Mars In Retrograde – ‘Body of Work’

Mars In Retrograde – ‘Body of Work’

When the planet of energy and action, Mars, starts retracing his steps, our motivation slows down and our focus shifts inward.

We can experience slowdowns, delays, or the need to pause and make necessary repairs or amendments before a proverbial launch.


“Before you get out on your one way

I’ve got a ticket waiting for you under any name

You can be holy or a roller, oh anything

But whatever you choose — stay


Yesterday happened just exactly as it did

You can’t go back and undo it

You’re not a knot you’re not a dead end

Don’t ever forget

You’re a living thing


‘Freedom is what you do with what

With what’s been done to you’”


The warrior planet began looking over his shoulder in Aquarius on June 26, and he’ll stay Retrograde for another month, finally going direct in Capricorn on August 27.

It’s an ideal time to step back and check the trajectory of your projects, to hold off on taking action in favor of making sure that the action you take will be effective the first time.

Mars Retrograde has been understandably characterized as a sometimes frustrating time when action falters, when we can fail to represent our interests with the best action steps — this is certainly something to look out for.

We may second-guess ourselves, ignore our instincts, or atrophy for lack of initiative — but only if we don’t use this Retrograde period to our best advantage. A moonwalking Mars is actually an opportunity to get deeply familiar with your needs, ambitions, plans, anger, and instincts.

“You are a body of work, you are a body of work, you are a body of work —

Edit it!

You are electric, you are electric, you are electric —

So sing it!


‘Freedom is what you do with what

With what’s been done to you’”


Usually, Mars rushes forward without heed to anyone or anything in his way — crashing through obstacles headfirst has its charms, but it often results in head trauma.

When utilized properly, Mars in Retrograde allows us to examine our initiative, to study our instincts, as opposed to questioning them.

“Look before you leap,” not because you might opt out of leaping, but to better gauge the speed and strategy you will utilize to make that leap.

Mars rules instinct, anger, action, sexuality, energy, survival, and conflict — diving into these impulses and discovering what they are, why they are, and where they come from, can set you on a path to deep psychological authenticity and fulfillment by the time Mars goes direct at the end of August.

Simply put, Mars rules desire, and if we can find the will to focus, to slow down and drill down, we can strike gold.

So, ask yourself: what do you want? Take your time, feel the heat, and let Mars show you how to get it.

“You are a body of work, you are a body of work, you are a body of work —

Edit it.

You are electric, you are electric, you are electric —

So sing it!”


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How do you feel about obstacles on the road to your goals and dreams, Aries? Are they tragedies to be mourned, or challenges to be overcome? Mars, the planet of energy and action, has begun to spin backward in your House of Allies and Organizations, AKA the House of Long Term Goals — those goals which can only be achieved through the power of a group. You may feel frustrated by a lack of progress or clarity; “But when/what/how will I…?”


Have patience with yourself and others — progress, solutions, and resolutions aren’t the result of one genius thought, or even a savvy move. They are the consequences of systematic, continual noticing, organizing, and implementing of those genius thoughts via savvy moves, backed by a community that you love and trust, and vice versa. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Nor was it built by one person — fearless leader that you may be! Give your thoughts and plans room and time to develop, change, and come to fruition. Adjustments and edits don’t mean it’s not working — they mean it’s going to work better. Give it time and patient attention.

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What does true success mean to you, Taurus? And what are your personal attachments to achieving that success? I mean, do you “attach” your self-worth, degree of talent or skill, or feelings that you do or don’t “deserve” (insert your lack here), to succeeding? Mars has begun looking over his shoulder in your House of Career and Destiny, asking you to watch your step as you walk down the path, moving toward a better future by acknowledging and learning from the past.


You may find yourself battling coworkers or competitors now, vying for a prized position or reward. The best way to utilize this feisty, but often faulty, energy is to question your immediate instincts and reactions — to ask: “What’s really worth fighting for?” It’s a good time to revisit goals and desires, and to examine how your current passions are (or are not) cultivating your future status and position. Expect setbacks and delays, and decide to see them not as punishments to despair, but challenges to overcome. You’re being primed for something bigger. Accept the invitation.

