Weekly Horoscopes – Full Moon in Gemini – Mind Into Matter

Weekly Horoscopes – Full Moon in Gemini – Mind Into Matter

Every full Moon is a scrying mirror waiting to be examined. What its depths reveal is unique to each who dares to look: intimate, illuminating, disturbing on the level that makes great art and shakes foundations ripe for demolition. The full Moon reminds us that “divine” is a verb, as well as a noun or adjective.

Though we’re likely to encounter challenges or emotional tensions leading up to the full Moon, especially those related to our past, those fossils can be converted to the fuel that powers our ascension.

If we’ve attempted to bury our feelings, our intuition, issues with family or our past — all ruled by the inconstant Moon — we can experience tension today, a feeling of “wildness” or emotional compulsion.

Unpredictable reactions can bubble up from seemingly “out of nowhere” — which is always the deepest well of our feelings and memories. Something in your life has come to culmination or crisis, and it demands to be acknowledged, addressed, or integrated.

This week, the Full Moon shines in the sign of Gemini, the double-talking Twins, the communicator and analyst, the ultimate aggregator of information. In this lighthearted air sign, the Full Moon illuminates our thirst for knowledge and the need to share it with others.

However, with the emotional Moon in such a mental sign, and especially when it’s opposing Mercury in retrograde, there may be the danger that we shout our feelings so loudly that we create a feedback that doesn’t allow any other signals to come through. Be sure to listen at least as much as you speak, this week.

Or we may chase our tails, running and ruminating, forever circling above “the point,” but never landing. Dynamic debates are favored by Gemini, but they’re also infamous for their devil’s advocacy. #nobodyexpectsthespanishinquisition

The House in your chart where the Full Moon rises forecasts where your life demands some emotional attention – consider it an astrological activation.

Use this illuminating Full Moon to get curious about what your true needs are. Compassionately interview your emotions to find out how you can clear mindless clutter in order to lighten your heart.

The Gemini Full Moon is lively and liberating, seeking the synergy of mind and heart, a blending of intellect and intuition – a mark of true genius.

Under this magical Moon, we have the opportunity to ground the electrical charge of a changed mind to generate the transformation of matter. In other words, to change your world, you’ve got to change your mind…

A collective, connective evolution is at hand.



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“As you speak, so shall you find,” Aries. Yeah, I’m taking some poetic liberties here, but with the Full Moon riding through your House of Communications this week, you need to know just how powerful your words are — how much every thought you have, and share, manifests your world. Expect meetings, messages, interruptions, and visitors to come at you this week, and especially this weekend, when the Moon is full.

It’s time for something to end, so that a new cycle can begin. You may resolve a quarrel with a sibling, neighbor, or coworker (all ruled by this House), reconnect, or simply agree to disagree and move along. Your day-to-day relationships are highlighted under this energy, and certain patterns could become clear now. This is also the House of Errands, Paperwork, and Short Trips, so you may find yourself harried this week, trying to tie up loose ends, meet deadlines, and get your proverbial house in order.

If you reach an impasse while speaking with someone, breathe and let it go. Even the most well-meaning of us can’t reach everyone — and letting some (dis)connections fall away will allow you to focus on your true community. Speak your truth clearly and with love, and you can’t go wrong.



What makes you feel valuable, Taurus, and powerful, self-possessed? The last two weeks were all about taking care of your most intimate partner, and sharing your values and valuables with another. For the next two, it’s time for you to think about yourself, what you want, what you need, and what you’re worth. The Full Moon is lighting up your House of Money and Values, asking you to examine that sector of your life, and see what’s working, and what can be released in order to welcome more and better abundance into your life.

It’s an ideal time to pay off a debt or complete a project designed to fatten up your wallet. Your sources of income may change under the Moon’s shifting light, and you’re feeling extra emotional right now, so you could feel tempted to overindulge, to do what “feels good.” As long as it won’t put you in the poor house, go ahead and enjoy yourself.

This week, consider what you can do to add “value” to your life, in its various guises. What do you love, and want more of? What fills you with energy and joy? Free time? Travel? A thriving business? A bustling social life? Whatever matters most to you, let it be reflected by your daily life, under the light of this magical Full Moon.



How do you define yourself, Gemini? The Full Moon is riding through your House of Self, the House of Personality, Looks, and First Impressions. You’re going to be feeling pretty self-centered this week, which is uncommon for you, social butterfly that you are. This is not a bad thing! The Full Moon in this House makes you extra sensitive, and you could feel a little needy now, desiring attention, validation, even adulation. Ask yourself why. Is there something you can get from others that you cannot give yourself? Hint: The answer is “no.”

