2020 Horoscopes – Jupiter in Capricorn – ‘High Ticket Attractions’

2020 Horoscopes – Jupiter in Capricorn – ‘High Ticket Attractions’

Happy New Year and hallelujah! The planet of growth, fortune, fun, and abundance has moved into the sign of discipline, achievement, and efficacy. It’s time to get serious about having more of what makes you healthy, wealthy, joyful, and wise.

Jupiter is known as the party planet, the generous benefactor of the zodiac, and this year, patriarchal, goal-oriented Capricorn helps him put the “Daddy” in Daddy Warbucks.

In 2020, we are asked to recognize, then raise our sense of value, then set about the hard work of earning the external rewards that come with our internal expansion. 

In other words, respect your self-worth to increase your net worth. With Jupiter in Capricorn, our energetic investments pay exponential returns. 

When we challenge our fear and embrace our big ideas and the effort they require in diligent, Capricornian fashion, the path opens wide. 

When we change, our destiny changes. 

“You can imagine all the factions

That form around high ticket attractions

High on the spirit, hopped up-timistic

After the flame baptism you’re fearless”

Jupiter spends a little over a year in each sign. The House that he moves through indicates the area of your life which you are trying to grow and the sign he occupies indicates the means by which you’re doing it

Capricorn is the goal-oriented, eagle-eyed CEO of the zodiac. He knows exactly how to reach his goals: by planning rigorously and executing relentlessly. Some strategic planning and persistent effort, this year could bring growth that propels you down your path at a greater speed, or opens it in ways you never expected.

But when it comes to “hold my beer” Jupiter, there’s path-expanding and then there’s pathological…

“Didn’t know flying from falling,

Clueless the poor thing.

Sad to report,

Didn’t know losing from learning,

Wheels were turning,

You know the song…”

In other words, jovial Jupiter wants to expand everything he touches, and there are such things as “too far” and “too much,” and this is the great strength and weakness of Jupiter. Everything about him is “great!” 

“This thing could go two ways

Won’t be another exit for days

So pack a small suitcase

Anything else can be easily replaced”

He’s called the benefactor of the zodiac for a reason – for the most part, his transits are beneficial, but we have to watch the speed and spread of the expansion. Set your goals high, but don’t overextend yourself! “Think globally; act locally.”

Having sober Saturn – Capricorn’s planetary ruler – in this House beside him somewhat inhibits that energy, which works in our favor, even if it feels a little less exciting than a Jupiter transit usually might. Saturn encourages us to build the individual steps up to our big, audacious goal. 

And this is our blessing and challenge with Jupiter in Capricorn – to grow into our own high expectations, and to do so joyfully. 

“You feel the suction, the call to action

That will surround high ticket attractions

You want to travel, want to unravel

Take the experience to the next level”

Whatever area of our life he touches, Jupiter expands our consciousness

Suddenly, all sorts of things that were previously inaccessible come into our orbit, simply because of a heart or mindset shift. What old beliefs are you prepared to sacrifice in order to welcome your new adventure?

“This thing could go two ways

Won’t be another exit for days

So pack a small suitcase

Anything else can be easily replaced…”

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How do you define personal and professional success, Aries? It’s an ideal time to consider what position would you be proud to be in, because your stars say you’re in for some tremendous recognition and advancement now that Jupiter has entered your House of Career and Destiny. 

Luck, abundance, and sudden opportunities abound under this energy, but you manifest them most when you act with integrity, honor, and devotion — a commitment to the work and process as much as the outcome. You’re bound to be noticed now — actually you’re bound to be directly in the spotlight — so sharpen your skills, dress your best, and always be ready to deliver an elevator speech about your talents, qualifications, and current projects. 

Enjoying the process, and especially appreciating your unique qualities which make attaining your aims possible, attracts more attention, fortune, and growth. Pay attention to what you’re good at, what consistently gets you noticed, and consider how it can propel you to the top of your game.

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Can you the fog in your dreams dissipating, Taurus, as your vision becomes more and more clear? Jupiter, the ruler of growth, fortune, and higher understanding, has entered your House of Journeys and Philosophy, awakening your inspiration and reinvigorating your urge to travel, to dive into the process, to “go somewhere.” 

It’s an ideal time for you to think about what experiences you’d love to have, and what you would love to learn more about, and take any and all opportunities to expand your horizons that come your way. Sign up for classes, online or off. Watch a series of YouTubes or pillage the library until you can knit a beanie, re-wire a lamp, or grow your own vegetables. Open your mind and dive into your passions — opportunities to travel, share your thoughts and words, or learn from others, will abound. 

