Weekly Horoscopes – Solar Eclipse in Leo – ‘You Can Do Magic’

Weekly Horoscopes – Solar Eclipse in Leo – ‘You Can Do Magic’

“I never believed in things that I couldn’t see
I said if I can’t feel it then how can it be
No, no magic could happen to me…”

How would you behave if you knew that every move you made created magic? What if every thought or impulse – conscious and unconscious – created results, and every feeling attached to those intentions multiplied them many times over?

What if every habit was a ritual perfectly designed to perpetuate itself and its results?

What changes would you make?

What shadowy desires would become apparent in your life?

What risks would you take?

Your unconscious steps forward today in a dramatic stellar fashion today – appropriate in the sign of the inimitable performer, Leo – when the ruler of our intuition and emotions, the Moon, temporarily obscures her counterpart, the ruler of will and action, the Sun, in a Solar Eclipse.

The time has come to acknowledge our whole selves, to allow intuition and instinct to step into the spotlight, and see where we have abandoned or rejected ourselves, so that we can knit ourselves back together with our full strength and power.

What “issues” or wounds are you hiding from the world, and even from yourself? Giving forgiveness and compassion to all of you, the battered, odd, and ugly, just as much as the pristine and beautiful – this is what frees you.

“And then I saw you
I couldn’t believe it, you took my heart
I couldn’t retrieve it, said to myself
What’s it all about
Now I know there can be no doubt…”

This is when we tap into the well of our true gifts – an all access pass to fun, creativity, freedom, and a life so charmed, it feels like magic.

What impulses or desires have you been ignoring, avoiding, or repressing? If you try to ignore this Leo New Moon – emissary of your untapped desires and potential – it is in its nature to reveal itself in an even more dramatic fashion down the line…

Eclipse energy reverberates through our charts, and our lives, over the course of several months – but the time around the grand event is usually characterized by intense catalysts for change that are worth your close observation.

Look now, or see later?

This event is seeking to show us what parts of ourselves – what desires and untapped superpowers – have been waiting in the wings, eager to step forward and be recognized.

Reveal to heal. It’s time to dare to become yourself. Your whole self.

“You can do magic
You can have anything that you desire
Magic, and you know
You’re the one who can put out the fire”

How would you behave is every move you made created magic?

You are magic, and you are creating yourself and your world, every moment, every day.

“You know darn well
When you cast your spell, you’ll get your way
When you hypnotize with your eyes
A heart of stone can turn to clay”

The time has come to know your true power. Step into the light.

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What is your passion, Aries? What brings you pleasure? A cosmic cadre is lighting up your House of Creativity, Romance, and Fun, awakening you to the need to express yourself fully and playfully in order to soak up the goodness of life! There’s a deep instinct in you for creativity, and this week you may dive into a big project or simply get out into the world and share your message. Be careful not to leap from the excitement of the spark directly into burning the candle at both ends! This Solar Eclipse is inviting you to notice what your patterns have been around your pursuit of pleasure, play, and creativity, and resolve to be a bit more conscious in the way you direct your efforts. You’ve got something quite important to offer the world, and because you’re such a passionate soul, you can sometimes find yourself running headlong into a project or romance in full fever, and suddenly find yourself worn out, burn out, or thrown out when you hit the proverbial wall. This Eclipse illuminates your creative instincts and urges, and the month to follow will focus on your routines and habits – notice what works and what wears you out. Pace yourself, Aries, because this is inspiring magic worth making.

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It’s no secret that you value routine and security, Taurus, but during this Solar Eclipse, you are becoming aware of the need for a little remodeling when it comes to your home – literally or figuratively. With the New Moon rising in your House of Home and Family, this is an ideal time for you to re-examine the patterns around these areas of your life. This energy is calling for some independence for you! You would benefit from making some small but significant changes that allow you peace of mind – perhaps a family member can take a chore off your plate, or maybe you start having your groceries delivered so you can spend your time on what you really love. This is the ideal time to get in touch with what makes you feel really fulfilled, safe, and secure. You may be asking questions about your roots, or old issues from childhood could bubble up and make you aware that old patterns are playing out in your current life. You’re being offered the chance to re-organize and re-prioritize, literally and psychologically. Clear out the clutter and redecorate your mind, heart, and hearth, Taurus – then kick back and relax in a house that feels more like a home.