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It’s time to put your big goals and ideas to the test, Gemini. I hope the idea fills you with excitement, because the Universe is throwing quite an honorable gauntlet at your feet, with Mars retracing his steps in your House of Journeys and Philosophy. “So, you’re ready to unleash your unique perspective on the world in order to realize one of your most precious goals? If you’re truly ready, you can handle this.”


Expect your views to be challenged — they’ll be hewn by differing views, encouraged by slow but sure success when instinct is followed with initiative. Resolve to be adventurous with your goals — to take unforeseen issues as exciting new paths, and to allow shifts in time and personal energy to dictate your evolution.You need to recharge your mental batteries now — especially when it comes to passion projects, spirituality, new horizons, and long-term goals. Don’t push it — it will come in its time. Get introspective this weekend; get familiar with what your instincts demand. Then let that knowledge sit with you. When you simply keep your attention on it, action will follow.

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You’re a generous soul, Cancer, so the idea of owing money or leaving half a project up to another person is difficult — but you’re also a gifted creator, and you know that most great things must be done with help from others. Mars is moonwalking through your House of Intimacy and the Other for the next six weeks, asking you to review your most intimate relationship(s), to ask what you’re giving and what you’re getting back, and whether you are both nourishing and lifting one another. If not, how can you re-orient onto the path, or do better with sharing, whether it’s burdens or resources?


When it comes to financial matters, now is not the ideal time to apply for a loan or expect your endeavors to be fully financed by another. This could change in the near future, but for now, that path looks like slow-going — better to tweak your own self-sustaining strategies and see how far they can take you in the meantime. That way you’ll be better prepared for when the larger opportunities present themselves in a few weeks. Ready? Get set — go (SLOW!)

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It’s not an original observation I know, Leo, but partnerships are built on give and take. Do you feel, instinctively, that you are getting enough? Giving enough? With Mars checking his rearview in your House of Partnerships, you may find yourself having to make some adjustments to your most important one-one-one relationships, whether they be romantic, creative, or in business. Mars is a challenging planet, and he’s forcing you to slow down, assess your partnerships, and sort out what’s not working now, with patience and gentle focus.


You may need to help a partner reorient their habits, or they may feel this way about you. Don’t take it personally — adjustments you make now can lead to some very sweet rewards! The best, strongest partnerships weren’t created in a vacuum or a utopia — they were grown, together and apart, challenged, damaged, repaired. “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” You and your first mate are going to level up over the next six weeks, as long as you accept challenges from the Universe as your invitation to greatness.

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It’s time for a strategic internal inventory, Virgo, your favorite thing! Do your action steps and habits support your desired goals? Do your expectations of yourself match your energy level? Mars has taken his bi-yearly slow down in your House of Work and Routine, prompting you to question the efficacy and efficiency of your daily habits. Pace yourself. A rearview-watching Mars brings up delays and setbacks to force repair and reorientation — expect all of the above, and you can minimize the associated frustration.


It’s all about perspective: You can curse the inevitable potholes and detours along your path to success, or you can enjoy the journey, accepting every challenge as a nod from the Universe that you’re ready to reach a new level. This is a good time to be very spare and strategic with your to-do lists: choose wisely and focus on getting things done well, not quickly. This way, when Mars goes direct, your excellent new habits and initiatives will come even more easily, and yield even more results. Take your time; it’ll be worth your while.

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You’re a sweet soul, Libra, known for your lighthearted charm. Honest, open, generous — and completely oblivious to the concept of responsibilities. Just kidding! But with Mars moonwalking through your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play, you’re not feeling very focused on taking care of business for the next few weeks. Your hobbies, creative work, and physical sports or activities will be your priority, though you may find it hard to focus on one thing above others, even in this sector.


Mars’ constant review could have you trying out lots of different tactics or projects in order to find out where your true desire lies. Let it be! If there’s a work of (he)art that you know you must create, then by all means, work this Retrograde Mars energy by slowing down, focusing on that, nourishing and polishing it for its eventual launch. But if you’re feeling the urge to throw your eggs in a few different baskets for the next few weeks, go for it! Eat some, sell some, raise some! Some baskets will fetch a better price than others, and by the end of this fortuitous review period, you may have yourself a bonafide, self-sustaining farm. Start cultivating.

