Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio – ‘Elastic Heart’

Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio – ‘Elastic Heart’

And I will stay up through the night, 

Let’s be clear, won’t close my eyes. 

And I know that I can survive,

I’ll walk through fire to save my life. 


And I want it, I want my life so bad, 

I’m doing everything I can. 

Then another one bites the dust.

It’s hard to lose a chosen one. 


You did not break me. 

I’m still fighting for peace. 


I’ve got thick skin and an elastic heart…”



On March 8, Jupiter went retrograde in incisive Scorpio, where he’ll be retracing his steps for the next four months.

When the planet of luck, growth, and higher understanding appears to turn backward, it is time for us to turn inward. Greater external success and fulfillment are possible through ruthless honesty followed by radical compassion.

Some aspect of our personal development is so important at this point that our solar system’s benefactor has opted to spend some extra time helping us work on it.

You might say that when Jupiter is moving forward, he inspires growth – when he moves backward, he’s concerned with your evolution. This Retrograde asks you to ask yourself what must transform in your life right now to bring you greater success, happiness, and a massive sense of expansion.

Most of us work so hard to disguise or spiritually bypass what we see as weak, unattractive, unfavorable – ironically it is in recognizing and forgiving the “ugliest” parts of ourselves that we are able to transform them.

As they say in 12-Step programs, “The first step is admitting you have a problem.” Without this simple, essential, alchemical step, no progress can be made. Jupiter is backing up so that he can keep his eyes on the big picture – we have to see the wound before we can heal it.

In what way might you be stunting your personal growth? Is there some addiction in your life – whether to a substance, habit, or relationship – that you’ve felt powerless to release? Are you spending time in a poisonous atmosphere, trying fruitlessly to adapt to it?

When you follow the map written by your stars, you can use this time to dissolve internal blockages and help you tap into Jupiter’s power to increase wealth, romance, and other areas of personal power in your chart.

In dark, deep, and relentlessly searching Scorpio, Jupiter has blown the lid off of corruptions and “wounds” of all kinds – many that have gone untreated for far too long.

This aspect brought a magnifying glass to the dark underbelly of the world – titans of industry and entertainment have been called out on a worldwide scale – in true grand Jupiterian fashion. There is a theme of detoxification, purification, and, when possible, reformation, at hand.

The wound is exposed and seeping. Now, it’s time to wash it out. Purge fear. Purge shame. Purge false comfort and acknowledge your whole self – Jupiter Retrograde in Scorpio blesses those who have the courage to face their fears and flaws. The sign of death and rebirth always awards trial by fire with a phoenix rise.


“No, you won’t see me fall apart

‘Cause I’ve got an elastic heart…”


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Your ability to act on instinct is one of your superpowers, Aries, and Jupiter’s retrograde is offering you an opportunity to level up in a major way. But as much as you love taking action, this win is forecast to come from deep, quiet reflection. Don’t worry – your stars are definitely forecasting a potential increase in wealth, power, and even great sex – but first, a training montage!

Consider the next four months the part of the badass action movie of your life where you climb to the top of a mountain and train hard with a great master. Jupiter wants you to meditate on this invaluable lesson: To truly know and love yourself is the key to embodying your full power.

When the guru planet travels through your House of Intimacy and the Other AKA the House of Sex, Death, and Transformation, you are meant to examine your desire for power, the way you meet your needs, and whether you know yourself – and therefore, allow others to know you – intimately. Ironically, your ability to courageously acknowledge your flaws, wounds, and blind spots is directly linked to your ability to experience deep fulfillment, security, and satisfaction – in the boardroom and the bedroom.

Once you have revealed yourself to yourself, your most reviled, rejected, and tender parts, your assignment is to shine compassion and forgiveness on them. Then notice how, magically, resistance dissolves and abundance flows.

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Relationships are mirrors, Taurus. How do you feel about that statement? When you think about your most significant one-on-one connections – from romantic partners to business partners, mentors and mentees, best friends and known enemies – Jupiter in retrograde wants you to ask, what does this person “bring out” in me? What do these associations teach you about yourself, and how are they helping you grow (or not)?

The solar system’s Santa Claus is forecast to bring you many gifts during his stay in your House of Partnerships through early November, not the least of which are more pleasure in your romantic life, greater fun with friends, fortunate negotiations in your career, and lucky shots at exotic experiences! But first, during this four-month retrograde, Jupiter wants you to see where your root system needs attending before the growth spurt continues. The better to shape it to your evolving taste!