It’s a good time to clear your life of mental, emotional, and physical clutter, in order to understand what truly motivates you and “fills you up.” Give yourself the time you need. Take a mental health day or weekend and indulge yourself, alone, or with those who love you the most and won’t judge your processes.

You are prone to emotional outbursts and high reactivity now, so make it a point to pause, step away from heated or sensitive situations, and give your feelings and responses some careful thought before you fire off a string of words and actions that you can’t undo. This Full Moon can show you what aspects of your life cast a gloomy shadow, and which allow you to shine.



What are you hiding, Cancer, or hiding from? The Full Moon is lighting up your House of Secrets and the Past, leaving you feeling vulnerable, stripped of your defenses. Secrets may come to light under this Full Moon, helping you to put an end to certain persistent psychological or personal issues, or to see the truth of how they are affecting you, and alter your reactions (which are ruled by the inconstant Moon). Make time for yourself. Get your alone time in, and don’t be afraid to spend some of that time digging, reflecting, and pondering.

Answers may come up from the strangest places, especially your dreams. Take note of the images and feelings that characterize your dreamworld now, and ask yourself what they’re trying to tell you. Above all, resist the urge to repress your emotions — if you do, they’ll only come bursting out at an unexpected or inopportune time.

Your stars are offering you this quiet space to get in touch with yourself without judgement, to “hold space” for who you were, and who you are becoming, and to unite those fragmented pieces. What ends now leads to a new beginning. Focus on getting a fresh start.



What role do you play in other people’s lives, Leo? Who is your true community, and how do you fit into it? Do the people you surround yourself with, your friends, social network, and peers, meet your standards and make you feel stronger, better, encouraged to aim high? With the Full Moon lighting up your House of Allies and Organizations, your part in the “grand scheme” comes up for your examination.

You may be called upon to engage with a group now — friends or colleagues may ask you out, or you may become the center of attention, one way or another. The Full Moon also brings about endings, so you may find yourself cutting out some relationships or scratching engagements off your proverbial calendar. This is also the House of Long Term Goals, so you may be releasing an old idea of what you want in exchange for a new one.

Your stars say that your willingness to leave behind those contacts and goals which no longer fit your current level will bring you an influx of new and better support systems and achievements to aspire to. It’s an ideal time to cut out what no longer serves you so that you can step into the best version of yourself.



Bust out the pin stripes and shoeshine, Virgo, because you are bound to be noticed by some higher-ups or powerful figures this week. The Full Moon is riding through your House of Career and Destiny, indicating that some important projects or initiatives could be completed, or evaluated, this week.

You may be in line for a raise or promotion now, or you may find yourself suddenly in the running to lead a team or project. Make use of that firm handshake and charming demeanor this week — definitely DO NOT be a shrinking violet. It’s time to step into the spotlight with confidence to take on what you know you’re capable of cultivating.

Stay cool in the face of opposition, which is likely under the loony Full Moon. Emotions are running high for all of us now. Your best bet is to remain calm under any circumstances, bank on your competence and demonstrable skills, and proceed with confidence. (Which is totally your specialty!) This is a graduation, which is always followed by a commencement. Are you ready for something amazing to commence?



You’re yearning to explore, break out, and live by your truest ideals under this rapidly-approaching Full Moon, Libra! The ruler of intuition and emotion is riding through your House of Journeys and Philosophy, indicating that you are feeling a deep itch to go on an adventure, to complete a writing project, or to use the knowledge you’ve gained over the last month to help you take a leap of faith.

What you do truly believe in? What ideas and feelings set your heart on fire, and fill you with energy? You may be feeling hot under the collar this week, pushed by internal senses and external events to finish something, or to finally get your dreams to shape into your reality. Be careful not to push your ideals and beliefs on others now — what matters is your personal journey. If others are to follow, it will be because you lead by example.

Make an effort to expand your horizons in any way possible this week, and especially this weekend. Take a day trip, read inspiring books, take classes, and listen to thought leaders who fill you with confidence and initiative. Hint: You are one of those thought leaders. Act like it!