Jupiter rules spirituality and joy — the exploration you do now is meant to show you what you’re capable of, and what is possible when you approach life with an open mind and an open heart. Let yourself experience things with new eyes, enjoying them as they come. Your openness invites abundance.

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Breathe a deep sigh of relief, Gemini, now that generous Jupiter has moved into your House of Intimacy and the Other, bringing about contentment, understanding, and financial windfalls. You may have been experiencing some power struggles in the recent past, but your stars say that you’ll begin to relax into your own power more and more as Jupiter gets his momentum back. 

Balance comes into your life with this energy, sometimes as a result of, or accompanied by, inheritances, gifts, or opportunities. Your resourcefulness is paying off, literally, and so is your willingness to ditch old baggage in favor of new opportunity. 

It’s an ideal time for you to “invest in yourself” and your closest partner, in order to bring about even more abundance in the near future. This investment need not always be monetary — taking the time to examine yourself, to adjust your habits and better tap your internal resources can yield truly amazing returns now. Embrace and appreciate the abundance in your life, and in yourself, to receive even more.

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Are you partnered up, Cancer? Whether in romance, in business, or in a creative venture? Or do you have a “partner in crime?” Whether it’s your best friend, romantic partner, or roommate, you’re set to receive some amazing opportunities and abundance, with their help! (And you’ll be doing the same for them!) 

Now that generous Jupiter has moved into your House of Partnerships, if you answered “no” to all of the above, I’d put money on your answer being different in a few short times or months. Jupiter has a way of absolving old unions and clearing out dead weight, reorienting certain paths, and redirecting energy — but now he’s ready to get things growing, full speed ahead. 

Your stars say that a spiritually and/or financially abundant relationship will develop or deepen over the next few months, so this is an ideal time to get clear with yourself about what you’d like that partnership to look like. What are you willing to give, and what would you like to receive? Beautiful opportunities and emotions are forecast. Prepare yourself.

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What makes you feel useful in the very best and highest way, Leo? What can you contribute to the world that would give you pleasure, and what kind of habits can you cultivate to bring you joy every single day? Jupiter, the planet of luck, growth, and abundance, has entered your House of Work and Routine, giving your daily habits a friendly wake up call! (Generous Jupiter always brings coffee, tacos, and pastries to his wake up calls.) 

It’s time to sit down and design a routine that not only inspires you, but aspires you. Yes, I’m verbing my words a little bit here, but Jupiter wants you to see yourself as your best self and ask, what does my very best, most successful self do every single day? Do they get up at a certain time? Do they eat a certain way? Live by a schedule? 

Make an effort to discover your “zone of genius” this time, and put your shoulder into making the most of it. You can make great progress on the job now, especially when you commit to serving in all that you do. Whatever your role in the present, give it one hundred percent of your attention and devotion — it is then that your efforts are rewarded by ever-finer opening doors.

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It’s time to get the party rolling, Virgo, now that generous Jupiter has moved into your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play! Your creative spirit is given a pleasant jolt now, along with your desire to get out into the world and revel in your joys — for goodness’ sake, follow that fabulous instinct! 

Your stars say that the more you enhance and enjoy your unique, positive qualities, the more opportunities and abundance that you invite into your life. Many of you will get opportunities for long distance travel now — even when they’re for business, it will be a pleasure. This is the House of Love Affairs, so you may also have some sweet encounters during Jupiter’s stay.

This is a great time to think about what moves you, what fills you with energy and excitement — it is your natural talents and tastes, even those which you had as a child, that will bring you luck and fortune now. Take up a game or hobby that you’ve missed, or that you’ve considered but set aside as an unproductive use of your time. Your creative instincts are shining now, so dust off that manuscript, instrument, or box of art supplies. Physical exercise, especially dance and sports, benefit you hugely now. Get out and play!

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“There’s no place like home,” Libra, and you’ll be enjoying all its comforts this year as the best house guest ever, generous Jupiter, moves into your House of Home and Family. Expect to be blessed with sudden windfalls, gifts, or pleasant visits this time, and to spend cozy, joyful time with your family or tribe. 

New opportunities and financial support flow into your life now, and bring about a time of relaxation and jubilation. Some will get visits from family, others will add a member or two — or there may be beneficial changes around the house, acquiring real estate, benefiting from the sale of a property, or building an addition. 

Security, contentment, balance, and generosity reign in your private life under Jupiter’s benevolent rule, and you are better able to get in touch with your roots to your benefit, now. What traditions from your past do you want to carry on, and which are no longer relevant to you? Make plans and adjustments that invite more fun abundance into your everyday life. Make home improvements, open savings accounts, enjoy homemade family dinners. What you give, you shall receive, in abundance.

