Horoscopes – Saturn Conjunct Pluto – ‘Salty Sweet’

Horoscopes – Saturn Conjunct Pluto – ‘Salty Sweet’

Today brings the exact conjunction, a long anticipated clash or quorum, of stoic Saturn —  the ruler of time, rules, and limitations — and no-holds-barred Pluto, the ruler of power, death and rebirth. 

Passageways narrow, longstanding structures dissolve, and buried secrets are exhumed. 

“The problem lies in the answer I won’t find

To the question I know that hasn’t crossed your mind

That hasn’t crossed your mind…”

Pluto is ruthless. He rips out foundations where he sees cracks. He yanks skeletons out of closets and performs emotional autopsies if there’s still meat on the bone. Pluto forces us to dig past the shiny surface of things and get to the truth of a crucial and very likely ignored aspect of our lives. 

He rules the “shadow,” the unacknowledged cravings and aspects of ourselves that we despise — things like greed, rage, lust, temptation, addiction. Things common to all humans, yet somehow reviled and rejected by the vast majority. 

Saturn is the stern taskmaster, the ruler of structure, boundaries, limits, and responsibilities. His rules force us to operate within our means. He provides the friction that offers us traction. But existential friction can be like sandpaper on the skin, a chafing of the soul.

Pluto has brought his demolition crew to raze Saturn’s outworn structures. You may find that what used to give you pleasure or solace has fallen away in recent months. Old habits no longer serve their purpose, and words of comfort ring hollow. Like it or not, Something Has Changed.

“Heart beat a step find it hard to catch my breath

Or put this one to rest,

Damned if I do it and bored if I don’t

No winners in this place when you’re caught up in the chase…”

From an astrological perspective, we’re all feeling the shackles, the pressure of stern Saturn conjuncting powerful Pluto right alongside the South Node – the point representing our karmic debts, old habits and obsolete programming. 

Time marches on. It’s time to move forward, to leave the (dis)comfort zone, before we merge with it and calcify. 

“The longer we linger, 

The sooner we warp”

Relinquishing your power to false comforts, easy outs, cutting corners will only draw out the reckoning. Saturn and Pluto shatter our blind idealism to force us to live our true ideals. We have to face our fears to know why we stationed them at the gate of our goals, if we can ever hope to cross them. 

“We fear rejection, prize attention, crave affection

Dream, dream, dream of perfection”

We are being forced to confront our power struggles in all their forms, internal and external. All that is false must and will be purged, ready or not. 

“We fear rejection, prize attention, crave affection

Dream, dream, dream of perfection”

This tension demands your attention.

Acknowledging, admitting, even appreciating our limitations – accepting our losses and moving forward by “harvesting” what we were meant to get from them, is the key to accessing our real power right now. 

Creating concrete results from limited resources teaches us what we are capable of —  this is the hidden blessing, the root of a potentially dramatic evolution. 

In short, Saturn is structure. Pluto is transformation. Together, they are teaching us to focus our power.

We are each experiencing a life altering readjustment that may feel painful – but which serves ultimately to bring us into new alignment. 

It’s time to create a structure that focuses (recognizing that this implies constraints) our true power – to evolve and respond authentically within the boundaries of our current experience, burdensome and disappointing as they may sometimes be. 

Harvest the power. Work within the system if you want to dismantle it and rebuild something more fitting for your new, inspired evolution.

You are armed with the tools and teachers you need, right now. 

Abandon hope only to embrace conviction. Choose to transform. Focus your power. Only then will your cravings be truly sated. 

“Fear, prize, crave, dream

Fear, prize, crave, dream

Fear, prize, crave, dream

Fear, prize, crave, dream…”

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If you left the planet today, what would be your legacy, Aries? What kind of reputation are you establishing for yourself? Pluto is asking the tough questions in your House of Career and Destiny, a potent location for the planetary ruler of power and control. How do you wield yours?

You may be wrestling with some power dynamics this week, as stoic Saturn is teaching you that there can be freedom in your limitations (goodness knows you looooove that!). He’s asking you to get real about where you stand, whether that means you have to reevaluate your career path, or that you’ve been ignoring some glaring issues and/or great potentials! 

When you get clear about what really matters to you, sudden evolutions and promotions are likely in the realm of your career, and you could also find yourself under tremendous pressure. Your stars are asking you to lean into change and growth rather than resisting it — behave as if you were standing in the spotlight. Dress the part and walk your talk. Your stars say that important eyes are on you.

