Horoscopes – Full Moon in Virgo – Moon Opposite Sun

Horoscopes – Full Moon in Virgo – Moon Opposite Sun

Every full Moon is a scrying mirror waiting to be examined. What its depths reveal is unique to each who dares to look: intimate, illuminating, disturbing on the level that makes great art and shakes foundations ripe for demolition.

The full Moon reminds us that “divine” is a verb, as well as a noun or adjective.

When the intuitive Moon shines in her full glory, she opposes her consort and counterpart, the shining Sun, creating tension between our internal needs and external expectations. If our emotions match our actions, and vice versa, we experience this energy as empowering, illuminating and evocative. Though we’re likely to encounter challenges or emotional tensions leading up to the full Moon, especially those related to our past, those fossils are converted to the fuel that powers our ascension.

If we have attempted to bury our feelings, our intuition, issues with family or our past — all ruled by the inconstant Moon — we can experience tension today, a feeling of disconnectedness or emotional compulsion. Unpredictable reactions can bubble up from seemingly “out of nowhere” — which is always the deepest well of our feelings and memories.

Today, the Moon shines in the sign of Virgo, the untouched virgin, the clear-eyed assessor, the humble servant, and truth-teller. Virgo is devoted, detail-oriented, and always does her best to get things right.

This full Moon shines on the area in which the world needs your hard work, your humble servitude. Are you ready to put your God/dess-given talents to work? 

When the full Moon in fastidious Virgo opposes the Sun in its opposite sign, dreamy Pisces, we are asked to “sacrifice” (Pisces’ realm of expertise) our time and energy for the greater good. Pisces is the dreamer, poet, and painter of the zodiac, where Virgo is the pragmatist, accountant, and janitor. Under this energy we feel an intense, unconscious pull to “get busy,” to tie up loose ends, to put ourselves to work. 

But there is an enormous difference between being busy and being productive, and this is where Pisces’ spiritual vision is key in channeling Virgo’s divine work ethic. The Moon represents what we feel, and the Sun represents what we must do with what we feel. Therefore, we must be sure that we are not just busying our minds or bodies, but occupying our souls, committing to our life purpose. 

Everything doesn’t need to be done in order, or perfectly (Virgo), in order to be worthwhile. Nothing can grow in an airtight, antiseptic space. Let things in the world be nebulous, messy, unfinished. Inside, your pristine wheels will be turning, generating practical plans that bring about spiritual solutions.

Today especially, and over the next two weeks (until the New Moon in Pisces) it’s an ideal time to commit to a regular, quiet self-care routine, one that provides the physical and emotional breathing room for inspiration to rise.

The Full Moon has a reputation for a reason. The time of lunacy.

Tensions rise, build, burgeon, and break. The Moon pulls the crashing waves over us. We can choose to heed Pisces’ advice to dive deeply to see clearly —or suffer the futile chaos of observing the world from the superficial chop of the waves. Seeing everything that could be fixed, without ever perceiving the unity, the truth, even the beauty, of the imperfections that created us.

Virgo wrote the book on “waste not, want not,” and proclaims that every single sacrifice we’ve made, or altar that we have been sacrificed upon (there’s Pisces again), has tempered and shaped our soul so that we may carry out the work that we came here to do. 

At the same time, a stellium of four planets – assertive Mars, the ruler of energy and action; serious Saturn, ruler of rules and limits; Pluto, king of death and rebirth; and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and good fortune – are charging up the sign of driven, discerning Capricorn, who sees through artifice to reveal the what is real, what is lasting. 

He’s helping his fellow earth sign to clean out those old wounds, transforming them. Virgo takes what is useful, cleans it up, gives it meaning.

Battle scars become badges of honor. Our pain, our shadow, can become the healing, the light, for others.

Are you ready to shine?

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While the spark of new ideas usually does it for you, Aries, this week, it’s all about the ends – the results. The Full Moon is lighting up your House of Work and Routine, the House of Health, Habits, and How Do I Look Naked. Revelations are coming up this week around your everyday life, particularly your job and your (conscious or unconscious) rituals – like you walk into your job and think, “I can’t take it anymore,” or “I’m gonna get that promotion;” or you look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I have to work out,” or “all my work is totally paying off!”

The Full Moon brings either crisis or culmination – either way, it illuminates something that is demanding your attention. This is a great time to change habits and routines that aren’t working for you, and to clean up old, lingering tasks that have been haunting your to-do list. Whether you’re feeling like you’ve made great progress or you’ve got a long way to go, this Full Moon energy can give you the chutzpah to enact positive change. Recognizing where you are is the first step to getting where you want to go, and habits are the rest of the staircase to your goals.

