Venus Enters Pisces – ‘Loud Magic’

Venus Enters Pisces – ‘Loud Magic’

When the planet of love, pleasure, and creativity dances through the sign of compassion, radical trust, and transcendence, boundaries blur and break, and floods of emotion may sweep us to glittering new shores.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, the culmination of the experiences and natures of the the previous eleven signs. For the slippery fish, nothing is certain or eternal. Everything is always in flux; “the only constant is change.”

“I know that you felt something
I know that you want to believe
Someone broke your trust
Dragging you right through the mud…”

The world is a rainbow kaleidoscope, a riot of colors, sounds, and emotions, ever-shifting — and this is why charming, receptive Venus is exalted, or at her very best, in Pisces, where she’ll remain through April 20.

Venus is a receptive planet — she lays back luxuriously and waits for things to come to her, which they tend to do, with pleasure. She does not go out and get what she wants — she simply attracts it.

In Pisces, her creative nature and magical powers of manifestation meld, and we find ourselves capable of greater depths than before, when it comes to making art, making love, or experiencing transcendent emotions, such as forgiveness.

“I’m gonna put this out
If you’re broken down
I will pick up
All the pieces
Pieces of you now…”

Pisces is, after all, the sign of sacrifice and atonement — we may find that we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to release another (and therefore, ourselves) from a karmic bond or expectation, or find the compassion to extend a hand in forgiveness or friendship.

“I’m screaming out loud
I’m reaching for the clouds
Will they listen to me now?”

Venus in Pisces lays a lovely, gauzy curtain over our feelings, urges, and relationships — this has the handy effect of making everything prettier, but it can also blur the truth, or allow less pleasant aspects to “float on by” because we’d rather not deal with them. (Remember, neither Venus nor Pisces tends to be much of a do-er.) Be sure that you’re not letting life pass you by in an effort to go with the flow.

To invoke the best aspect of this energy, let your love and creativity flow.

“There’s no science to my love
There’s no science to my love
It’s all magic”

Write sweet letters, set up coffee dates, make beautiful music, or make babies! Arts, spirituality, love, and relationships of all kinds are getting a beautiful boost for the next three weeks. To see where you’re getting hit with Cupid’s arrow, read on…

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You’re on the edge of something big, Aries, and your stars say that if you can channel some of that tremendous energy you have this week into cultivating your creative endeavors or relationships, you can move proverbial mountains.

Venus has moved into your House of Secrets and the Past, indicating that sacrifices you make in the short term will lead to greater satisfaction down the line. I feel your hackles raise at the word “sacrifices,” as a strong and unyielding Aries, but this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! You may find yourself taking care of a loved one all of a sudden, or in some other way, being made to set aside your own desires to make room for someone else’s. Or you may sacrifice your position as the director of an artistic project in order to make it more of a group effort.

Your chart forecasts that this short-term yield will bring about wonderful long-term returns, so consider what’s worth (not) fighting for. Selflessness is the hallmark of this House, but ironically, when Venus lends her sweet influence here, your willingness to give up ground can result in building your eventual empire. Give your effort where it is felt the most.


Let the good times roll, Taurus! Your ruler, sweet Venus, has moved into your House of Allies and Organizations, bringing an air of charm, diplomacy, and pleasure to all of your associations, in your personal life as well as in business. This is a tremendously “friendly” aspect, so you may find that wherever you go, you tend to light up the room and make some brilliant connections.

The beauty of this energy is that it makes you feel quite secure in yourself, as an individual, and as a member of the larger group — whether that group be your family, your roommates, club members, or coworkers. You may find that some interactions come to a head this week, as Venus is squaring off with her lover, passionate Mars — be prepared to be asked to come in as a mediator, or to find yourself in that position, regardless.

You’re able to bring people together now, and unite them under one over-arching goal. It’s an ideal time to use your charm, combined with your leadership skills, to take your goals to new heights.


You’ve got friends in high places, Gemini, and they’re quite likely to notice you now that va-va-voom Venus has moved into your House of Career and Destiny, attracting people and circumstances that can improve your status. You may be called upon to act in some Venusian capacity, even if it’s not part of your usual workload: it could be in the vein of creativity, design, public speaking, or public relations.