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Your interests, beliefs, and perspective have undergone a pretty intense evaluation over the last few months, Taurus, and now it’s time to integrate your newfound knowledge into your daily practices. Pluto and Saturn put the pressure on in your House of Journeys and Philosophy this week, indicating that you’ve reviewed and likely broadened your way of thinking recently, after examining the way your beliefs have created your experience.

Your stars may have you asking yourself, “What’s next?” or even, “What was this all for?” Whether you find yourself firmly on your chosen path, or confused and wavering in your choices, external events are conspiring to help you “get real” about where you stand so that you can orient yourself properly to where you’d like to be headed.

Notice where there might be self-defeating, inhibited or stagnant spiritual operating systems still at work in your life. Where does your current perspective hold you back, or what aspects of your life would benefit from “broadening,” whether through education, exploration, or literal travel? Your beliefs are forecast to be confronted under these stars, so now is the ideal time to take a pointed inventory for yourself and make sure you are still in alignment with them. A journey is ahead, and your external trip will correspond to your inward journey. Open your mind and heart, and allow yourself to be surprised by the roads that open with them.

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This week is all about tapping into your desires shamelessly, Gemini! Sounds like a good deal, eh? Well, it is, as long as you’re ruthlessly honest with yourself and everyone else! How do power, control, and addiction factor into your life? The ruler of power and transformation, Pluto, is renovating your House of Intimacy and the Other along with sober Saturn, unearthing hidden urges and asking if they belong in the “keep” or “throw away” pile. 

This is quite a powerful planetary arrangement, because if you can actually acknowledge even the most taboo of your desires (after all the House of Intimacy is less politely known as the House of Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money), you actually have the chance to indulge. On the other hand, if you try anything subversive or sketchy when it comes to getting what you want, both Saturn and Pluto will ensure that you pay for it. Secrets are eager to be revealed now, so it’s better to fully express yourself than try to pull subtle strings.

Consider your methods of gaining and wielding influence, whether at work, at home, online, or off. Are you doing so consciously or compulsively? We can gather from celebrity culture that empires can certainly be built on addictions, but they inevitably crumble. Ensure that your actions are aligned with your ideals and your stars say you can build something life-changing. Curate your desires this week, Gemini, to see them crystallize.

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When it comes to your closest friends and partners, Cancer, you go for quality over quantity. Security and safety in your one on one interactions are of paramount importance to you, no doubt in part because your love is like a faucet — it’s on and gushing or it’s off. If you have any proverbial leaks (martyr complex, anyone?), you’ve got a crack set of planetary plumbers sealing your pipes as we speak. Your planetary patrons are ensuring that anyone you get close to, whether you partner in life, work, or creative projects, is authentic and in alignment with you. Those who aren’t, like it or not, are forecast to fade.

The intense interrogator, Pluto, is conferring with sober Saturn in your House of Partnerships, indicating that you’ve learned a definitive lesson about your one-on-one interactions, perhaps after a few revisits and revisions. The way you balance your needs and the needs of your closest loved ones has been highlighted, and now it would benefit you to make conscious efforts to evolve this area of your life. Healthier, deeper, and more intimate relationships will be your reward.

Power plays and manipulations in particular are revealed by your stars — honesty is imperative now, first with yourself, then with your loved ones, when it comes to feeling safe and secure. Be willing to acknowledge where you may have been clingy or cold as a response to not getting you needs met, and where partners or family members may have played out their own unhealthy patterns rather than using their authentic power. Owning yourself in full, and sharing that with the people you love, gives them permission to do the same. You can build yourself a real stronghold this week, Cancer, one that protects and invites true allies. First within, then without.

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As the bright and bubbly child of the zodiac, it’s hard for me to demand that you sit still for a minute and focus. But ask I shall, because your stars say there’s nothing sweeter that I could do for you. In turn, I’d ask that you indulge me and grab a piece of paper, draw a vertical line down the middle. On the left, write down ten of your current daily habits. On the right, list the results of those habits, good, bad or ugly. Now ask yourself, which of these habits keep me on path to get the life/love/job/goal/body that I want? And which of them slow me down or stop me entirely?

