The Power of Self Love + Vulnerability | A Personal Story | Practical Magic 101

The Power of Self Love + Vulnerability | A Personal Story | Practical Magic 101

Let’s talk about self-love and how it’s the key (and the lock) to your Major Magic.

I want to start by asking a pretty sensitive question: What is it about us that is triggered by someone openly “feeling themselves”?

I submit that for many of us, when we see someone willing to risk being in the full, passionate expression of themselves – especially when they’re doing something that we wish we could do – a part of us that is frightened to do that tightens.

We project that fear onto the other person. “Who does she think she is?” “He’s so arrogant.” “I would never…”

I have done a lot of work on self love – both within myself and with the people I read for. One of the things I consistently hear from Spirit is that we are all loved unconditionally, and that much like an ideal parent, they just want to see us fulfilled, happy, gracing the world with our singular beauty and gifts. Something we can only really do in fullness when we love ourselves enough to risk that kind of visibility.

I dare you to do something this week – maybe on Friday since it’s Venus’s astrological day – to love on yourself.

And on the topic of dares, I’m finally going through with a request that I received while working magic with the deity, Venus, last year. She blessed me with an answer to my petition, and now, I’m going to take the step she requested as an offering.

This month, I’m going to sign up for pole dance classes. *humiliation*

Why pole dance? Well, on a deeply personal note, like many women, I’m a survivor of sexual assault. For almost all of my life, I’ve had a deep fear of being visible, and definitely for consciously evoking sensuality – and I got a message during a Venusian ritual that I must step through the fire of that fear and come out on the other side changed, in whatever way is meant to be.

This block, this calcification I’ve created wants to hide and protect a vulnerable part of me – but I’m ready to access that power I’ve locked away. And since you’re listening to this video, I think you’re ready, too.

I’ll be sure to give you a trip report after my experience, and for my generous Patrons, I’ll be vlogging the whole journey. If you’d like to help support my work and get in on the white hot humiliation, you can do that by pledging a dollar or more at

So, what would put you in deeper touch with yourself? What activity or practice would allow you to love on a part of yourself that perhaps has been hurt or neglected, and when healed, could be another power source for your Big Magic?

Here’s a simple, effective first step to upgrading your vibration, attracting luck and love, and making your life more fun, fulfilling, and magical.

Every morning and every night, let’s say after you brush your teeth, put your hand on your heart, look in the mirror, look right into your eyes, and tell yourself with as much honesty as you can muster, “I love you.”

I know. I said it was simple. And the degree to which the thought of  doing that makes you cringe is directly correlated to HOW BAD YOU NEED TO DO THIS. Remember, challenging your identity kills a part of the ego, and the ego will say and do a lot of crazy shit to keep you from changing your life, even when you know that change would be great for you.

Let me put on my nerd hat real quick and explain how this simple practice leads to healing and sudden life upgrades (sources are in the description). When we do an exercise like this repeatedly, we begin the process of myelination – which is essentially building up a new neural pathway in your brain, getting into the new habit of loving yourself.

Why does this matter? Is it really that important to love yourself? Can ten focused seconds a day really do anything to change your life?

The answer is an unequivocal, fuckin A.

Neuroscientists are continually discovering the incredible benefits of conscious myelination – increased neuroplasticity that makes us more willing and adaptable, faster learning, and greater mastery in those things we decide to pursue.

You may find that when you get into the habit of loving yourself, suddenly, it become easier to let go of toxic situations, spend time with good people, to choose foods that are kind to your body, and to try out scary new experiences that potentially hold major magical gifts.

I dare you to try it. And I promise to dare right alongside you.

Until next time, love on yourself, and go make big magic!

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