Full Moon in Cancer opposite Stellium in Capricorn – ‘Under Pressure’

Full Moon in Cancer opposite Stellium in Capricorn – ‘Under Pressure’

On January 1, the Moon will be waxing poetic, growing Full in her native sign, protective and canny Cancer. Full Moons bring revelations, their brightness illuminating what has come to either crisis or culmination.

The sector of your chart she rises in foretells where your sensitivities, ruled especially by this Cancer Full Moon, will be fully exposed. Today, she happens to be challenging a trio of planets – the shining Sun, sensual Venus, and stoic Saturn – in her opposite sign, Capricorn.

In astrology, oppositions are not necessarily negative, but they are full of energy – tension can be good (dynamic tension, creative tension, sexual tension, et. al.), or it can be too much, and something eventually has to give.

The Cancer Full Moon opposes the austere, stoic Capricorn Sun, which prides itself on making progress without any cheerleading or even nourishment; therefore, this mothering Moon illuminates the area of your life which demands more nurturing, acknowledgement, and care.

“Pressure pushing down on me,

Pressing down on you no man ask for,

Under pressure that brings a building down,

Splits a family in two,

Puts people on streets…”

Cancer is the divine mother of the zodiac, and Capricorn represents the divine father – both of these signs are courageous, protective, and tend to foster growth in others – but they take dramatically different approaches.

We’re likely to meet challenges and opportunities around integrating both of these parts of ourselves into our lives right now, how we can find the best aspects of our masculine and feminine qualities to empower ourselves and grow to our full potential.

Each sign left on their own could go to extremes – imagine them for a second as your cosmic father and mother. Austere, demanding Capricorn can impose impossible rules and demands, forever moving your golden goal post and making you feel inadequate. And Cancer might coddle and cry so much, you’d eat very well, but never venture or grow past the crippling comforts of home.


“Turned away from it all like a blind man,

Sat on a fence but it don’t work,

Keep coming up with love but it’s so slashed and torn,

Why why why?”


But when these signs operate as partners, the strong, steady structure of Capricorn can become a perfect, secure container for Cancer’s boundless, fluid creativity and empathy. So you may feel pulled in different directions, but it will be empowering to center yourself calmly, and address each in their turn.

Because Full Moons can become areas of crisis when ignored, you could feel yanked to attention in the House of your chart where she is rising. Cancer longs for security and affection, so make efforts to increase feelings of safety, protection, and devotion in these areas. Self-care and emotional connections will be especially enriching.

What is your special hunger, and where in life have you been letting yourself starve? Nourish yourself to build a life you love.

“Can’t we give ourselves one more chance

Why can’t we give love that one more chance

Why can’t we give love, give love, give love, give love,

Give love, give love, give love, give love, give love?

‘Cause love’s such an old fashioned word

And love dares you to care for

The people on the edge of the night

And loves people on streets

Dares you to change our way of

Caring about ourselves

This is our last dance

This is ourselves

Under pressure…”


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Bring it home, Aries! (I hope you broke into song just then!) But really, literally, bring it home: “It” being your energy, time, and focus. For the last few weeks, it’s been all about your public image, career, your outward initiatives and goals. What are your goals for your domestic future? It’s time to invest in those for a while as the Full Moon rises in your House of Home and Family. Feather your nest. Spend really quality time with your family (biological or spiritual) and closest loved ones. Take care of your proverbial “roots” and the rest of your life will flourish. As this is a highly personal House, it’s also an ideal week for some strictly “you” time. Whether that means long baths and good books, or pajamas and Netflix, or dedicated gym time, it’s essential for you to shore up your personal energy and restock your resources. This would be a fine time for a planning session — take stock of where you are, and where you’d like to be, but do it from the comfort of your own home and your fuzziest slippers.



You, perhaps more than any other sign, may feel pulled in a million directions this week, Taurus, and that is, like, your least favorite thing! But take heart! You can get a lot done and out of the way this week with a little strategizing! This sensitive Full Moon is rising in your House of Communications — the House of Errands, Phone Calls, and Overstuffed Inboxes. You’re being pushed to find balance in completing the mundane tasks that grease the wheels that propel you toward your greater goals. Take 30 seconds out of your busy schedule, this week, to craft a simple visual reminder of the “big picture,” they “why” of what all your work is building toward, and keep it where you can see it. Let your “why” be a constant source of comfort as you get pulled into sudden meetings, field calls and questions, and attempt to organize your workspace. Make it a habit to spend five to ten minutes at the beginning and end of your day prepping for the coming shift. Clear your mind out along with your inbox.



