New Moon and Eclipse in Cancer – Rebirth

New Moon and Eclipse in Cancer – Rebirth

The New Moon is a time for new beginnings. Its darkness represents unknown potential and the internal work done where no one can see it.


When the Moon is new, moves into the same sign as her equal and opposite, the Sun, “shedding light” on what has been hidden from us, on patterns that began with the tangle of our roots.


This aspect, Sun Conjunct Moon, is enhanced by a partial eclipse, so it’s an especially potent time to commit to self-improvement, begin new projects, or reinvigorate them, and offer yourself a refreshing new beginning.


The Cancer New Moon is the time to find out not what we’re made of, but what we make of ourselves.


When the ruler of intuition, emotion, and motherhood is cradled by her native sign, the mother of the zodiac, we are offered a rebirth.


Whether we conceive of an idea, wish, or goal, this New Moon is an ideal one to give it life, because she will also oppose powerful Pluto, the ruler of transformation, death, and (you guessed it!) rebirth.


If you’ve been waiting for a powerful push, an earth-shaking initiation – this is your moment.


Cancer is a cardinal sign, one of initiative, leadership, and a pioneering spirit, and it rules creation, memory, emotion, and fostering growth.


This nurturing New Moon takes us and our intentions on a journey from conception, to birth, to showing ourselves and our plans how to operate and thrive, even among all the dangers of the outside world.

Are you prepared to parent yourself and your goals with passion? Life is pregnant with possibility under the Cancer New Moon…


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Home is where the heart is, Aries, and how it is, too. So, how is your heart? How is your internal sense of safety and security feeling right now? This nurturing New Moon is rising in your House of Home and Family, her native House, prompting you to consider what makes you feel “at home” within yourself.


This is an ideal time to focus on your actual living space, re-organizing and redecorating with a sense of comfort and creativity in mind. You could find yourself feeling the pull to be around family or contact them this week, or just to look at old photographs and relive memories. (Family, by the way, can also mean your “tribe” – the people you’ve chosen as your family.) This is a good time for fresh starts, so if you want to renew connections or mend fences with your support network, reach out in the days following the New Moon.


This is also an excellent time for formulating long-term future plans. What do you want your life to look like? What would make you feel safe, supported? The foundation you construct for yourself becomes the platform from which you will launch. It’s time to build your life from the inside out.

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You get a lot of flack for being stubborn and hesitant to change, Taurus – and with good reason. Lower those horns! I was going to say: However, when you put your mind to learning something new, you go at it with a thorough determination that ends up leaving many of your peers in the dust.


The New Moon is rising in your House of Communications this week, prompting you to take a fresh approach to the way you handle the daily details of your life, and giving you an urge to make new connections, mentally and socially. You’re in an excellent position to learn systems and skills that make your life easier this week. Have you been pondering using a planner, signing up for a course, or learning a new language? This is a perfect time to expand your mind and work out details.


You’ve got lots to do – people to see, errands to run, tasks to complete! Therefore, it’s essential that you take a precious hour or two to – borrowing a phrase here – “work on your life, not in your life.” Cleaning the slate and developing new systems is a key to success for you this week.

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Your finances come into focus this week, Gemini, as the New Moon rises in your House of Money and Values. You’re being prompted to consider what you’re worth and how to cultivate the lifestyle you want – this is an ideal time to earn new income, whether by seeking new employment, starting a side hustle, or earning a raise based on the value you deliver.


The New Moon only activates this House once a year, so there will not be a better time to start fresh with your finances by making new plans, setting up new goals and habits, and committing to building a life you love.


This is the house of net worth and self worth, so this is also a perfect moment to consider what makes you feel secure and abundant? Is there something lacking in your life that you feel compelled to build up, whether it’s your savings or your self esteem? In whatever way it manifests, this is the week to consider how you would like to “make more of yourself.” Your stars are giving you a map to personal and professional fulfillment.

