Mercury Retrograde in Aries – Your Quest is in the Questions

Mercury Retrograde in Aries – Your Quest is in the Questions

It’s that time again, when Mercury moonwalks and our social feeds fill with priceless memes and collective pearl-clutching. Mercury retrograde has already done its trademark mischievous work on many of us!

This makes total sense, as the planetary ruler of communication and technology is named for the trickster god in Greek mythology, Hermes, a quick-witted, silver-tongued, double-talking divine messenger with a penchant for pranks.

But this planetary rewind isn’t the cause of breakdowns in technology or communication…

It’s usually when we have ignored or moved too quickly past certain issues in our lives that Mercury’s trickster aspect comes out to play, in an effort to give us a friendly reminder that if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

Been falling behind on vehicle maintenance? Expect to make re-pairs.

Took someone for granted and blurted out something hurtful? Expect a re-jection.

Gotten a poor work review, or missed a few deadlines? Time to re-view and re-organize.

Mercury has gone retrograde in the sign of Aries – the first sign of the zodiac – a groundbreaker who rushes in where angels fear to tread; Aries is the passion of initiation and the spark of potential that could become a wildfire.

In other words, the sort of energy that could get quite combustible if you’re not taking your time and watching your step – and that’s where a friendly Mercury retrograde comes in! Yes, you heard me, friendly!

Something important demands your attention. Pause. Breathe. Rewind. Reset.

Aries wants to rush – Mercury retrograde asks us to slow down and review our plans before we execute them. Be especially careful of saying (emailing/texting/i-messaging, et. al.) anything in the heat of the moment – Mercury in Aries takes no prisoners, and Mercury retrograde in Aries just nukes the site from orbit.

Serious Saturn, the ruler of limits, rules, and responsibilities is squaring off with Mercury, adding an additional layer of focus and discipline to the next few weeks. Whatever your groundbreaking effort is – personal, professional, creative – don’t rush it.

This energy is quite frustrating if you’re trying to push something to fruition before its time – but if you use it to your advantage, by embracing a slow, steady, disciplined approach, then you can uncover errors and opportunities that you would have missed, had you rushed to the finish line.

We’re coming up on the New Moon in Aries next month on April 17, right after this retrograde ends, April 15. That will be the most fertile time of the year for fresh starts and exciting initiatives – take this time to edit, refine, polish, and prepare.

For now, your quest is in the questions.

When your focus is well trained on the present, more exciting answers and adventures will reveal themselves.

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What do you see when you look in the mirror, Aries? And what about what you see in the mirror projected by your closest relationships? Do you like what you see? Is there anything you would like to change? You being your ruthlessly honest self, I’m sure there are a couple of areas in which you’d like to see some improvement — there’s no time like the present, with your ruler, Mercury, moonwalking through your House of Self!

This is your House of Looks, Personality, and First Impressions, so this is the moment to reassess who you are, and how you come off, and begin making any necessary re-adjustments. That goes for everything to do with the “vibe” you give off, from the way you look, to the way you speak, dress, walk, and hold yourself — most importantly, it’s about your self-image. Do others tend to speak over you in meetings? Consider how you could better make yourself heard!

It’s time to start asking how you can match your outside to your inside, whether that means investing in some new clothes or practicing your “don’t tread on me” speech in the mirror before your meeting. “If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.” Start with the wo/man in the mirror!

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Assume nothing, Taurus, and expect the most beautiful outcome. Unfold with it. All endings are new beginnings. Mental Mercury is moonwalking quietly through your House of Secrets and the Past, in reverent review of all the experiences and emotions that have brought you to this moment.

This is the House of Spirituality and the Unconscious, so you may feel quite lost or adrift at times, feeling as though you’re being “pulled” somewhere, but you’re not sure where, or why. Allow it to be. Certain seeds that you’ve planted are silently coming to fruition; events are coalescing in unpredictable ways behind the scenes — their results will be more visible by the end of April.

Memories or people from your past may suddenly appear out of the fog, “asking” for your attention, whether literally or figuratively. This is a time of “sorting out” the past, of realizing what needs letting go, and what simply needs revising or repairing. Listen to your intuition, and release regret. Closure, forgiveness, and new insights are forecast. It’s time for some spiritual renewal. Make time for self care and reflection — your stars say they’ll bring you both measurable and immeasurable rewards.