What gives you a sense of comfort and pleasure, Gemini? Related question: What do you spend your money on, especially if you’re feeling unsure or bored, longing for inspiration or a sense of relief? What you care about, and the way you care for yourself, come into focus for you this week, as the Full Moon rises in your House of Money and Values. You could be feeling called to make an empowering change in the way you spend — this would be an ideal time to start a savings account or re-work your budget, as security and a sense of long-lasting nourishment will be important to you now. In the same vein, you could pay off a long-standing debt, or make a plan to do so more quickly. Conversely, you may feel compelled to spend now, to shore up your personal worth with objects — try to evaluate whether this emotional purchase will add to your life, or simply subtract from your bank account. I’m not asking you to give up fun, Gemini, quite the contrary! Your comfort and enjoyment are essential components to a wealthy life — but a comfort zone is a road to nowhere! So go ahead and indulge — or let the promise of that indulgence drive you further and faster toward your ideal lifestyle!



What about you, Cancer? There, let’s just get that question out in the open as you’ll be asking it a lot for the next few days, with your ruler, the sensitive Full Moon rising in your House of Self — the House of Looks, Personality, and What Am I, Chopped Liver? Yes, you might be feeling just a tad self-centered this week, as you may have been feeling quite other-oriented recently, working tirelessly as always, for the benefit of others. (There, see, we got that out of the way, too!) I kid you, Cancer! But this points to a real issue: You may be feeling small this week, eschewed, or like you need to focus more on yourself. This is absolutely the case: You must put more love and nourishment into yourself, body, mind, and soul. You must assert your needs if you expect them to be met. Go ahead and put yourself first — consider what makes you feel safe, happy, and secure. And what absolutely does not? This is a good time to shed that which no longer serves you — banish bad habits and negative self talk, this week. Give yourself the attention you’d like to have from others. This is your chance to step up as a strong leader, and loving yourself is the same as working on yourself.



Take a deep breath, Leo, and let it all the way out. Relax your shoulders. You’ve been working hard the last few weeks, putting a lot of focus on your work and the daily grind — your stars are demanding you take a little down time, with the Full Moon rising in your House of Secrets and the Past. It’s time for a little retreat and recharge, and to pay special attention to what underlying personal issues in your life need addressing. Usually you’re happy to play on the world stage, but this week, you will benefit hugely from taking some much-needed alone time to relax and reassess. Don’t be tempted to “play” your sunny self during the Full Moon, if it’s not the reality — acknowledging and addressing all of your emotions, especially the most sensitive ones, will do you a world of good. Practice great self-care now — plenty of sleep, journaling, spending time alone or with your most comforting loved ones, are all forecast to refill your energetic gas tank. This is a great time to figure out what really heals and restores you — a little self-love will go a long way.



Where do you fit into the “big picture,” Virgo? What is your contribution to the social fabric of your life? While you’ve spent the last few weeks focused on your personal pursuits and creative interests, your larger-scale dreams now come into the spotlight as the Full Moon rises in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals. Your group relationships are ruled by this House, and therefore you may be suddenly called to plan a meeting or address an interpersonal issue — some event or discussion prompts you to think your social network. Some may feel compelled to leave certain groups or clubs, or to enter new ones, in order to be in greater alignment with their personal beliefs. You particularly notice the “energy” of groups that you spend time with now, and the role that you play in them. Or suddenly, after a period of relative solitude, you are among big groups of people, and feeling pressured to make sense of the dynamics among you. Are the people you spend time with helping you cultivate your highest goals, and live by your highest ideals? It’s time to invest in those causes and comrades that mean the most to you.



It’s time to smile pretty and dress your best, Libra, because you’re bound to be noticed this week! The spotlight is on your public image thanks to the Full Moon rising in your House of Career and Destiny, and you could receive a sudden opportunity or bit of acclaim this week that you’d be wise to seize and capitalize upon! You may have been hanging out in the wings, getting things ready and preparing yourself for launch — this week, you’ll be getting a big green light signaling the direction in which your goals are taking you! So this is a perfect time to assess how you’re “positioning yourself” for success, and your particular ideal career. How do you “look” to the outside world? This is a week to take initiative, to step up as a leader. Resist your usual urge to defer and play down your work or status — go ahead and take on more responsibility, accept a more prominent role. As long as you’re not showboating and you’ve really done your homework, your stars forecast an expanding sense of professional potential! It’s time to show the world what you’ve got!