Events are conspiring to help you grow in consciousness, diplomacy, and an understanding of how your closest cohort’s behavior activates you, and vice versa. Jupiter’s greatest blessings – good luck, wealth, higher perspective, and personal growth – will come to you more easily when you see your relationships as mirrors. That doesn’t mean that you are the reflection of your partner – it means that their presence is showing you more of yourself. Often, they will irritate the most hidden, shameful parts of us and they may bring out your bullish side. But don’t dig your heels in, Taurus – this is a chance to soften, see, and forgive yourself and others, and expand into a bigger, better version of you – and therefore, to draw in that new degree of abundance and good fortune that you now have the capacity to receive.

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It’s time to get down to the tiny, little details, Gemini, in order to get to the great, big wins! Jupiter is moonwalking through your House of Work and Routine, slowing down your year-long growth spurt for the next four months so that you can zero in on the fundamentals and therefore put yourself on the most fun and fortunate path to success!

When Jupiter blesses this House, you get to experience more fun and fulfilling duties, a more optimistic outlook on the job, and the potential to expand past your current level – but during this retrograde, he’s ensuring that you don’t get ahead of yourself with that lighting-quick mind of yours! The guru planet is asking you to stay present and mindful, focused on squeezing the benefits out of every task you must do, reminding yourself of why you are doing them to keep your morale up even through the dullest of to-do’s. Jupiter wants you to make a ta-da list, and celebrate those small wins that lead to big victories!

This is the House of Health and Habits, so it’s an ideal time to focus on improving your exercise and nutrition habits – Jupiter’s presence always brings big payoffs, so invest in this aspect of your life to see major improvements by July and beyond. Avoid overindulgences, especially – Jupiter can definitely inspire “too much of a good thing.” But if you stay focused on slow and steady improvement over the next four months, Gemini, you can’t lose!

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Just between us, Cancer, are there ever times when you intentionally dim your shine so that others can feel brighter? Do you ever set your needs on fire to keep someone else warm and comfy? You are indeed the mother of the zodiac – waking first, eating last, martyring all too often. What if I told you, Cancer, that this tendency is actually stunting the growth of your loved ones just as much as it’s muting your own gifts?

It’s like this. When babies first begin to walk, we know they’re going to fall down. Now and then, they will get a scrape or bruise and cry, and of course we wish we could take their pain away! But that doesn’t mean that a good mother rushes in and sets baby down on its butt, never to risk a bruise, and sacrificing an essential skill! Let people fall on their butts for a while, Cancer, so they can learn from their mistakes and improve!

Meanwhile, your planetary benefactor, Jupiter, is asking you to focus on the way you express yourself! What gives you pleasure and enlivens you? He’s retrograding in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play, asking you to see where you may be limiting your self-expression – is there a piece of creative work that you long to show the world, but have yet to start or complete? The next four months are an ideal time to put yourself in a FUN Bootcamp – I’ll be calling mine Wootcamp. Hey, this is also the House of Children – so get silly with it! The entire point of Jupiter’s moonwalk through this House is to set you free and bring you more fun! If you’ve worked hard at playing hard, by the time this retrograde ends, you can expect a massive upgrade in your creativity, confidence, and audience! I want to leave you with some wise words that sum up a major part of Jupiter’s assignment for you:

“You don’t have anything to give that you don’t have, so you have to keep your own self full. That’s your job… Your real work is to figure out where your power base is, and to work on the alignment of your personality, your gifts that you have to give, with the real reason why you’re here … to work on yourself and to fill yourself up and keep your cup full. … I used to be afraid of that, particularly from people that would say, ‘She’s so full of herself.’ And now I embrace it. I consider it a compliment that I am full of myself because only when you’re full – I’m full, I’m overflowing, I have so much to give, and I am not afraid of honoring myself. It’s miraculous…” – Oprah Winfrey

Make your miracle, Cancer.

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Did you know, Leo, that a tree’s height and reach is an almost exact reflection of its roots’ depth and stretch? If you tend to the roots of your life during this retrograde, you will flourish in the very near future. Jupiter’s presence in your House of Home and Family tends to bring refreshing redecoration, sweet real estate deals, lucky location changes, and a wonderful sense of personal contentment. When he goes retrograde, it is to ensure that we don’t allow unseen or unhealed aspects of our pasts to determine our future.

Our home can become a sanctuary, and we can similarly care for and cradle our whole selves, when we examine ourselves and our deep past – especially the damaged, needy bits. Jupiter is expanding and uncovering those parts of us, the better for us to recognize and heal them so that when he goes direct, we can grow to our true potential!