You may be asked to act as a representative for a larger organization, because the company knows that your personal “brand” is quite valuable, and reflects well on them. You’re putting your best foot forward now, and any work you do to improve your reputation and place in the world gets a tremendous boost from Venus’ natural charm and flair.

You may also be attracted to higher-ups and powerful people now — are pinstripes doing it for you at the moment? Barring any sexual harassment charges, you may be offered a sweet incentive or reward for your hard work under this pleasant aspect.


It’s time for a pleasure trip, Cancer, whether through the mind, body, or soul. Sweet Venus has moved into your House of Journeys and Philosophy, imbuing you with the urge to seek new and exciting scenery and sensations. It’s an ideal time to broaden your horizons and indulge your creativity — make time to listen to music you’ve never heard, or visit an art museum you’ve never been to, or simply walk an unfamiliar trail and enjoy the scenery.

Consciousness-expanding activities are all favored now, and your stars say that your willingness to experiment and experience will bring about surprising rewards. Dive into your attraction to what is offbeat, whether that’s new people, new places, or new ideas. Inspiration and a sort of reprogramming are forecast —  the Universe is working to increase your insights and experiences, so that you can move into the massive level-up illustrated by your chart.

There could be a bit of tension between this urge to break away, and a need to finish your chores. Work like an ant now, so you can party like a grasshopper later!


Things are getting intensely intimate for you, Leo, and your stars say that over the next three weeks, some information will be revealed to you that sparks a new leap in personal and financial satisfaction. Woohoo! Voluptuous Venus has moved into your House of Intimacy and The Other — AKA the House of Sex, Death, Rebirth, and Other People’s Money. Expect an influx of cash or resources via an intimate or business partner, or to meet such a partner — under languorous Venus’ gaze, you won’t have to do much to receive.

Your most intimate relationships benefit from her sweet influence now as well — old issues may come to the surface which can now be understood and transformed, transcended. Now is your chance to consciously embrace the evolution which you’ve been undergoing. All this change, this death and rebirth, has prepared you for this new level. Be prepared to learn the powerful effect you have on others, and therefore, the tremendous power that you possess to transform your own life. Great understanding and evolution are forecast.


It’s getting hot in here, Virgo, and this time, a subtle dab from your well-ironed handkerchief is not going to be enough to cool you off. Va-va-voom Venus has moved into your House of Partnerships, one of her favorite places to visit. All of your relationships get a pleasant boost from her presence, from the romantic, to the friendly, to the familial. Understanding, diplomacy, and pleasure reign! However, this week, she’s squaring off with her lover, aggressive Mars, which creates some dynamic tension — this energy causes sparks, which could translate to sensual or creative explosions, OR the accidental exchange of harsh words.

Thankfully, Venus is the peacemaker of the zodiac, so even if certain simmering feelings come to a head, you’re more able to understand everyone involved, and come up with solutions that smooth things over, and unite disparate hearts and minds. One-on-one conversations and consultations bring you luck and pleasure now.


Does your workspace need a little makeover, Libra? Would that make you feel a bit more inspired to work than play? Don’t blame yourself if you feel like your ambition has waned a bit — you can thank your ruler, voluptuous Venus, for dimming the lights and turning up the music in your House of Work and Routine. How are you supposed to take care of your daily chores and commitments when temptations to play first and pay later abound? With pleasure, of course!

You shine socially in your work now, and it’s a good time to resolve any tensions on the job, make a good impression, and clean up any clutter, whether of the messy mind or dingy desk variety. Efforts you make to organize or improve your interpersonal and professional relationships yield tremendously positive results now. You may be noticed for your ability to rally the troops, diffuse potential problems, or simply improve morale with your sunny disposition. Make your work as pleasurable a pursuit as possible to make great gains.


