Horoscopes – Mars in Capricorn – ‘Skeleton Key’

Horoscopes – Mars in Capricorn – ‘Skeleton Key’

Your time has come. Will you rise to meet it?

When the planet of energy, instinct, and action enters the goal-setting, mountain-climbing, laser-focused sign of Capricorn, we become extremely efficient, hardworking, and willing to go the distance to get what we want.

Failure is not an option; hell, it’s not even a question. 

“I haven’t met a locked door yet
That I couldn’t beat
On a chain around my neck
I keep my skeleton key”

Capricorn is the sign symbolized by the fish-goat — perhaps the oddest sigil in the zodiac, but perfectly suited to this versatile, irrepressible sign – the all-terrain vehicle of the zodiac.

Whatever the environment, Capricorn finds a way to get the job done, be it by land or by sea, by hook or by crook.

He’ll get to the heights or depths; his determination knows no bounds, and he won’t be looking back unless it’s to make sure the competition is still far behind him. 

“Don’t waste your worry on me
I always find what I need
Come and go as I please
I’ve got my skeleton key”

Every planet is “exalted” in one of the signs — meaning the planet is at its best in that sign. Fiery, impatient, and action-oriented Mars is at his best in cool-headed, rigorous, outcome-focused Capricorn.

This is our moment to take the reins and drive in the direction of our goals.

When Mars enters this sign, our ability to become the CEOs of our lives comes to the fore — we can see the “big picture” and make a manageable plan to create it. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way,” is the Mars in Capricorn motto.

Motivated Mars has also linked up with powerful Pluto, the ruler of influence, institutional authority, power-plays, and total transformation.

“No” will not be an acceptable answer for the next few weeks with such strength, determination, and sheer force of will dominating our stars! 

“By now it’s just a simple trick
Not much to see
You hear the tumblers catch and click
Then turn the key”

He’s also teaming up with stoic Saturn, the prince of priorities and planning. It’s an excellent time to focus on what you want to change in your life, and really put your shoulder into driving that transformation.

Your intensity and tenacity will be off the charts, and so will be your willingness to plot things out and see things through.

“But I’ve found work and welcome
Everywhere I’ve been
Cause everyone’s got some place
They wanna be let in…”

Compromise, however, will be in short supply. We are more willful, decisive, and impatient under this energy, especially in conjunction with Saturn and Pluto.

Be careful not to exert your will in a way that is oppressive or manipulative — underhanded dealings have a way of coming back to bite you!

Endurance and energy are yours this week — if you leverage this influence properly, you can make magnificent changes in your world and in your life.

Action breeds confidence, breeds more and better action. This is the power of Mars in Capricorn.

What do you want to attain? Put your Martian fire in the kiln of Capricorn, and see what earthly wonders you can create.

Your time has come. Rise. Create yourself.

“Don’t waste your worry on me
I always find what I need,
Come and go as I please,
I’ve got my skeleton key”

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Your work definitely can and will be noticed this week, Aries — just make sure it’s for desirable reasons! Motivated Mars, serious Saturn, and powerful Pluto are conspiring in your House of Career and Destiny, working the angles and pushing through barriers to lift you to greater prominence and success when it comes to your life’s work (as opposed to a “job” that pays the bills, but doesn’t pay off in much else).

There’s massive potential for transformation and renewal in this sector of your life, this week — your ambition is on high, and you’ve got the energy to match it! Put your focus on carving out your unique path to success and status, this week, and you can see tremendous results.

Just try not to cause any flare-ups, especially with authority figures and work partners, as confrontations and even outright battles are very possible under these intense skies. If you can channel your fiery determination into a structured plan, you are forecast to experience a big breakthrough, this week.

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Are you feeling ready for takeoff, Taurus? You’re burning up this week, restless, eager for a new adventure, and willing to do whatever it takes to bust through any glass ceilings and pay walls you have to, to get there! You may feel like diving headfirst into an exotic new topic (or an exotic new location if you have the means!). It’s a fantastic week for you to take classes, check out books, and gather all kinds of information about the sort of new horizons you’d like to discover.

Whether you’re praying to move across the world, teach in a foreign country, or simply learn all about a topic that thrills you to your core, now is the time to boldly go where no bull has gone before — or at least this bull! You are more impassioned under these stars, especially when it comes to your world views, the “big picture” topics like philosophy, religion, politics, and the plight of the world — armed with this knowledge, hopefully you can avoid unnecessary conflicts and confrontations with people who won’t be swayed, anyway. Rather than worrying about convincing others of your view, lead by example. An exciting opportunity for a big life change is forecast!