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Calendars and connections, Gemini, that’s what it’s all about for you. The way you run your days and the little and large connections you make, are coming into the spotlight for you this week – and for the next few months – as the Solar Eclipse activates your House of Communications. How can you increase your efficiency by cleaning up your communications and your schedule? This is an amazing time to get things done! You’ve got places to go and people to see, Gemini – so what do you have to learn before you get there? With retrograde Mercury tumbling through this House this week, you may tend to scatter your energy in a burst of inspiration – but you would be wise to prioritize, because you can get a lot done if you channel this inspiring aspect. Focus. Make lists and schedules; stick to them, then edit with ruthless honesty. Trim your to-dos by getting to the heart of why you do what you do. Take your time. What you are preparing to share with, or to speak to, the world, matters and deserves your undivided attention. Your thoughts, your words, have triggers and resonances, Gemini – choose them wisely, as well as the people with whom you share them! Time to learn and level up!

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What do you love, and what have you cultivated for yourself, Cancer? And, importantly, how well do those two answers match up? The Solar Eclipse is activating your House of Money and Values – the House of your Net Worth and Self Worth – calling for a realization and fresh start around “putting your money where your mouth is,” and investing in a life you love. This is a fantastic time to reassess and re-set goals around money, budgets, and investments in your long-term happiness. Retrograding Mercury is overanalyzing in this House this week, adding to your drive to accumulate money, and potentially, some new objects of desire to take its place! Watch out for impulse spending, and notice when the urge arises – what itch are you really scratching? Boredom? Insecurity? A desire to escape? If you get to the root of your habits around money this week, your effort is forecast to pay off, literally. This would be an ideal week to invest in yourself. Spend time and effort on you and figuring out what improves your personal sense of security; enjoy the good things you have cultivated for yourself, as that is the first step to calling in more of the same. Inspiration for new income streams are forecast!

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This is your moment, Leo. If anyone knows how to make an exciting entrance, and perhaps an even more jaw-dropping, cliff-hanging exit, it’s you. As you bask in your season in the Sun, this Solar Eclipse is activating your House of Self, the House of Looks and Personality, asking, who do you choose to become? What is your origin story? Which path do you choose, and which persona will you embrace? What mark do you choose to leave on the world? This is big stuff, which makes this an ideal time to dive deep into who you are, and how you can best shine that image and energy into the world – the better to live out your life’s mission of being totally and wildly you, which gives others permission to do the same. You have begun a new cycle, and now is the time to discover what brings you confidence, courage, and authenticity! This is an ideal moment to shift your habits in ways that better support you, and help you put your best foot forward. It’s also a great time to change up your look, get a haircut, or “put yourself out there” in a big, new way! You are always becoming yourself, Leo – but now is a powerful time to invoke exactly who you want that to be. Make your magic!

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When people accuse you of being critical, Virgo, they often forget how hard that must make you on yourself. It drives you to serve relentlessly, and this makes you an admirable soul and a wonderfully dependable friend, but it can also unmake you. It can, if you let it, tug at the tapestry of who you are and leave you feeling in tatters. This week, the Solar Eclipse activates your House of Secrets and the Past, inviting you to gather yourself one last time before you step into the spotlight of Virgo Season. This is a call to step back from your duties for a few precious moments to reflect, and recharge. Consider how you spend your divine time and energy, and how you may be neglecting yourself, or where you need your energetic tank refilled. This week, carve out some alone time to compassionately reflect on the patterns and issues that you’re contending with now. What emotional clutter can you sort through, and delete/donate/give a Viking funeral to, in order to move into your time in the Sun with greater pleasure and certainty? You’re forecast to tie up some old loose ends, this week, and add some beautiful details to that tapestry while you’re at it.

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There’s a new beginning dawning in your social life, Libra, and it’s forecast to cause some massive changes in the role you play on the world stage! The Solar Eclipse is activating your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, i.e., The House of Dreams So Big You Need a Team, Audience, or Network to make them come true! This is an ideal time to reflect on, and refresh, the way you connect with others, and with whom you choose to connect. You’re well known for your diplomacy, your devotion to the “other half,” and your tendency to people please, Libra, and your stars are calling for a massive shift toward a more authentic, heart-centered approach to your relationships. Retrograding Mercury retracing his steps through this House, urging you to remember why you must think and speak for yourself, which, ironically, will lead you to your real community. Exciting new networking and income-producing opportunities are forecast to unfold for you, based on your ability to respect yourself and your boundaries, and your willingness to turn restlessness into action. Are you ready to re-cast yourself as the daring hero/ine and leader, Libra? This is the role of a lifetime!

