup is meant to teach you greater patience and inner calm — confidence and precision will follow naturally.

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You have stepped into a time machine, Capricorn — drats, it only goes backwards — still, pretty cool! It’s already programmed to your exact birth details — so you’re just along for the ride. Where will it take you?

Mental Mercury, has gone Retrograde in your House of Secrets and the Past next to your ruler, stoic Saturn, prompting a deep dive into internal review. Memories and past experiences — some of them painful, as this is the House of Unfinished Business — will begin to surface, and command some of your mental bandwidth over the next three weeks. Accept this opportunity to untangle some old knots that will free your mind and allow you to move forward more powerfully in your present and into your future.

Rather than trying to avoid old emotional or psychological shadows that creep in, welcome them into the light to be understood. Science has proven that simply observing something has the power to change it. This is an ideal time to recognize and release old thought patterns in order to renew yourself, and recommit to who you are today. When the shadows dissipate, you can shine brighter than you ever have before.

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You have a mighty mind and vivid imagination, Aquarius, a magnificent capacity to envision a better plan, a better future. Sometimes, this can drive you to think so big that you lose sight of the nuts and bolts that build the platform from which your ideas launch. However, with Mercury looking over his shoulder in your House of Allies, Organizations and Long Term Goals, it’s not that you should think smaller, but that you should use the next few weeks to focus on what, and whom, matters to you most.

Are you scattering your energy among too many contacts or pursuits? Or have you recently felt a flagging in your efforts, or the need to recapture a certain spark or inspiration? Your stars are asking you to reflect and re-prioritize your time — if your magnificent vision is to become a reality, you’ll need the right perspective and the right support system to make it so. This week is an ideal time for research into networks, finance ideas, and institutions which could empower you, as Mercury is hooked up with serious Saturn, who’s doing his own planetary review.

It’s not the best time to sign contracts or make promises, as minds tend to change as we tend to continually reassess our plans until Mercury goes direct again — but your slowed, cautious, and focused mental style supports the creation of great plans to be set in motion in the near future.

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You’re a natural artist and actor, Pisces, always ready to step through the curtains and transport a transfixed audience — but serious Saturn and mental Mercury are yanking you backward for a quick costume change before you go on. In fact, you may need an understudy for the next little while — your agent called and they said it’s time to a major redefining of your image.

The good news is, the people love you, and they’d like to see more of the real you, so as Mercury reassesses his marketing campaign in your House of Career, Destiny, Status and Reputation, it’s time for you to redefine your personal mission statement. What are you all about, Pisces? What legacy do you want to leave on the world? Mercury in retrograde may make you feel pulled in a few directions, perhaps like you’re hanging by a few threads — but if you give yourself the space and time to see it, those disparate threads will weave together your big picture.

Make luxurious use of this time in your cosmic dressing room before you go onstage. Enjoy choosing words and images that you want used in your teaser campaign. Whether you’re planning a project, creating art, launching a website, or preparing for a major career transition, take the time to dream it, and do it, authentically, consciously, and with your whole, huge heart. The returns for your reflection will be immeasurable.

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