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Are you ready to step into the spotlight, Cancer? Consider this your last few proverbial minutes backstage before your big debut! The New Moon will rise this week in your House of Self, the House of Looks, Personality, and First Impressions. This is an ideal time to revamp your image and consider the way you want to make your mark on the world.


What habits could you invoke that would improve your confidence and help you put your best foot forward? You may decide to embrace a new style this week, or just take things up a few notches. Expect people to take notice! This is your season – in the spotlight of the Sun and Moon, you can’t help but make an impression!

You’re likely to be quite busy this week as well, driven to take charge and move plans forward. Ask yourself: What would the best version of me do every day? Your stars are asking you to be someone you can believe in and be proud of. The world is watching, Cancer – are you ready for your close up?

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Though the world knows you love the spotlight, Leo, there are some times when you find yourself much more comfortable hiding out, watching from the wings. You’re a proud soul, and you don’t like anyone to see when you’re unsure or wounded – so you retreat to your den to heal in private, so that later you can emerge with your head held high.


The sensitive New Moon is rising in your House of Secrets and The Past – the House of Memories, Unfinished Business, and Excess Baggage. Take some time to consider what seems to be holding you back from what you want, or what, if you could let it go, would make you feel incredibly free? This New Moon invites you to lighten your load. It’s time for some R&R – retreat and recharge – we’re now just days away from Leo season, when your sign will be all lit up, so it’s essential that you take some time to refill your energy stores, take care of things behind the scenes, and prepare for your big debut.


This is an ideal time to focus on work done privately for future unveiling, or on self-work – things like meditation, prayer, divination, and therapy are particularly potent for you right now. It’s an ideal time for research, reflection, and recalibration – your soul is speaking loudly right now, so listen and learn.

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Who do you truly connect with, Virgo? The word “network” is thrown around a lot, but who is your true support system, and how healthy does that community feel? There’s a sense of urgency to accomplish your big dreams coursing through your chart, and you can turn that internal restlessness into some external victories this week, as the New Moon rises in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals.


Now, Virgo, this is important for you in particular because this is the most potent House for New Moon wishing,and you get this intention-setting opportunity just once a year. What kind of life do you want to live, in the long term? Speak, write, or draw it out. Remember, this is the House of Goals So Big You Need a Team/Network/Audience to Make Them Come True. So who are your people, Virgo, and how can you show them support in a way that inspires them to support you, in turn?


This is a perfect time to do some of that networking everybody’s talking about! Do it in a way that feels authentic to you, Virgo. You live to serve, and when you deliver value with a strategy in mind – because it’s in your nature to overdeliver – everybody wins. Expect opportunities to organize and expand – lead the way!

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Step it up and step out, Libra! How are you projecting yourself to the world at large? I’d like you to run a little experiment this week and next, and see what happens: Every day, wherever you go in the outside world, from the grocery store, to your job, to your evening out, focus on carrying yourself as if you were about to meet the person who could make your career dreams a reality. This includes the way you dress, walk, talk, and especially the way you promote yourself and your skills.


There will not be a more potent time of year for you to be noticed, assessed, and potentially groomed for professional success than right now, when the New Moon rises alongside the Sun in your House of Career and Destiny. Your standing in society is on your mind right now – you want to make your mark and show the world what you have accomplished. This is a perfect time to look at your goals and reputation with fresh eyes, and come up with a plan to polish or update them.


Some ambitious Librans may start a business or launch a new product or service! When you commit to self-improvement and discipline, and devote yourself to crafting a plan to reach the status you desire, your stars are saying chances are high that you can get there. Show the world what you’ve got, Libra!

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You’re feeling bold and eager to break out this week, Scorpio, and it’s no wonder, with the New Moon rising in your House of Journeys and Philosophy. You’re craving some new scenery, new experiences – many Scorpios will go on spontaneous pilgrimages to be near the water, or just to get out of their everyday surroundings. Long-distance travel would be ideal though – everything exotic and foreign holds appeal right now, and it’s important to listen to what your soul is asking for – expansion.