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It’s time to play, Taurus! The Full Moon is lighting up your House of Creativity, Fun, and Romance, urging you to do what feels good! Get-togethers with friends, parties, celebrations, and games are all possibilities for you this week, and they may even hold the promise of some powerful romance.

Full Moons bring about milestones and results – are you feeling in love with your life right now? It’s time to kick up your heels and really dance with your life, wherever you find yourself – have some fun! Playful inclinations lead to useful inspirations, now! You could also be debuting a big creative project this week, or simply feel inspired to take on a major artistic endeavor. Work of any other kind won’t hold much appeal under these playful stars – it’s got to be a work of heart. Whenever possible this week, let your inner child run the show. This is why go-karts and adult coloring books were invented! And don’t be afraid to show how much and who you love. This Full Moon is reminding you what you adore – the better to make more of it!

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You’ve been putting in a lot of effort toward your goals, Gemini, and after emitting all that mental energy, it’s time to unplug and recharge. The Full Moon will rise in your House of Home and Family this week, shifting your attention from the professional toward the personal, and possibly the need to find a new balance between the two.

You could find yourself looking around your home and getting fed up, then roll up your sleeves and give it a major Spring cleaning. This would be an excellent use of this powerful Full Moon energy – clearing out emotional clutter and muck would be just as beneficial! You may feel an internal pull to broach a sensitive topic with family, or you could find yourself forced into a confrontation – one way or another, this Full Moon is demanding that the air be cleared! Though this could be a quite emotional experience that demands some effort, the real goal is for you to find some real solace in your home or among your family. This is an opportunity to find a new phase of peace and pleasure – so go ahead, put on your fuzzy slippers, curl up, and tend to the home fires.

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So much to do, so little time, Cancer! The Full Moon is rising in your House of Communications this week, loading up your task list, inbox, and calendar, all at once. Take a breath or a nap when you need to, and you will shine! You may find yourself in a whirlwind of errands after some time spent enjoying more of the big picture aspects of life, wandering, learning, taking in the scenery. Now it’s time to get down to some brass tacks – hold meetings, answer emails, return calls, and file paperwork.

This week, you benefit from taking care of the little things that oil the gears that make big things  happen! Tie up loose ends and make connections – exciting messages are coming down the pipeline, especially with Mercury now direct, so you want to see them before they’re buried in the depths of your inbox! Focus on taking care of business – and though your attention may feel pulled in many directions, really concentrate on taking care of each task one at a time, and crossing it off before you move on. You’ve got all the energy you need to annihilate your to-do list. Go get ‘em! 

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What are your needs, Leo? What makes you feel safe and secure? The Full Moon is rising in your House of Money and Values this week, putting the spotlight on how good you feel about where you are in life. Because Full Moons either bring about culminations or crises – consequences of one kind or another – the way you handle your financial life is coming up for inspection in a big way right now. Do you “pay yourself first?” Save? Spend on what you truly value? Or do you tend to disassociate from your money, and now find yourself coming face to face with the results of unchecked spending?

Notice how the state of your finances affects your state of mind, and use this illuminating energy to find out what you can do to put yourself in a more powerful position. Look at your budget and your life, and notice where there are imbalances to be addressed. This is an ideal time to pay off debts, make final payments, or invest in something that will have lasting returns. Finish this financial chapter off strong, and the next one will be pure gold.

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Don’t worry if things feel a little more dramatic than usual for you this week, Virgo – when the Full Moon rises in your House of Self, your life becomes nigh operatic! That’s not a jab – you feel everything even more than usual this week, especially when it comes to yourself, for better and for worse. You’re very aware of your appearance, for example, so if someone makes a comment about it, you’re more likely to take it to heart, or feel hurt if it’s not positive.

And if someone crosses a personal boundary, your first instinct may be to assume they meant to piss you off, when in reality, they didn’t realize they had done anything at all. “Never attribute malice to that which can be explained by incompetence.” This is the time to think about your needs and boundaries – what do you need (and importantly, not need!) from other people in order to be happy? The more you can recognize and establish your own standards and deal breakers, the less emotional strife you’ll deal with, and the more bandwidth you’ll have to take on the world. And now’s the time, because with this Full Moon’s spotlight on you, you are shining!

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It’s time to dive into your inner world, Libra, so you can re-calibrate your scales and recharge for success in the external world. The Full Moon is rising in your House of Secrets and the Past, the House of Mysteries, Memories, Sacrifices, and Endings, saying that right now it’s only by going down into the basement of your soul that you can acknowledge and release what’s been haunting and possibly even controlling you. Yes, it’s scary down there, but you’ve got the light of the Full Moon helping you see that all that’s hiding in the nooks and crannies is you – the you that shames yourself, the you that still carries guilt from 10 years ago, the you that judges other people, which is really yourself.