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Step back and survey the scene, Gemini — the social scene, that is. Mercury is moonwalking through your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, indicating that your social circle may need a bit of revising. Have you been spending a little too much time networking, and feel the need to restore some internal balance? For some, this will be a time of recuperation and reassessment — are the circles you’re moving in inspiring you toward greater personal and professional fulfillment and joy? If not, what are you getting from these interactions?

Asking yourself these questions is forecast to lead you toward a better support system, and goals that are worth your time and energy. After all, this is also the House of Big Dreams, and a wise man once said, that we are each the average of the five people with whom we spend the most time — are your friends and associates helping you get closer to your goals? Or, alternatively, have you neglected your friends in favor of your personal pursuits?

Now’s the time to mend fences and build bridges. We all stand on each other’s shoulders to achieve — just be sure they’re steady shoulders and true aims. Then, the rest will fall into place.

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Are you feeling fulfilled in your professional life, Cancer? Are you on the road to attaining the status and reputation you desire most? With Mercury moonwalking through your House of Career and Destiny, it’s time to peruse and polish your accomplishments, and to brainstorm efforts that will get you where you want to to go.

It’s essential for you to pay attention to small details over the next few weeks, especially because you tend to be so focused on the “big picture.” Making sure each step is taken care of will ensure you don’t stumble when you start running full-tilt toward your highest aspirations next month. For now, take care of connections and tasks that you may have neglected. Bring everything up to snuff rather than attempting to make new strides.

A re-vamp of your public image is forecast — be sure it’s one that you take into your own hands, rather than letting it formulate on its own. New connections and exciting networking opportunities are forecast. Get yourself (and your portfolio/resume/pitch) ready!

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It’s time to take care of the small steps that lead you toward your big purpose, Leo. Mental Mercury is moonwalking through your House of Journeys and Philosophy, the House of Big Ideas and The Big Picture, indicating that now is the time for you to cross t’s and dot i’s, laying the groundwork for a smooth journey forward.

Because indeed, you do have quite an exciting “trip” ahead of you in few weeks, once Mercury goes direct. So, in the meantime, take care of the “little things” that you need to achieve in order to make your big ideas happen! What little details are slipping by right now, that could potentially create a future you love? Seize the day!

Now is not the time for great leaps forward, but for making sure you have everything in place for the “journey” — get your metaphorical vehicle detailed, double check the map, read through the guide books. It may be time for you to re-orient yourself entirely, because you may have lost sight of the “big picture,” or it may have changed while you weren’t looking. Be willing to revise where you want to be and go, and reinvest in the efforts it will take to get there. One step at a time.

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Are you getting what you need, Virgo? And are you giving what you should? Questions like these will rise to the surface, now that Mercury is moonwalking through your House of Intimacy and the Other, highlighting the need to revise your closest relationships and exchanges.

This is the House of Other People’s Money, so it may be time to reallocate some funds, pay off debts and jointly held accounts, and otherwise make sure that everything is being handled fairly from a financial perspective. It’s also an ideal time to cleanse and heal, so throw out the old – that goes for physical clutter as well as mental and emotional baggage. A fresh start is forecast, but only when you’re willing to heal the past so that it is not begging for your constant attention.

What do you need, in order to be happy, within yourself and in your most intimate relationships? Consider what you want to get, and whether you give that to others. Balance the books. Refill your emotional and energetic tank. Take a little internal inventory, shake the dust off your soul, and reclaim your power! It’s waiting for you.

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It’s time to revise and renegotiate when it comes to your partnerships, Libra! Mental Mercury is moonwalking through your House of Partnerships for the next few weeks, asking you to slow down, reconsider who you are, what you want, and what you desire in your one-on-one relationships.

Words that have remained unspoken may come spilling out at this time, for better or for worse. Be as clear as you can in your communications, first with yourself, and then with others (ideally, after April 15th…) If you don’t know what to say, say that. Better to hedge your bets than to put everything on the line at the wrong moment. Assume nothing — ask questions. Differences of opinion can be well-aired during this time, as long as both parties are willing to be patient and flexible.

Used correctly, this retrograde energy can provide a great healing and cleansing when it comes to your partnerships. A fresh start with new energy is forecast once this period ends — until then, set yourself up for successful relationships by speaking clearly, listening compassionately, and connecting deeply. Inspiring, healing unions are forecast.