In whatever way is possible, you will benefit from broadening your horizons this week, whether by travel, taking a class, or exchanging views with people with different backgrounds from your own. It’s an excellent time to initiate new projects or goals that excite you and inspire you to get out of that infamous comfort zone. You can start by getting out of your routine and feeding your hunger for adventure.


Opportunities for higher learning, travel, and exotic experiences are forecast! Whether you crack open a book, a map, or a blank word document, it’s time for you to boldly go where you haven’t gone before.

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It’s time to get deeply in touch with yourself, Sagittarius. When you access a new level of depth within yourself, you deepen the well of your power. Your passions have been awakened, as the New Moon rises in your House of Intimacy and The Other, prompting a journey toward self-empower


ment via self-discovery (turns out, they’re one and the same – who knew!) You would benefit from committing to self-mastery this week, however that looks for you. You may know that you need to divest yourself of a self-sabotaging habit or relationship. Or you may recognize that you would perform much better in life if you were healthier. This is an ideal time to shed that which is no longer serving you, for this is also the House of Death and Transformation – something has to be lit on fire before the phoenix can rise from the ashes.


As you become more empowered, your desire for true intimacy and understanding grows. To know yourself so well inspires the desire to share deeply and honestly with another – things could be getting quite heated for many of you. Allow yourself to be affected and moved this week, Sagittarius – notice what motivates you, and use that knowledge to become what you seek, so it seeks you.

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Who do you rely on, Capricorn? Do you feel nurtured by, and do you offer nurturing to, those closest to you? As the New Moon rises in your House of Partnerships, your ability to give and receive in harmony is in the spotlight. This House rules your most important one-on-one contacts, including your partner in romance or business, your best friend, counselor, mentor, or mentee.


This is an ideal time to examine how these relationships are (or aren’t) contributing to your life, and how you are contributing to these relationships. Some revelations could come about via conflicts and- and you’re inclined to face things head on under this energy. Talking things out calmly will benefit you hugely, as will reminding yourself of the ultimate outcome that you desire from each discussion. (Do I want to be right, or do I want us to succeed?)


Some Capricorns will make some very sweet deals under this energy, either through negotiations, or by making their work public in a bigger way. Your stars say, when you lend a hand to others, you get a bigger boost than you expected in return. So, are you ready to give and receive?

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It’s time to take charge of yourself, Aquarius! The New Moon is rising in your House of Work and Routine, inspiring you to re-think, re-organize, and re-prioritize your life in order to get the most out of it. You’re in an excellent position to learn new systems and skills that make your life easier this week. “Hacks” will appeal to you more than usual right now, especially when it comes to staying on top of your schedule and tasks.


Stepping back to look at the way you run your life will benefit you, this week, even if the idea of pausing to review your methods sounds boring! I know, you’re unique and undefinable, but your stars say that sticking to a routine that helps you systematize the boring stuff, will actually free up your precious mental and physical energy for the fun stuff!


This is the House of Health and Habits, so improving or instituting your nutrition and exercise is forecast to have faster-than-usual results now.. You’ve got the energy and intuition to live a better life by reorganizing it from the inside out, this week. Whatever aspect of your life that you actively seek to improve is forecast to shine.

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There’s something about you that just catches the eye right now, Pisces! Could it be the sweet New Moon rising in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun? Something is definitely lighting you up, and you can expect the sparks to fly this week! Passionate, playful encounters are forecast, and so is some pure fun!


You’ll benefit from getting out into the world and sharing yourself and your gifts with others – self expression is essential to your happiness right now, and you can come up with some pretty brilliant ideas when you’re having fun with it. Because this is the House of Creativity, this may come in the form of initiating a project or product, or you may simply want to get out and play, literally!


This is the House of Games, Passion, and Pleasure, so all kinds of daring exchanges are hard to resist – just be careful of how much you gamble, when it comes to games of chance or romance. Don’t put up more than you’re willing to hand over! When you treat yourself and your creative gifts with love, oh Pisces, you are radiant.

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