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Is it getting hot in here, Gemini, or is it just you? Motivated Mars has joined up with serious Saturn and potent Pluto in your House of Intimacy and the Other, less politely known as the House of Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money. Everything is more intense for you this week, but especially your jointly held responsibilities and resources.

If you feel that a partner, whether in love, business, or a creative venture, is not holding up their end of the deal, you may become uncharacteristically heavy or shadowy in your thoughts and actions. You could find yourself becoming a bit manipulative, or you may even have the urge to go full King Solomon and offer to cut someone’s proverbial baby in half, just to prove a point. Don’t do this. There is enormous potential for soul-deep fulfillment and progress this week — especially when it comes to your closest collaborations — when you are willing to listen to both sides, when you tune in to the subtleties of your desires, and theirs.

Synergy is possible here, and if you can make it happen, transformations of your wealth, power, and intimate pleasure are all forecast.

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You could be challenged this week, Cancer, by your closest partners or worthiest adversaries, with motivated Mars, stoic Saturn, and potent Pluto heating up your House of Partnerships and calling for a State of the Union. This is the House of Business, Creative, and Romantic Partners, as well as the House of Open Enemies. What are your relationship dynamics doing for you? Are they working? Could they use a little adjustment, or a total overhaul?

Ego conflicts are forecast, and your best bet in dealing with these tricky interpersonal gymnastics is to go deeper in your analysis, to ask questions, and listen to the subtext of the answers. It’s not that people are necessarily being dishonest, but that we’re all a little more Machiavellian under these stormy, tenacious stars. Honesty is the best policy when it comes to handling conflicts, but only when you set out to help, not hurt.

Oh, I know, Cancer, you’re not usually the mean sort…but you know that your claws can really pinch if you feel you’ve been wounded first. Ask and listen. Listen and learn. You can solve major problems this week when you focus on great outcomes.

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It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to business, Leo! Motivated Mars has joined serious Saturn and powerful Pluto in your House of Work and Routine, calling for a major change when it comes to your daily habits.

It’s time to take charge, make changes, and channel your energy into getting things done, and finding an energizing, positive method of doing so! You’ve got a ton on your plate this week, with an eye on growing your influence and audience — but the big picture can only be reached by little steps, so it’s essential that you make sure that they are the right ones. This would be a great week to examine your agenda — prune it, tweak it, rearrange it, until your work serves you, and not the other way around.

Conflicts with coworkers could come up this week, so try to keep your eyes on your own paper and worry about your own goals — unnecessary static will only distract you, as you’re more easily irked under these stars. This is also your House of Health, so it’s an ideal time to review and revamp your self-care routines. Be sure you eat nutritious food, drink enough water, and get enough exercise and rest — heaven knows you need all the energy you can get! Things are only getting more intense, and you’re forecast to go far!

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It can no longer be ignored, Virgo, the call to create. What springs naturally from you? You needn’t be a painter, musician, or poet in order to be called “artful.” You may cultivate a wonderful atmosphere, or cook a beautiful meal, or give great advice! Could your personal “art” become more of a driving force in your life? Even earn you some income?

With motivated Mars linking up with serious Saturn and potent Pluto in your House of Romance, Creativity, and Play, you’re going to feel the urge to “make more of yourself” this week, and to break free from limitations set upon you from the outside. And rightly so! Your inner child is demanding some attention, and you’d be well advised to set them free and see how they fill their time — passion and play are forecast now!

Your love life could get kicked up a few notches as well, since this is the House of Romance — passions upon passions might get things a little too heated now and then, so be sure you don’t stray into manipulative or possessive territory under these magnetic stars. It’s time to shed old limitations and rediscover your most creative self. Put more of you into everything you do this week, and positive changes are forecast to result.

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Do you rule your roost, Libra? Does your home provide the security and foundation that you need to reach the heights to which you aspire? With motivated Mars joining studious Saturn and potent Pluto in your House of Home and Family, your roots as well as your physical domicile are in for a major overhaul!

What drives you and nourishes you from within? And what drains you? Are there aspects of your home or your familial relationships that could use a deep healing or transformation? Are there certain parts of your past that could be released, in order to make room for bigger and better things? This desire to reform and redress could even take the form of literal home repairs — this is a great time to channel all the excess energy you’ll have into cleaning up, clearing out, and fixing up your residence. Even rearranging your furniture has beneficial results now!

You also desire security more than usual, so you may be coming up with some transformative ways to earn or save more income from your home, this week. Defensiveness could be an issue now, especially related to ancient family issues and patterns. Flare-ups and breakdowns are forecast — invest your energy into repairing rather than wrecking.