The guru planet wants you to ask yourself, “How secure do I feel within myself and within my home? How could I increase my sense of inner peace and feel like, no matter the circumstances, I am going to be alright?” This is an ideal time for you to focus on your personal development – self-reflection, journaling, time with your family, and therapy are all extremely beneficial to you now. Expect your devotion to healing and strengthening your roots to be reflected by incredible growth in the near future. You might be a late bloomer at times, Leo – but when you bloom this year, you will absolutely blossom.

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You have a flexible and brilliant mind, Virgo, and it’s that great eye for potential that can sometimes bring out your infamous critical nature. You see all the possibilities, and where they could be improved upon, and where those improvements might lead…and then the analysis paralysis sets in. You can sit with the same idea/project/essay/dangling participle for decades on end, not content to move forward until it is perfect.

But giant, joyful Jupiter is having none of that! He is blessing your House of Communications with grand plans, a more optimistic outlook, and a more conscious, curious approach to the world. During his retrograde review, the guru planet is asking you to examine and expand your communication skills – what do you want to learn, and with whom do you want to share your “big ideas”? Because he’s bringing an increase in your number of contacts, Jupiter is also asking that you be very conscious of who you keep in your circle and whether they are expanding your awareness, or constricting it.

Exciting opportunities to travel, write, broadcast, or train in an advanced field of study are forecast for you in the very near future, Virgo – so do you what you do best and use this retrograde period to get yourself in order. Get your head right. “Act as if.” Study topics and talk to teachers that inspire and expand you. Put yourself, your intentions, and your messages out there. Jupiter will take care of the rest.

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How well do you use your resources, Libra? It’s no secret that you enjoy the finer things in life – and with generous Jupiter blessing your House of Money and Values for another eight months, there is enormous potential to increase your wealth and the sensual pleasures that come with it! But not just that, the guru planet is also focused on your spiritual satisfaction, which always involves growth and evolution. Jupiter in retrograde is asking you to level up your resourcefulness in order to upgrade your resources!

This is an ideal time to “think big” when it comes to financial goals, and then “think small” when it comes to plotting the steps to reach them. Revamp your budget so that it feels fun, but also highly functional. Keep it simple – build in some milestone rewards, and always keep your “why” in mind with every purchase decision. Remember, Jupiter in retrograde promises rewards for expanding your consciousness. You can spend, Libra – just spend mindfully. You might enjoy the ease and comfort of ordering takeout every night – but is it serving your goal of saving up for that big goal, or ultimately undermining it? Spoiler alert: Time is a resource. You can “spend” it binge-watching a series you’ve seen forty times, or you can invest it in your future happiness and success. Consider how worthy you feel of wealth and of being seen.

Get clear about what you need and want during this retrograde season, Libra – reflecting upon your goals brings rich insights and rewards. Jupiter is willing to offer you payment equal to how much you value yourself. Jupiter says, practice feeling worthy to get paid what you’re worth. Greater personal pleasure and financial fulfillment are forecast for you when you are honest with yourself, so take this retrograde review period to get your true desires straight. It’s a hop, skip, and a jump to your heart’s desire. Envision, embody, then experience.

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This has been quite a growth spurt for you, huh, Scorpio? Jupiter’s ride through your House of Self, Looks, and Personality signals a major expansion in your life, the beginning of a significant cycle. What you gain in wisdom and offer in effort during this period are forecast to repay you major dividends, and luckily (Jupiter’s purview) your planetary patron is blessing your willingness to show off your skills and talents, and to be seen. This is leading to more and greater opportunities to become more of what you are.

It is, therefore, incredibly important to figure out and to decide who and what you are, as an individual. In retrograde in your sign, the guru planet is asking you to get to the bottom of who you are, and to accept that truth in its entirety – flaws, wounds, prejudices, and all. Some will be healed, some will be shed, and some of your scars will become your badges of honor and secret weapons. Seek and then forgive yourself, and you will feel the full power of your truth flowing through your veins. When you change you, Jupiter counsels, you change your world.

What you hide in yourself, Jupiter will only make bigger more apparent in the external, all in an effort to help you evolve – so above all, do not hide from yourself. What is your origin story? Consider what superpowers it created in you, and thank your darkness for its one of a kind training. Your victory will shine with the same intensity as the depth of your shadow when you can love them both equally. Incredible growth and success that you’ve never experienced are forecast – so clear your psychological cobwebs and make some room. It’s coming sooner than you think!

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You could be feeling even more thoughtful and philosophical than usual, Sagittarius, with your ruling planet retracing his steps in your House of Secrets and the Past. There is a tremendous amount of power in your stars right now – your ability to receive value is always directly linked to your ability to value yourself, but this is more true now than ever. Generous Jupiter is helping you to uncover old anchors – fear, resistance, revulsion – and detach from them so that you can go forward on your next great adventure when he enters your sign in November.