Have you been waiting for permission from your stars to feel like the amazing work of (he)art that you are, Scorpio? Here it is! Voluptuous Venus has moved into your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play, bringing about a joyful renaissance in your life! You must pursue pleasure now, wherever you can — your romantic relationships get a sweet, demonstrative boost now, and your stars say that you will get a lot more than you expect out of letting your inner child come out and play.

I know. You’re a badass. Your inner child was born in studded leather — but they still want to run and play outside, talk in goofy voices, and lose yourself in art and imagination. You get definite bonus points for making that art yourself. Creative activities of all kinds are blessed by Venus’ artistic energy — what brings you pleasure also brings you power. Be yourself; free yourself.


You’re known more for starting wildfires than tending the home fires, Sagittarius, but for the next three weeks, some aspects of yourself are coming home to roost. Sweet Venus has moved into your House of Home and Family, bringing a sense of peace and pleasure to your closest relationships and your literal house. You may feel like redecorating, or simply cleaning and sprucing things up now, sensing that the platform you spring from determines the trajectory of your dive.

Your family has the potential to bring you great pleasure, security and warmth now, though you could be going through some growing pains in that realm first, as Venus is squaring off with her lover, Mars. This creates tension, which can be a driving or deteriorating force, depending on how you use it. At its best, you can use this energy to settle disagreements or disputes that arise, but passions are running high, so avoid that charming propensity you have to stick your foot in your mouth. Think things through before you speak, and your words should bring nothing but peace and pleasure, this week.


Do you find yourself with an unfamiliar spring in your step, Capricorn? Find yourself whistling to yourself, or smiling without an express reason? You can thank charming Venus for moving into your House of Communications, which is also the House of Daily Activity — the pace and feel of events in your life will take on a decidedly sweeter tone over the next three weeks.

Expect an influx of invitations and affirmations — your community is making it very clear how much you matter to them, and your stars say that you would benefit from paying that support forward. Beauty and pleasing aesthetics in your surroundings become more important to you now, so it’s an ideal time to spruce up your home or office, and surround yourself with beautiful, inspiring objects, colors, and sounds. Sweet conversations and beneficial meetings are forecast — let the good times roll!


If you can hold on to your usual cool-headed practicality, Aquarius, you can expect a smooth and pleasurable month ahead. That is a big if, though, under your current impassioned stars. Venus, the planet of desire and pleasure, has moved into your House of Money and Values, stoking your urge to surround yourself with beautiful or extravagant things. Venus is a receptive planet, so the beauty of this energy is, you won’t have to do or say much to attract good things into your life. The problem is that, due to Venus’ luxurious influence, your tastes may be more lavish than your budget can afford at the moment. This energy could, however generate some very lucky negotiations, surprise windfalls, or pleasing terms.

If you’re seeking a loan, or considering making some kind of investment, it’s an ideal time — especially if that money will go to beautify your home, yourself, or your surroundings. As long as you’re not spending money budgeted for bills and basic needs, your stars promise favorable results. It might be better to wait a week or so, as Venus is currently squaring her better half, aggressive Mars, creating tension and the potential for misunderstanding and eruption. Enjoy these Venusian gifts without going overboard — there’s a reason you often see the goddess hitching a ride on a clamshell.


Looking good, Pisces! Venus, the planet of beauty and pleasure, has moved into your House of Self, making you radiate good looks, charm, and warmth. You are always a peaceful soul, but now more than ever, you will be seeking to understand and unify others. You may even be called upon to mediate a disagreement, or otherwise lend your diplomacy to a situation. This is a wonderful time to enjoy yourself, to take a day off or even a vacation, to spend time with your closest friends.

The House of Self is the house of our personality, our “mask,” and literally, the way we look and adorn ourselves. This is a perfect time to cut your hair, buy new clothes, make an effort to eat food which truly nourishes you, and other such self-improvements. (I would say take up an exercise regimen, but Venus prefers other sorts of physical activity — dancing would do nicely, whether that’s vertical or horizontal.) this is meant to be a time of enjoyment, so enjoy yourself! One word of warning: your powers of attraction are extremely high at this time, and if you point your batting eyes in the wrong direction, you might end up with a soulmate or a stalker, depending on your luck. Use these powers at your discretion.

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