You’re longing for a new evolution and new horizons this week, Scorpio, as the Full Moon rises in your House of Journeys and Philosophy. Your belief system, your spiritual views, and your way of looking at the world are due for a perspective-shifting milestone — after a few weeks focused on tasks and to-dos, you’re being pulled to address what you believe in, and where those beliefs are calling you to grow. This week could see the culmination of an academic or creative project — something may be published, broadcast, or judged, and therefore, go out into the public eye. Or you may feel a sudden burst of wanderlust, and be inspired to book a trip somewhere exotic and inspiring. Another manifestation could be a sort of crisis of faith, a need to rediscover or realign your belief system — taking a spiritual retreat or pilgrimage would be ideal now! Sudden personal and mental growth are forecast when you give in to your desire to dream, use your imagination, and have fun with the way you look at your life!




You know better than many of the signs, Sagittarius that very often, less is more. While you’ve spent the last few weeks thinking a lot about your finances and how to make more, now, with the Full Moon rising in your House of Intimacy and The Other, it’s time to start thinking about which areas you would definitely do better with less, such as debt, insecurity, or dependency. You’re meant to find a more secure balance of power under, this week. It’s a terrific time to settle literal and figurative debts — you may even be suddenly called upon to help out a close loved one, financially or otherwise, returning favors and earning clout. “I owe you a solid.” Whatever guise your exchange comes in, your stars are forecasting dramatic change. After all this is also the House of Transformation, less politely known as the House of Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money. Sensitive topics and relationships could be exposed under this light, and this is why it’s so essential to be sure that fairness and equality reign — when you release what is no longer serving you, you make room for what truly suits your current evolution. Liberate yourself!



You’re a negotiator by nature, Capricorn, because the mountain goat in you always finds a way to stay on top. This week, though, you may find the best deal to strike is a true win/win, 50/50 compromise. The Full Moon is rising in your House of Partnerships this week, indicating that while you’ve spent the last few weeks really focusing on yourself and your image, it’s time to share the spotlight with your closest one-on-one contacts, whether they be your partner in romance, business, or a creative venture. You could find yourself negotiating now, and this Full Moon is helping to illuminate mutually beneficial decisions that leave both parties feeling heard and helped! When you create an atmosphere in which everyone feels not just free but encouraged to share their needs and desires, your stars forecast success all around! If you can sense that you have been the decision maker or “winner” in the last few discussions, find ways to let your partner take the lead, this week — you’ll find that this sharing of power creates a virtuous cycle. After all, true leaders are those who lift others up along with them. When you empower, you are empowered.



It’s time for a change, Aquarius. You can sense the change that has radiated all the way from the inside out, now it’s clamoring for an overhaul in your habits and the way your run your days, with the Full Moon rising in your House of Work and Routine. Are you feeling dissatisfied at your job, or with your body? You could feel a sudden inspiration to take up an exercise or nutrition regimen, on the heels of a health issue or bad mirror day. Go with it! Renewal and reinvigoration benefit you now, both in terms of your health and habits. Do you have a daily routine that supports your ultimate goals? This is an ideal time to shed bad habits that limit your or sabotage your productivity, and embrace efforts that strengthen you, body and mind. Great positive changes are forecast when you take even the smallest steps forward. Clean and organize or decorate your workspace. Spend 10 minutes a day doing simple stretches. Cultivate good customs and you’ll see real results!



You’ve been working hard on your big goals, Pisces, and now your soul is demanding some play! The Full Moon is rising in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun, indicating that you may be celebrating a milestone in a passion project this week, or find yourself eager to get it over with so that you can move on and just forget about all your responsibilities! Make time to get out and play this week — let your inner child run the show for a while. You could find yourself at the height of a romantic affair this week, too, whether it reaches a new level of fun and intimacy, or is wrapped up entirely. It’s time to enjoy pleasure, spontaneity, and a carefree approach to your life in every way that you can. Work may feel like drudgery, especially now, but dangle a fun prize for yourself at the end of your shift or project; do whatever you can to make tasks into games! Honor your need to enjoy, your eternal inner child, and your Piscean instinct to inject beauty, poetry, and surprise into your everyday activities. Let yourself blossom.

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