How to Level Up | Practical Magic 101

How to Level Up | Practical Magic 101

How to Level Up

If you were a talking toy with a pull string that said three catch phrases, what would they be? What do you hear yourself saying often, or even every day? Just give that a bit of thought and file it away. We’ll come back to that in a minute

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in – I’m Madeleine, and I’m here to help you invite more magic into your life! Today, we’re going to talk about how to create a stunning degree of change in your life using a fundamental law of magic: “As above, so below. As within, so without.”  

In my last video, which I’ll link up here and in the description, we talked about how thoughts are the language of our brain and feelings are the language of our body – when we get these two in sync, we create a laser-focused signal that zeroes right in on what we want, and begins to actually create a new reality, starting from the inside out.

With that in mind, if you’re feeling ready to challenge your ego and surprise yourself, get ready to level up in three simple steps!

Step 1: Transform Your Mental Talk

Now, let’s come back to your catch phrases. We’ve all got some deep programming from our past experiences – good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. Many of us are running mental software that is long outdated, and some that is actually a fucking virus. We need to be vigilant, finding and clearing it wherever it shows up. The best place to start is with your internal monologue and self talk.

So, what do you say almost every day? “No worries?” “Fuck this?” “I’m so lucky,” “I’m so stupid?” “This always happens to me”?

Don’t judge yourself if you don’t have the most helpful automatic thoughts – they probably don’t belong to you. When they come up, acknowledge them for what they are, take a breath, and move to compassion for yourself.

You might want to picture yourself as a child, and ask yourself, would you talk to her or him like that? Put it on your fridge or phone or wallet, as a visual trigger for self-compassion.

To get real woo, you need to talk to you like The Big Good/God/Goddess, would talk to you – in an unconditionally loving way. How would an ideal parent talk to you after you made a mistake, or tried your best but still messed up? Or if you were feeling low or depressed?

Catch yourself when the old program starts running, and ask yourself if it’s true, and then if it’s the kindest way you could say it. NOTE: THIS ISN’T ABOUT LYING TO YOURSELF. It’s not about demonizing negative thoughts or trying to wallpaper them with “happy thoughts,” or smiling through the pain.  

It’s about getting real about how much power you have to create your state of being, which in turn creates your experience…which brings me to…

Step 2: ‘Get there’ before you get there

What vision of yourself EXCITES you? It doesn’t matter if in your head becoming a long distance runner sounds amazing if you feel zero butterflies when you visualize completing a marathon.

If you’re not sure what you want to work toward, ask yourself: Who do you consider to be amazing? Who do you even maybe have stirrings of envy when you see or hear about what they’re doing? Instead of contracting when you feel this, take it as a signal that you are onto something badass that you want to try.

Remember, the key word here is “try.” You don’t need to become Ghandi or Oprah or Rihanna tomorrow. But what all those people had in common is a vision that once upon a time wasn’t aligned with their current reality.

In other words, they had a powerful fantasy of a different life. There was a point where they all aspired to become what they are. So, through trial, error, and experience, they became themselves, with a capital T. You need to give yourself permission to find out what makes you feel Big and become the Big You.

I’ve linked a guided meditation to help you in the description box of this video.

Step 3: Take ACTION.

Once you figure out what this version of you is up to, do what the Big You is doing, whether that’s getting up early, meditating, starting a blog, or dressing with more flair. Start wherever feels like FUN. Go all out – the people who will talk shit are the people will talk mad shit no matter how well you’re doing, much like crabs in a bucket.

Feel bad for them, and don’t be one of them. If you see someone around you doing great, lift that motherfucker up. Karma is real, and pouring more of your authentic goodness into the world will change your life in ways you can’t predict – which is kind of the best part.

I’ll be talking and posting more about this because it’s such powerful, basic magic, but also because I want to evolve my own self-concept in a big way this year! If you’d like to follow the journey, I’ll be vlogging my (challenging, silly, scary) experiences over on Patreon.

I want to offer you one more guiding principle for this entire process: Stay in the present. This is not about “becoming happy when…” This is about loving the journey you’re on because you are choosing it consciously, with your whole being.

You have to choose who you are and keep choosing it.

Invoke sacred weirdo Vincent Van Gogh: “I am seeking, I am striving, I am in it with all my heart.”

I love you all – love yourself, trust yourself, and go make big magic.

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