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It’s time to slow down, revise, and re-think your health and habits, Scorpio! Mercury is moonwalking through your House of Work and Routine, reviewing your daily practices of all kinds. Everything we do habitually is a ritual, including hitting the snooze button seventeen times before you drag yourself out of bed. Are your personal daily rituals serving you, or slowing you?

Mercury Retrograde has a way of throwing wrenches into the works in order to get us to pause, rewind, and re-configure our way of thinking — the better to get things done right the first time. This is an ideal week to tidy your workspace, create a calendar, and refine, or redefine, your routine.

Look after your health, and incorporate healthy practices in your routine to sustain your energy! Research and revisions are favored under Mercury retrograde, much more so than taking immediate action — start strategizing before you deploy your energy. “A stitch, in time, saves nine.”

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If anyone can handle a speedy, surprising change of direction it’s you, Sagittarius, and for the next few weeks, you’re being asked to give up following straight lines and start having a little more “fun” with everything in your life! Mercury is moonwalking through your House of Creativity and Play, causing a crazy creative burst, but one which does not necessarily “fit” your typical style or role. Let it be! Create now, edit later!

Your opinions and creative drives are forecast to undergo a shift over the course of this month, so you’re advised not to work yourself into a rut from which you can’t escape. Be willing to make a departure from your usual route — detours and dalliances are forecast to provide some sweet inspiration and even some good fortune around your professional and financial efforts. Savor the moment. Slow down to cash in!

This House also rules your inner child, so it’s likely that you’ll want to get out and play now! If you have children, or work with them, reminiscing and connecting with them will feature prominently now, as well. This is meant to hearken back to your own childhood — what does your inner child (which is also your inner artist, natch) crave? Go back and listen to yourself — whether it’s a lazy Sunday or a chocolate sundae, explore what it means to treat yourself!

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It’s time to get your bearings, Capricorn. What is your foundation like? How have your roots inspired or deterred your growth in life, so far? With your ruler, Mercury, moonwalking through your House of Home and Family, you’re bound to encounter a few eye-opening situations this month which “take you back” to your childhood, or inspire you to get out of a rut you’ve run yourself into.

Questions about the kind of home environment and living situation that would make you happy arise — it’s a good time to rearrange furniture, donate things you no longer need or use, and generally “clear the way” for the new energy waiting to flow into this sector of your life. Fundamental questions about your needs may arise now — don’t back away from them. To answer them is to start “setting yourself up” for a life that you will love.

What would make you feel “at home?” How can you provide yourself the secure foundation from which to make a beautiful swan dive into life? Any delays or setbacks provide you the time to re-work things — get yourself back on course!

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Listen up, Aquarius! Check your messages, spell-check your documents, get your car checked out, and back up your computer — this is not a drill. Mercury retrograde is spinning through your House of Communications, the House of Technology, Timing, and Telecommuting. This week, your motto should be, “Be Prepared.”

It’s not that delays, setbacks, and malfunctions are guaranteed… but their likelihood is much higher, with everyone being muddled by this moonwalking, Mercurial energy in the air There may be a lot of schedule-shuffling, calendar-clearing, and mental-muckraking for you over the next few weeks, but you are forecast to weave some disparate threads into quite a marvelous tapestry, if you give yourself the time, patience, and flexibility to do so.

Don’t expect perfection. Don’t expect your schedule to go as planned. “Expect the unexpected.” Expect that the outcome can be better than the plan, when the plan is given room to change and evolve, to become the outcome. Roads that diverge now are forecast to converge in much better ways, as long as you remain adaptable. Seeming delays may turn out to be fortunate intermissions. Do not invest worry; invest time and attention.

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What do you want, Pisces? OK. Now. Why do you want it? With Mercury moonwalking through your House of Money and Values, your finances, and the feelings they bring you, are being re-evaluated for the next few weeks.

Are you financially comfortable? Do you enjoy what you do with your time and talents? Do you make what you’re worth? All of these questions will come up for inspection now, and you’re meant to reassess what you need to be happy, to feel valued, and valuable. It’s a great time to review your budget and financial goals, and to set new ones. It’s not a great time to make big purchases — wait until the end of April, and see if what lures you now still holds its shine by then.

Reallocate funds and redesign your budget — make it about more than just paying bills. Begin designing and drafting the steps to creating a life that you love, one that feels valuable beyond the amount in your bank account. Unexpected income, or the inspiration for how to get it, are forecast — be flexible and willing to see your accounts in a new way. Revise, reallocate, and renew!

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