How to Access Intuition | Listener Letter

How to Access Intuition | Listener Letter

Happy Magic Monday, y’all! As you can tell from the title, this our first ever advice column episode! Today we’re going to talk about how to tell the difference between thoughts and intuition, and how to get the most out of your divination practice.

If we haven’t met, I’m Madeleine and I’m here to help you invite more magic into your life!

Today’s question comes from Cristy:

Hi there,

I hope you don’t mind me asking for some general advice. I can’t help but feel like you can guide me and help me. I was wondering – I did some automatic writing the other day. How can I trust it’s not my own thoughts? I prayed and meditated before and asked for only the highest guides to come through but in general I have trust issues.

But on a more serious note I have trouble trusting my instinct, intuition, etc. I tend to doubt myself… Let me know your thoughts on this automatic writing whenever you can get to it.

Sending you love, peace and blessings always,


Right back at you, Cristy!

I think it’s great that you’re doing the automatic writing! And great job starting off with prayer and meditation — asking your guides and only those in the white light to come through for you, to move your heart and hands for your highest good and that of everyone involved — is the best place to start.

Your question is so natural — everything in our general society says things like reading Tarot or using auto writing to channel the wisdom and love of your guides, past loved ones, and angels, is just silly, and a result of pure imagination.

Whether your read cards or runes, or scry for information in any intuitive way, it can be tough to hear the subtler signal of your intuition over the volume of your conscious thoughts, desires, assumptions, or anxieties.

Here are three simple steps to banishing doubt to work in love:

Step one: Remember that this doubt has been drilled into you; it did not come from you, and you have the power and choice to recognize and release that old programming.

Step two: Suffocate doubt with gratitude.

The antidote to fear or distrust of your own gifts, during automatic writing or any other spiritual practice, is gratitude. You cannot be in fear, anger, or resentment, when you are in gratitude. During prayer, welcome your guides and angels, and thank them for their wonderful presence, and the messages that you are about to receive. Trust and be grateful.

Feel their presence, whether it comes via a message or as a sensation in your body. It’s different for different people of course, but I know that when I am “tuning in” to my people, I get a vibration through my body, like a chill, but a very good chill. More like a thrill. Some people feel a sensation of warmth, or even sense an almost physical touch of their guide — I’ve had both of those experiences, as well. Allow yourself to experience without preconceived notions; be open to whatever the experience will be for you. Doubt cannot survive in an atmosphere of gratitude. <3

Step three: Dive in fearlessly.

Go for it! Whether you “hear,” or get the impression of, a word, an image, a sentence, a name — write it down. Keep at it. Whether you feel silly or confident the first time, second time, third time — don’t quit. You will begin to access this space with more and more ease and self-assuredness. Notice how the messages your receive lead to synchronicities in your external life.

A real life example: One of my guides once said to me “be like the duck” during automatic writing. Of course I was like, WHAT?!

The day after, I went to a restaurant with friends, and next to our table was a cute little decorative sign with a duck on it that said, “Be like the duck! Calm on the surface, while paddling furiously beneath.” I was floored.

Allow whatever is being communicated to you to flow without judgment. You can always go, WHAT?! afterward, like me. 😉 And remember, stay grateful. This is a very direct way you can receive love and guidance for your guardians on the other side. <3

I hope this helps, Cristy! And I hope it helps you all get in touch with your own well of wisdom. May you light your own torch to light the way for others to do the same.

If you have a question about magical practices or just want some insight and advice about your life, send your questions to

Until next week, Magician – follow the torches. Bye!

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