This is the time to retreat and recharge, to give yourself lots of time and space to reflect and relinquish. You could also get a tremendous amount of powerful work done behind the scenes right now. One way or another, it’s forecast that in mining the deep, sometimes treacherous caverns of you will collect treasures you have hidden from yourself.

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After a pleasurable retreat, your eyes are – predictably – back on your big goals and connections, Scorpio. It’s been right and necessary for you to spend some time on your hobbies and personal pursuits, but now you’re ready to get back in the mix, and with the Full Moon rising in your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, you could come to a big realization – or just a big party!

This is the House of Big Dreams, the kind of dreams so big that you need a team, network, or audience to achieve them – and you’re likely to find yourself revitalizing connections with the people you have lovingly appointed as your life’s Board of Directors. They may reach out to you with news or even a crisis that requires your expertise, or you may simply feel compelled to get in touch. Support those who support you, and you will always feel valuable. It could also be that you find yourself, or a big project, at the center of attention. Soak it in!

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Straighten up and button down, Sagittarius, because some important people are looking you over, deciding just how much you’re capable of – and how much they’d like to pay you for it. The Full Moon rises in your House of Career and Destiny this week, putting you firmly in the spotlight – so update your resume, dress your best, and smile pretty. This is your time to shine! A promotion or job opportunity could come at a moment’s notice, so now is not the time to get caught in your pajamas in the grocery line!

Where do you stand at this moment, professionally speaking? Where would you like to stand? You know how they say, “dress for the job you want?” I want you to do that, but also take it one step further – act like the person you want to be. What would the best version of yourself act like? Would they dress differently? Wake up, work out, or behave in another way? Embrace the best version of yourself, because you attract what you emit, and you deserve the best! Take notes, take charge, and take it to the bank! 

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It’s time to open your eyes, ears, and heart, Capricorn, because something new is coming in on these winds of change. After all, they’re controlled by the Full Moon rising in your House of Journeys and Philosophy, lighting up the way that your beliefs create your experiences. You could have an emotional epiphany this week, or find yourself diving into exotic or spiritual studies because you’re thirsting for the bigger picture, the uniting factor. 

You can expect inspirations and adventures this week, as you’re feeling compelled to broaden your horizons! You’ve reached a new peak, so now, what’s next? What else could be out there, on the other side of a leap of faith? This Full Moon is opening your eyes and widening your perspective – are you traveling literally, or just figuratively? Travel and the solidifying of travel plans, news about higher education, and spiritual seeking are all forecast. Whatever broadens your horizons broadens your luck, Capricorn – time to go exploring!

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You can make some radical magic with your money this week, Aquarius, if you’re willing to put it where your mouth is. The Full Moon is illuminating your House of Intimacy and The Other, the House of Shared Assets, Income, and Power. “Sell your shit and pay off your debt!” is a trendy phrase and lifestyle, and deservedly so, but it’s especially relevant to you right now. Your stars are saying, “less is more,” and quality over quantity. You may feel richer when you use “extra” money to pay off debt, or when you sell or donate objects that are just taking up your physical and emotional space.

This is a great time to purge your life of objects and emotions that drain you of power and resources. Give and take is a key part of the best emotional and professional relationships, and an imbalance in either direction is the difference between failure and success – not to mention personal fulfillment, which is what the sensitive Moon craves most! Clean out the cobwebs and clear the decks, Aquarius – you’re making room for more power and pleasure.

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Something beautiful is blossoming in your relationships this week, Pisces, and it’s either a level-up or a learning experience. The Full Moon is rising in your House of Partnerships this week, inspiring you to honor those closest to you, whether your partner in romance, business, or a creative venture. Connection brings culmination or crisis for you, this week. Don’t let the word “crisis” concern you – the Full Moon is like a boiling pot – it has the potential to either cook up something delicious, or if you don’t watch it, it will boil over!

So, what is bubbling up in your closest one-on-one relationships, Pisces? Perhaps a longing for a deeper connection, or a level-up in your professional partnership? You could feel as though those associations are “tested” now, and the way you (or rather, your emotions, ruled by the Moon) rise to the occasion indicates whether your pot is simmering nicely or starting to crack under the pressure. This is a good time to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and negotiate with compassion. A clear head and an open heart lead to happy resolutions. This Full Moon offers you balance that promises progress!

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