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Say it loud, say it proud, Scorpio! Whatever it is that you most want to say, it’s time to spread your message far and wide, and to take every opportunity to learn along the way. Jupiter, the ruler of fortune, abundance, and broadening horizons, has entered your House of Communications, promising that where there is learning, there is luck!

This is the house of studying, making connections, taking short trips, and sharing ideas. It’s an ideal time to spend some time considering what you’d most like to learn, or which skills of yours that you would like to share.You’ll be making connections now that lead to the cultivation of big ideas — opportunities for travel may arise, or alternatively, options to spread your ideas far and wide, through publishing online or in print. 

These chances are golden — your stars say that devoting your joyful attention to enhancing your knowledge, then engaging with your community, will bring about significant connections that lead to even bigger opportunities than you can currently foresee. Speak up! 

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Are you feeling worthy these days, Sagittarius? Are you getting the sense that your contribution, your unique gifts and style, warrant a healthy income, a comfortable home, and a sense of pride? Is it just a whisper still, or has it become a full-throated roar? Embrace it! Jupiter, the generous ruler of happiness, abundance, and luck, has moved into your House of Money and Values, attracting financial success, opportunities, and the beneficial realization of your self-worth. 

This is the House of Self-Value, which all of our other values stem from. It is only when we feel that we are deserving of a certain level of income/treatment/comfort, that we allow ourselves to invite and choose it consistently. It’s a great time to focus on the amazing skills and talents you possess, and how you can parlay those into personal and professional fulfillment, as well as material success.

Your stars are supporting your wealth and connecting it to a radical adjustment of your habits in order to manifest your true, higher purpose and position in life. Decide what you’re worth, this week. Write yourself a check — your ideal annual salary for 2020. Then write down your three best qualities. The latter will earn you the former.

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Enjoy the view, Capricorn. Breathe it in, because it’s rarified air, indeed. In the last two years, you’ve ascended an imposing, sometimes downright treacherous mountain. And as soon as you’d gotten to the top, just as you’d started to celebrate the climb, a calling came to go inward, to turn away from the grand view, and find the peak of an inner journey first. 

You were called on to reflect why you’d made this journey, and whether it had led you to what you truly wanted. A deep meditation indeed, but now, as Jupiter has woken up in your House of Self, your eyes are beginning to flutter open as well. Yes, it’s time to enjoy the high, beautiful vantage that you’ve earned through your devoted work. Your confidence is deservedly high under this energy, and your contagious positivity draws in opportunities and beneficial connections. 

If you encounter a challenge, you have the emotional buoyancy, as well as a crack team of devoted friends and fans, to help you overcome it. Aim high, work hard, and enjoy the ride. Your stars say that your kindhearted charisma will set you on a course for even more joy and abundance in the future.

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“People are rewarded in public for what they practice in private,” Aquarius. A wise man once said that, and with generous Jupiter dancing through your House of Secrets and the Past, your stars say that you’re going to experience that piece of wisdom firsthand. 

This is the House of Private Matters, Unfinished Business, and Endings, and with the astrological benefactor running this House, all of these bring you luck. Your intuition is at an all-time high, so quietly put your head and heart into tying up loose ends, closing doors, and practicing your undercover work. What are you waiting to unveil? The new you, of course — one who is even bigger, better, and more fulfilled than before, when, in a few months, Jupiter enters your House of Self. 

This is an ideal time to look at what endings would benefit your life — what can generous Jupiter help clean out for you, in order for you to invite in the abundance that’s waiting in the wings? Fears? Self-sabotage? Feelings of unworthiness or guilt? Toxic jobs, situations, or relationships? It’s time to shed the baggage and stand at your full height, and your stars can’t wait to see what you do with this magical regenerative power. 

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You get typecast as the eternal dreamer, Pisces, an offbeat maverick who may be fun to hang out with, but whose presence is never predictable because hey, didn’t you mention you’re headed out to study indigenous culture in the Galapagos?

But you’re set to turn that stereotype completely on its head, now that Jupiter has moved into your House of Allies and Organizations. Networking opportunities abound, and you’d be wise to take them, what with Jupiter ruling both financial abundance and personal fulfillment. You will rise as a leader or prominent member of an organization now — and if you think you aren’t part of one, I invite you to reconsider the phrase “social network.” Your voice is heard, and it’s coming in more loudly and clearly than ever, so make it a point to share your most important passions and dreams. 

This is also the House of Long Term Goals, so the connections you make now are forecast to lead you down the road to some of your greatest hopes and aspirations. Who is your ideal community? Are you a part of it already? Make an effort to get more involved in ways that you enjoy, and that feel inspiring. You’re meant to learn and expand your reach now — an uptick in your fortune and even a bit of fame are forecast. “Put yourself out there.”

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