Fortunately for you, you might just get the sliiiightest bit obsessed by the idea of a new daily regime to address this week, since single-minded Pluto and stern Saturn have been doing a thorough renovation in your House of Work and Routine over the last few months, revealing self-sabotaging habits or unhealthy practices that delayed or derailed you. If you haven’t already created some new rules and structures for yourself — the kind that build the unglamourous steps up to your big, glamourous goal — seize this astrologically auspicious moment to inventory your habits.

Getting real with yourself about what’s working and not working for you will allow you to transform the sort of access and opportunities you receive. Whether you’ve been forced to check your unhealthy eating or exercise habits, curb an addiction, or address a tendency to procrastinate on important priorities, an important adjustment is being made when it comes to your health and daily routines. Your stars are asking you to lean into this evolution rather than resisting it. That’s where your power and purpose are. 

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Do you recognize the power of play, Virgo? Or honor how attractive you are, in multiple ways? Potent Pluto, the ruler of influence and transformation, is plowing forward in your House of Creativity, Romance, and Play, and he’s demanding that you recognize that your unique presence is your ultimate leverage. Your passion is your power. He’s met up with stoic Saturn, the ruler of responsibilities and limits, to help you get clear about how you express yourself, what your natural talents are, and how you can draw more of what you love to you without your customary back-breaking effort.

Your stars are saying that for you, ironically, having fun has been hard work the last few months. Pluto has been renovating your House of Personal Expression, activating all kinds of buried desires and passions, and Saturn has been categorizing them rigorously, filing what he sees as pertinent, and throwing out what he sees as beneath you — whether you like it or not. But all of this serves to help you see what you have that is brilliant, beautiful, essential — and also what truly brings you joy. If you choose to invest in your personal or creative gifts, your stars say you’ll see returns.

Your romantic life may be undergoing an intense revision or re-animation as well. This week, get very familiar and comfortable with what you want — indulge yourself, fantasize, see what moves you and what has begun to feel stale. The more intimate you get with what brings you bliss, the more of it you can magnetize to you. It won’t take much under your potent stars. You might have to bat an eye.

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It’s no secret that you prize peace, quiet and balance in your home and in your life, Libra. Unfortunately, (but also quite fortunately, I swear!) stoic Saturn and powerful Pluto are at the peak of renovating your House of Home and Family this week, after months of gutting old wiring and ripping out the floorboards. The noise and chaos has upset your delicate scales, but only because your stars say it was time to recalibrate them anyway.

Certain structures have been torn down, but only because you have outgrown their usefulness. You may have been pushed into moving out, moving forward, and moving on — forced to find out how capable and powerful you can be when you tell yourself the absolute truth. You’ve been going through a long period of understanding the subtle but indelible influence of your roots, family, and upbringing — but now that Pluto has performed his requisite archaeological dig, you have likely discovered some perspective-shifting new answers about why you are who you are. Now you’re prepared now to create that identify for yourself, from scratch.

It’s time to carve out your own path in life, to accept the shifts and changes that have brought you here, and the gifts of knowledge and experience they have given you. It’s time to step into your power, Libra. You have spring-cleaned your soul — now it’s time to redecorate. Create yourself.

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What’s on your mind, Scorpio? Dive into it. With your ruler, Pluto, renovating your House of Communication along with sober Saturn, it’s time to assess what you’re thinking about, what you’re saying, and to whom you’re saying it. You can expect everyday challenges and challengers that force you to question your position, to sharpen your wit, and re-think your strategies — you’re definitely being sharpened for future feats. 

By the time this transit ends (if you use it to your advantage, you Machiavellian soul) you will have learned a whole new volume of information, and an arsenal of communication strategies that can earn you a seat at the table you dream of. Did I say seat? I meant throne. You may find yourself teaching or mentoring, or in a place of mastery soon.

Think big when Pluto’s in the House of Thoughts — playing it small will be considered cowering and is punishable by divine spanking. But also, imperatively, Saturn demands that you first be ruthlessly honest with yourself and others. Know your limits and use them. You may have been examining the way you connect with others, your lack of the small-talk gene, and what you actually want to learn, read, talk, and share about. It has to be intense and interesting, of course, and some Scorpios may finally be ready to share their ideas, writings, or teachings with a wider audience. Be bold, be honest, be yourself.

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How do you feel about DIY culture, Sagittarius? Sustainability? I’m willing to bet that the eternal backpacker and hostel-dweller that you are can appreciate the ease and usefulness of bamboo flatware or shredding that hole-y old T-shirt into kitchen rags rather than throwing it out. 