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You are a purpose driven soul, Scorpio – you can’t for the life of you pretend to care about something that you feel nothing for. But when you do care about something, you are incredible, inimitable – a sight to be seen. There’s an undeniable evolution occurring in your chart when it comes to your life purpose, your true passion. The Solar Eclipse is activating your House of Career and Destiny, opening your eyes along with new paths. What is it that you live for? What beats your heart and lifts you up, even when the world has let you down? What lights you up is what your life is about, whether it’s where you make money immediately or not – and your stars are sending shockwaves and synchronicities to knock you more firmly onto your path. Take some time to notice how your ego helps and hurts your cause. And make no mistake, “I am the worst at XYZ” is just as much an ego trip as “I’m the best there’s ever been.” This is an astrological wake up call to honor your gifts, because this is what allows the Universe to connect with those who need them. Invest in yourself and your ability to “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Your stars are ready to pay you back with interest.

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Are you ready to discover new horizons, Sagittarius? Your stars are forecasting a review and renewal of your path, as well as the beliefs that have guided you to it. The Solar Eclipse is activating your House of Journeys and Philosophy, activating your desire to learn and grow, to break yet another mold. Trust your restless heart. There’s an evolution coming around your career and life purpose, and it’s linked to this impulse you have to explore new topics or find out the meaning of your own beliefs – the better to live authentically. Your willingness to openly question yourself, your beliefs, and your actions is directly linked to your future success. Remember, “failure” and/or confusion are not signs that you’re not in the right place – they’re signs that you’re in the right place to create progress. New topics, travel, and “big ideas” like religion, politics, and philosophy interest you right now – be willing to explore and ask questions that may have put you off in the past. You’re being offered these growing experiences because an important reset is taking place within you; your stars say exploring more ideas and asking more questions leads to expansive opportunities. Follow your searching heart.

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It’s time to go deep, Capricorn, to examine what you most desire, and what you’re willing to do to get it. What are you willing to commit to, or to give up, in order to be the master of yourself? The Solar Eclipse is activating your House of Intimacy and The Other, more impolitely known as the House of Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money – and it’s prompting a reexamination, and potentially a reorganization of your assets, finances, and closest contacts. You are preparing to shed a skin that has kept you from a full sense of self-empowerment. This is the House of Transformation, so ask yourself: What is ripe to be alchemized from lead to gold? What fears must you face, and dangerous questions must you ask yourself, in order to empower yourself? Now is the time for your realignment, because your stars are forecasting a big, beautiful journey in the coming weeks and months. Be willing to unpack your baggage now, so that you’re free to travel with a lighter load in the near future. The path shifts when you shift, Capricorn, and the world moves for the moved. So, what moves you?

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You know how people make lists of the qualities they desire in a partner, Aquarius? Or how they muse aloud about the kind of person they want to/should be with? We often dream of someone who will love us just as we are, with every flaw. It’s a beautiful, romantic notion! Now, how often do we give that same consideration to ourselves? How often do we ask whether we have the qualities of an excellent partner, or give ourselves unconditional love and support, whether we’re at our worst or our best? The Solar Eclipse is activating your House of Partnerships, bringing about a realignment to the way you handle your closest one on one relationships, from significant others to business partners. Now is the time to notice what you feel like you’re lacking in life, and working on yourself to address it as much as possible. When you respect and appreciate yourself as an individual, your relationships cannot help but to align with that respect, or fall away. Retrograde Mercury is reflecting in this House this week as well, increasing your willingness to reflect on these questions and talk them through. You could partner up on an exciting new project at this time, or find yourself in a new or reinvigorated relationship. A time of deep passion and exploration is forecast by your stars.

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You float through life in a soft and beautiful way, Pisces, more moved by its currents and your visions than you are interested in the world’s boundaries and limits. This a natural and easy state for you, but when you decide to ride the current, to swim along with it and take charge of your destiny, then you are truly a sight to behold. The Solar Eclipse is activating your House of Work and Routine – the House of Getting Things Done So That Life Can Go On – bringing a powerful urge to reorganize and reset your habits and schedule – a realization that you are building your life every single day with every little action. You may throw out the entire contents of your refrigerator and replace it with whole, healthy fare, or declare “that’s it!” and commit to working up a daily sweat, as this is the House of Health and Habits. Some restlessness around your work and the way you organize your daily tasks is likely, thanks to a retrograde Mercury reflecting in this House as well. He can help you slowly but surely sort and eliminate excesses of all kinds, from pounds, to clutter, to unnecessary tasks, this week. Channel that Leo fire into cleaning and organizing your workspace, annihilating your to-do list, and committing to an inspiring new routine. Commit to the process, not the goal. Before you take on the unglamorous work of your everyday life, remember, you are building the steps to your dreams.

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