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Busy, busy, busy, Scorpio! Motivated Mars has hooked up with stoic Saturn and powerful Pluto in your House of Communications, AKA the House of To-Do Lists, Calendars, and Email Inboxes — all of which will be full for you, this week! Meetings, messages, and menial tasks could dominate much of your time now, and this could work out very much in your favor, if you play your cards right!

You have a much more assertive, even aggressive communication style at this time — you can’t help but get noticed! A word of caution: You can take things from discussion to argument in a nanosecond this week, so if you don’t want things to get heated, remember to schedule in pockets of “me time” — periods of reflection, rest, and meditation, though they may be in short supply, can really help you refine your message and get your point across in a way that could truly transform your circumstances for the better! Others are likely to irk you as well, under these stars, so maybe keep a screaming pillow in your desk!

You’re likely to have quite a few errands and short trips this week, and this sort of energy lends itself to irritation and restlessness, and therefore, there’s a high potential for accidents when it comes to operating heavy machinery! Fast in the mind, slow in the body. Keep your eye on the prize!

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What do you value, Sagittarius, and have those values changed at all in the last few years, or even months? Motivated Mars has just joined serious Saturn and powerful Pluto in your House of Money and Values, indicating that your resources and the way you earn them require your attention and action, this week.

You may feel like you need to “prove your worth” or “earn your keep” in a big way, or alternatively, you may realize that others in your life are not doing that very thing. Your finances could get a major boost or take a major hit, depending on how you mete out the tremendous energy in this House — what is essential is that you remain very honest with yourself and everyone else.

Manipulation and cajoling lead to losses now — and don’t buy anything crazy on credit! You could be led into major financial temptation this week, if someone can convince you that your money can snag you the power and position you want. But this energy is best channeled into resourcefulness, into making the most of what you have at this moment. Put love into your work and money, and they will work for you, not the other way around.

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You’re a force to be reckoned with this week, Capricorn. Motivated Mars has joined up with studious Saturn and powerful Pluto in your House of Self, the House of Looks, Personality, and First Impressions, giving you a distinctly intimidating, magnetic vibe. What fills you with passion, fire, or even ire? What drives you forward in life? What makes you feel powerful?

You are being given tremendous energy to move your personal desires and projects forward, and you have a quite persuasive way about you now, providing you don’t get combative. Aggravation and aggression are quite likely to possess you under this energy — ask yourself what battles are worth fighting, and where you would benefit more from saving that energy and channeling it into getting what you want.

How do you want to be perceived? How do you wish to speak into the world, and have it speak back to you? Assertiveness and courage will get you the earnings and accolades you seek — domineering or manipulative behavior will cause losses all around, so avoid these in yourself and others. Now’s your chance to carve a path in the world for your unique talents and vision — show us what you’ve got!

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One of your finest qualities is your absolute uniqueness, in manner and in thought, Aquarius — you’re not a follower, by any means. No one can stop you but you, and that’s the good news — but you’re crafty as hell, and that’s the rub! Are there some ways in which you sabotage yourself when it comes to getting what you want? Even and especially unconsciously?

Where and how do you get in your own way? The answers to these questions signal where you resist your own desires and destiny. With Mars, Saturn, and Pluto plowing unceremoniously through your House of Secrets and the Past, your personal undoings are likely to come to your attention, this week. Listen to your intuition. Use your imagination. Know that the closer you get to your goals, the more fear and resistance rear their hydra heads.

Free yourself from self-imposed limitations and labels — you’re being given the opportunity to let go of some more baggage, and to see it for what it truly is — useless weight on your back, “Sound and fury signifying nothing.” You hold the lock and key to your chains, Aquarius. Give yourself permission to let go and move on. The future is bright.

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Who among your friends helps you get where you want to go in life, Pisces? Not the ones who pony up for gas, though heaven knows that can be a rarity, but the ones who celebrate your goals and drive you toward them, whether by actual assistance or inspiring moral support.

It’s time to clear your agenda of any friends that don’t share your vision and values, now that motivated Mars has joined studious Saturn and potent Pluto in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals. Your stars are asking you to join forces with the people you’re willing to go to the mat for, and vice versa! Together, you can make enormous changes and create big waves, this week — and Pisces, you were built to navigate big waves. It’s an ideal time to work as a team, but also to set yourself up as a leader.

That said, don’t go all Don Corleone on everyone, and don’t give me that look, you slippery fish! I know your secret weapon is subterfuge, but you would be better served by keeping everything on the table, this week. You have tremendous energy to create goals and action plans now, and to pursue them with all the necessary gusto to make them a reality! When you are aligned, you will achieve. Aligned with your ideals and your tribe, you are unstoppable.

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