With thrifty Saturn and transformative Pluto renovating your House of Money and Values, it’s a good time to notice what resources and personal beliefs in your life are sustainable and recyclable, and which should be relegated to the compost pile. Neither Saturn nor Pluto has any patience for waste, so what can’t be converted into something useful has to go — this can mean a degree of losing or altering of your means of income, or the realization that you must change certain old values in order to attain or keep the lifestyle that you desire. (“We’re going to use tupperware to store our leftovers rather than keep buying plastic zip bags,” or “We’re going to delete this streaming service and put that monthly fee toward debt.”) 

Your planetary patrons are offering you the opportunity to learn greater self-sufficiency as a path to greater power, internal and external. Rise to the occasion.

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Your image matters to you, Capricorn — let’s not mince words. Your reputation and status say something about you, and with your impossibly high standards, you’d like yours to say: Powerful. Irreproachable. Unstoppable. And a business-minded sort like you can appreciate expert evaluation, right? With stoic Saturn and powerful Pluto checking their reflections in your House of Self, you’re being asked to conduct a thorough internal inventory. You’ve been going through tremendous personal changes over the last three years, under this conjunction, you’re being asked to re-evaluate who you really are, and who you really want to be, first separately, then together. Who are you? Do you see yourself clearly? Do others? 

How can you make yourself more clear to all parties involved, the better to move in the direction you desire? Who do you want to be? Has that mental picture changed in the last few weeks, months, or years? What is it in this moment, free of the expectations of yourself, loved ones, or society. Then together: How does who you are now lead to who you truly want to be? You have a magnificent window of opportunity to reveal any strings or pressures that you don’t need anymore, and to grab those that you do need, and make them your allies. Knit yourself together with those strings, and use those pressures to build your psychological and spiritual might. In a few months, you won’t know your own strength.

Lean into this evolution! Embrace the change and participate in the overhaul — this is your astrological green light to upgrade or change up your look to align with your new vibe. Whether it’s dresses, pin stripes, or pasties, wear what makes you feel powerful, attractive, and capable — you are magnetic!

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You’ve carried it around, sorted through it and sighed long enough, Aquarius — it’s time to unpack that baggage once and for all. At the bottom, you’ll find something weightless, priceless, and precious — your full power and magic. Potent Pluto, the ruler of death, rebirth, and transformation, is conducting a thorough inventory of your House of Secrets and the Past, and he has come up with a sizable pile of keepsakes for you to sort through. Lucky for you, stoic Saturn is on hand to ruthlessly tell you which ones work for you, and which need to be blown out of the goddamn airlock. 

You may have undergone a series of revelations when it comes to your deep past and patterns — the planet of endings is a huge help in the House of Unfinished Business, and the planet of rules is here to help you make sense of the lessons learned. Confrontations and power struggles likely catalyzed a transformation in you in recent months, a realization that your external conflicts were the result of internal schisms. This is a powerful opportunity to confront your personal demons honestly, and either acknowledge or forgive them in order to detach from them. 

Because a big, beautiful new adventure is on the horizon for you, and you don’t need a lot of baggage. Try something new. Take a risk. Allow yourself to step outside the bounds of who you have been up until now, and take a leap of faith. Following your purge, great joy, adventure, and expansion are forecast!

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It’s getting really real, Pisces. You have been on a journey of self-discovery your whole life, let’s be honest, but the last year has been quite a doozy. Rest assured, your stars are lighting this winding path — Pluto has been digging up the foundation of your House of Allies and Organizations for the last few years, and now stern Saturn has joined him to restructure a home that’s built to last. 

This is the House of friends as well as long-term and big goals, the kind which can usually only be accomplished with a supportive team. You’ve been undergoing massive change in this sector for a while now, but under this conjunction, it’s time to examine how you feel internally, and whether you like where that internal compass is pointing you. 

Under Saturn’s critical eye, you may find that some friendships or group associations don’t survive this internal inventory — but those that do will likely last forever. Don’t resist the urge to question and focus on your life direction and the people you’d like to have along for the ride — your willingness to question yourself and others, and to relentlessly stand by what you need and believe, will lead to major evolution. 

Passionate, meaningful new alliances are forecast for you — and quality is far more important to you than quantity. Take some time to delve deep into who you are and what you want now. Your stars say the more honest you are with yourself about your desires and dreams, the more you’re able to draw them toward you.

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