This is an ideal time to dive deeply into reflection and studies that help you understand more about yourself and the world around you. Notice how your perspective changes when you are suffering, joyful, in love, angry – and recognize how others can have their vision blurred, sharpened, and altered by these lenses, too. When you have compassion for yourself and your flaws, you are better able to do the same for everyone around you. Jupiter’s helping you let go of ego games to see things more clearly.

You might meet a spiritual teacher or two along your path during this time – and they may not identify as such, but you’ll know them when you see them. And you may act as such a teacher yourself. But the mark of a great teacher, like this Jupiter retrograde itself, is that it will always point you back to yourself for answers. Seek, find, and transform, Sagittarius. Your inner power is unmatched right now. You might want to dive into metaphysical studies or work some practical magic – let go of expectations and enjoy the anticipation. You do your work and let papa Jupiter handle the rest.

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“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

How does that statement make you feel, Capricorn? Do you believe it? Does it excite you? Do you resent it? These are all great questions to ask yourself while Jupiter is retracing his steps in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals! Your planetary patron wants to ensure that you know what you really care about, in life, and in the people you spend your time with – the better to prepare you for the major upgrade in your purpose and popularity that’s forecast when he goes direct in July.

What are your wildest hopes and dreams? Where would you love to see yourself in five, ten, twenty years? What is the intersection, the guru planet asks, of what gives you great pain and great pleasure? Can you help restore social justice by way of your stinging wit or incisive storytelling? Can you bring pleasure and hope to a neglected school or community by sharing your gifts? Reading to kids, teaching crafts, or helping with homework? What is your great work and what are you great at? Jupiter is preparing a mighty windfall for you, Capricorn, and you increase it when you spend your time and energy on things and people that you really believe in.

Working with a group of friends you love, or a team of people you greatly admire increases your odds of success hugely under these stars. Do something you care about with people that you adore – seems like a simple enough recipe for success, doesn’t it? Almost…too simple, your Capricorn brain might be saying. But Jupiter and I dare you to dare greatly and go all in – when you lead with your heart and your art, you can’t lose.

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You know those dreams, Aquarius, where you’re caught in your undies or less in front of the world? They’re often an indicator of a fear of being caught “with your pants down” (natch), feeling unprepared, or even a case of impostor syndrome. Are you feeling good about your status and reputation? Does your place in the world feel comfortable, secure, and like a source of pride? Or is it a point of question or contention? How tied up is your sense of self, your ego, with your worldly accomplishments? With Jupiter moonwalking through your House of Career, Destiny, and Social Status, it’s time to examine your ambition – the better to reach your goals!

This energy is ripe for self-empowerment — you have an opportunity to peel back some layers and really get intimate with yourself, your rawest needs, most secret desires, and deepest fears. What they are and why they are, and how to make them work for you. These are the stars of Shadow work, of accessing the untapped resources we have hidden from ourselves.

When you recognize your patterns and motivations without shame, you gain the key to unlock and adjust them — to take conscious control, to actually get what you want. Jupiter is blessing your professional advancement in perfect step with your internal evolution. Take this retrograde review time to get clear about the role you want on the world stage, and what you are willing to do to get it. Your intuition is keen right now, Aquarius. Listen carefully and without judgment. When you do that, great power and pleasure are forecast.

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What do you know, Pisces? And what do you want to know? Where have you been, and how has that shaped where you want to go – literally and figuratively? The great planetary benefactor, Jupiter, is retracing his steps through your House of Journeys and Philosophy, AKA the House of Perspective, Higher Learning, and Personal Growth, AKA Jupiter’s own home! Jupiter’s presence in this House is an incredibly beneficial aspect all on its own, promising opportunities to travel to exotic places, to expand your worldview, and even to potentially share your perspective with an enormous, even worldwide audience.

But while he is in retrograde, Jupiter is slowing down your spiritual growth spurt in order to ensure that you grow strong, straight, and true. So, the guru planet asks, what do you believe in? What ideas and ideals do you deem worth sharing? And how prepared are you to have those beliefs challenged? How willing are you to challenge them, yourself? Expect your curiosity and humility – your willingness to seek perspective above perfection – to be rewarded with amazing new possibilities, the likes of which can only become available to those who are open to their existence. “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

You are heading toward bold and beautiful new horizons, Pisces – so take this time to check your compass, crack open a blank field journal, and prepare for a profound journey; first through yourself, and then, the world. The depth you dive is the breadth you will live.

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