Full Moon in Virgo Opposite Stellium in Pisces – ‘Deep Water’

Full Moon in Virgo Opposite Stellium in Pisces – ‘Deep Water’

Every full Moon is a scrying mirror waiting to be examined.

What its depths reveal is unique to each who dares to look: intimate, illuminating, disturbing on the level that makes great art and shakes foundations ripe for demolition.

The full Moon reminds us that “divine” is a verb, as well as a noun or adjective.

When the intuitive Moon shines in her full glory, she opposes her consort and counterpart, the shining Sun, creating tension between our internal needs and external expectations. If our emotions match our actions, and vice versa, we experience this energy as empowering, illuminating and evocative. Though we’re likely to encounter challenges or emotional tensions leading up to the full Moon, especially those related to our past, those fossils are converted to the fuel that powers our rise.

If we have attempted to bury our feelings, our intuition, issues with family or our past — all ruled by the inconstant Moon — we can experience tension today, a feeling of disconnectedness or emotional compulsion. Unpredictable reactions can bubble up from seemingly “out of nowhere” — which is always the deepest well of our feelings and memories.

Today, the Full Moon shines in the sign of Virgo, the sacred virgin, the clear-eyed assessor, the humble servant, and truth-teller. Virgo is devoted, detail-oriented, and always does her best to get things right. This full Moon shines on the area in which the world needs your hard work, your humble servitude. Are you ready to put your God/dess-given talents to work?

When the full Moon in fastidious Virgo opposes the Sun in its opposite sign, dreamy Pisces, we are asked to “sacrifice” (Pisces’ realm of expertise) our time and energy for the greater good. Pisces is the dreamer, poet, and painter of the zodiac, where Virgo is the pragmatist, accountant, and janitor. Under this energy we feel an intense, unconscious pull to “get busy,” to tie up loose ends, to put ourselves to work.

But there is an enormous difference between being busy and being productive, and this is where Pisces’ spiritual vision is key in channeling Virgo’s divine work ethic. The Moon represents what we feel, and the Sun represents what we must do with what we feel.

Therefore, we must be sure that we are not just busying our minds or bodies, but occupying our souls, committing to our life purpose.

Everything doesn’t need to be done in order, or perfectly (Virgo), in order to be worthwhile. Nothing can grow in an airtight, antiseptic space. Let things in the world be nebulous, messy, unfinished. Inside, your pristine wheels will be turning, generating practical plans that bring about spiritual solutions.

Today especially, and over the next two weeks (until the New Moon in Pisces) it’s an ideal time to commit to a regular, quiet self-care routine, one that provides the physical and emotional breathing room for inspiration to rise.

The Full Moon has a reputation for a reason. The time of lunacy. Tensions rise, build, burgeon, and break. The Moon pulls the crashing waves over us.

We can choose to heed Pisces’ advice to dive deeply to see clearly — or suffer the futile chaos of observing the world from the superficial chop of the waves, seeing everything that could be fixed, without ever perceiving the unity, the truth, even the beauty, of the imperfections that created us.

Virgo wrote the book on “waste not, want not,” and proclaims that every single sacrifice we’ve made, or altar that we have been sacrificed upon (there’s Pisces again), has tempered and shaped our soul so that we may carry out the work that we came here to do.

At the same time, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune, is emboldening the sign of driven, passionate Scorpio, who always rips through artifice to reveal the naked truth with piercing eyes. He’s helping his fellow water sign, Pisces, to clean out those old wounds, transforming them. Virgo takes what is useful, cleans it up, gives it meaning.

Battle scars become badges of honor. Our pain, our shadow, can become the healing, the light, for others.

Are you ready to shine?


“I’m drifting in deep waters

Alone with my self-doubting, again
Try not to struggle this time
For I will weather the storm


I gotta remember
Don’t fight it 
Even if I 
Don’t like it 


Somehow, turn me around


No matter how far I drift
Deep waters
Won’t scare me tonight”

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