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You, like no other sign in the zodiac, can separate the wheat from the chaff, Scorpio. You pride yourself on an ability to size anything and anyone up with a few critical questions and observations. Now it’s time to focus that laser vision of yours on yourself, particularly when it comes to your natural talents, instincts, and inclinations. Mars has begun retracing his steps in your House of Home and Family, the house of our fundamental foundation. It’s time to take inventory of your core needs, and be sure that your actions are aligned with meeting them.


Do you rank your long term happiness among your daily priorities? Do you associate short-term habits and unconscious motivations with the future they bring — the difference between getting up in the morning and buying a mocha-vanilla-whip-doowahdiddy, and going for a run, or sitting in a few minutes of meditation? Which gives you more power? (Have you heard of, or read, “The Slight Edge”? This stuff was written for you!) Your willingness to examine, and adapt to, your needs will bring you tangible success and victory in the long term. Audit yourself.

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“Keep calm and carry on,” Sagittarius. You’ve heard the expression; you may own the poster (I’m guessing in fire engine red?) It should be your mantra for the next six weeks, as Mars turns Retrograde in your House of Communications. Your contacts, messages, network, and your own style of communicating may be suffering from some serious dilettante-ish energy, making you, or others, flit from one project, idea, or position to another.


You could find it hard to keep things or people organized, so it’s better to focus on what you can accomplish on your end, and adapt to changing circumstances as they come. It’s a good thing you’re friendly and flexible, because the key to making the best of this energy is to remain calm, to let small frustrations go, and address small hiccups without agonizing over their arrival or placing blame. It’s time to write and review the schematic, not build; likewise, it’s the time to negotiate, not sign; edit, not publish. This way, when it comes time to move forward, you will launch with energy and certainty. Take this time to work out the kinks; the rewards will take care of themselves.

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If you had to list the top three things you’d love to do, or have, before 2018 ends, Capricorn, what would they be? Consider the items you come up with to be a barometer of your current values, and therefore, a treasure map to be pieced together. Mars has gone Retrograde in your House of Money and Values, demanding that you take an internal audit, as well as an external one. This is about your spiritual and financial budget.


Mars, taking an uncharacteristic moment to reflect on the past, asks that you be stalwart in the face of the urge to spend impulsively — to vigilantly question whether you’re spending your resources (because as you know, your time is your money) on what really matters to you, on what will truly bring you joy and affirmation in the long-run. This is an ideal time to begin charting your course, preparing for all the necessary adjustments and surprises that come with planning a sort of Universal road trip. Take your time on this, and trust that the information you need to make the right adjustments and decisions is on its way. Don’t do anything rash — watch for the signs you need.

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Watch your step, Aquarius. Hey, don’t give me that look! Mars is going Retrograde in your House of Self, making you more impulsive, impatient, and even aggressive. Resist the urge to try and plow through obstacles or disagreements by sheer force of personality — you could unknowingly make others feel dominated or marginalized now.


Rather than trying to take on the world, or solve every problem yourself over the next six weeks, try to relax, sit back, and observe what demands your attention, and what demands that you just let it go. If you find yourself having to push too hard for something, question whether that goal, relationship, object, et. al., is worth all the mental work, energy, or even anguish, spent. Your efforts will be rewarded, but now’s not the time to expect to win the proverbial lottery. “Slow and steady wins the race.” If you can devote yourself humbly to your work, allowing others to fail and learn with grace — and giving yourself the same courtesy — you will see considerable personal and financial rewards.

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“We may be through with the past, but the past is not through with us.” That’s not a life sentence or condemnation, Pisces. It’s actually an invitation. “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” There’s something nagging at you, holding you back from launching yourself completely into your new phase. What aspect of the past, or what old behavior or pattern, are you feeling trapped in? You wouldn’t keep listening to a broken record, so why allow repetitive rumination to dominate your thought processes?


Now that Mars is retracing his steps in your House of Secrets and the Past, it’s time to dive deeply into what’s keeping you from making any progress, or taking any actions that you desire. What are your “triggers,” and what exactly do they “trigger” in you? Is there a way to reprogram that trigger? To get so intimate with it, and know it so well, that you can alter its effect on you? All is within your savvy, spiritual power. Be willing to explore and adapt — you’re on the precipice of a new phase.

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