Your attention is on your most intimate needs and desires this week, Scorpio, as the Full Moon fills up in your House of Intimacy and the Other. Your romantic relationship could be in the spotlight now, and you may be leaned on for support and security, both financially and emotionally. Be willing to share your personal gifts and skills now, as this is an ideal time to make significant changes to this sector of your life.

The adjustments you make now are forecast to benefit you big-time down the road, if you trust your gut and follow its lead. This is the House of Transformation and Other People’s Money, so you may be shedding debts or responsibilities, or re-allocating them in order to improve your sense of personal security. It’s a great time to gather up items you no longer need and sell them in order to shore up your bank account. This Full Moon says that when you make space in your life by cutting out the excess, you invite in balance and exactly what you need.

Make time this week to take a personal inventory — what matters most to you? What do you truly need? And what are the needs of your most intimate partner? Your stars say a little reflection and brainstorming will help you fulfill everyone’s desires.



The New Moon was all about you, Sagittarius, and the Full Moon, in her intuitive wisdom, now asks you to focus on your most vital one-on-one connections. Who leaps to mind? A romantic partner? A business contact, counselor, or creative collaborator? This week is all about finding balance between meeting your own needs and those of your closest partners, as the Full Moon rides through your House of Partnerships, highlighting negotiations and lively discussions.

Your relationships could be “tested” now, especially as the Full Moon will oppose Mercury in retrograde, so you may have to talk some conflicts out, and some may even be rooted in the distant past. But just as likely, the opportunity to deepen an existing connection, or ease into a brave and beautiful new one, will come about now.

A culmination is forecast this week, and with such events come high emotions. Be sure to keep cool, and try to seek balance in all situations. If you feel you are 100 percent right about something, take a step back and offer to hear your partner out again. And vice versa — leave room for sudden revelations.



You’re feeling the urge, Capricorn, to make a big move on way or the other when it comes to your daily routine and your 9 to 5. Your ruler, the Full Moon, is lighting up your House of Work and Routine, bringing a sense of crisis or completion to you when it comes to your daily habits and your day job.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, and ready to jumpstart that fitness and nutrition regimen? Are you feeling frustrated at work? You may get the urge to either jump ship, or jump into the fray — but resist the urge to blurt out any ultimatums or declarations for now. Instead, use this time to understand the roots of your current frustrations, and your current successes, both of which will be highlighted under this emotional and fiery Full Moon.

The Full Moon illuminates what we most need to know, and helps us move toward culmination and completion. Since this Moon will oppose Mercury in retrograde, it’s an ideal time to slowly, critically review where you want to focus your time and energy. Making or breaking habits is easier under these stars, so take advantage! This week, make a note of what you want to end in your life, and what kind of new beginnings those endings could usher in.



It’s going to be a banner week for you, Aquarius, with the Full Moon lighting up your House of Romance, Creativity and Fun (three of your favorite things)! You may have felt recently that your work, or the nuts and bolts of your everyday habits, overtook any room for lighthearted fun and personal expression — not this week! It’s time to make intentional room for frivolity, art, and childlike joy.

Make time to enjoy the little things, a beautiful day, or a bed with fresh sheets (bonus points if you jump on the aforementioned bed). Meet up with your lover, and go on an adventure. You could experience a romantic or creative epiphany this week, and your stars say that any efforts to enhance these areas of your life will pay off, big time. An important personal project may reach completion this week, or at least hit a major milestone.

This is an ideal time to follow your heart — you will perform better in every area of your life when you allow your natural inclination for fun and flare to show. One caveat: you will be feeling incredibly passionate under this energy, and inclined to make bold statements and decisions. Make an effort to be carefree, but not careless. Let your heart do the talking.



“Home is where the heart is,” Pisces, and with the Full Moon riding through your House of Home and Family, yours will certainly be on your mind this week. There could be a family issue or house project that comes to completion now, or it may come to a crisis. Don’t let that word disturb you — the Full Moon has a way of bringing vital matters to our attention, so a family fight or sudden leak could actually be a beneficial catalyst to a “home improvement” of the highest order.

Over the last two weeks, your attention has been focused more on your “public life,” your image, your work, and reputation. The next two will be all about your “private life.” Your personal life is the foundation from which you spring, so take this time to care for it, to prioritize the important over the urgent.

It’s time to balance your devotion to your work and to your sanctuary. This Full Moon also eliminates where you currently stand in life — do you like the path you’re heading down, the place where you’ve set up camp? If so, revel in it! If not, it’s the perfect time to start planning your adjustments. “A stitch, in time, saves nine.”

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