Horoscopes for the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – ‘The Climb’

Horoscopes for the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn – ‘The Climb’

Feeling a little loony lately, pulled to a massive new sense of recognition? With five planets currently in retrograde (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto), we are certainly being called to attention. 

Who are we, and who are we becoming?

Some of these answers are being revealed this week by the light of the stark light of the Capricorn Lunar Eclipse, whose influence will be felt for the next six months to a year.

Enthralled by the primal pull of the unveiling Full Moon, we become restless — perhaps even frenzied, fanatically desirous to bring something to completion, or mesmerized by the facet of our lives on which she shines her light. 

“I can almost see it
That dream I’m dreaming but
There’s a voice inside my head saying
You’ll never reach it,
Every step I’m taking,
Every move I make feels
Lost with no direction”

Capricorn is driven, efficient — able to ascend to great heights, no matter how treacherous, unforgiving, or unpredictable the path may be. 

“My faith is shaking but I
Gotta keep trying
Gotta keep my head held high….”

It’s a cardinal sign, one of initiation and action — over the last weeks, an annoying internal tug to get to work has intensified into an unignorable yank, as the Moon made her way toward the sign of ultimate efficiency. 

The Full Moon in Capricorn asks what you must achieve or finish in order to break through your personal glass ceiling — your personal preconceived notion of your potential or limitations.

Not to reach some lofty, ephemeral goal that can be won or lost, but for an honorable commitment to the process of becoming yourself.

So the setbacks, the wounds, the frustrations, become opportunities to learn, grow, and overcome any obstacle.

“There’s always gonna be another mountain
I’m always gonna wanna make it move
Always gonna be an uphill battle
Sometimes I’m gonna have to lose”

This Full Moon joins powerful Pluto and Saturn, both in retrograde, bringing a gale of forceful energy into your being, filling you with passion, fortitude, and the will to get to the heart of a matter and transform it through diligent effort. 

Capricorn knows, this isn’t necessarily easy or fun, but it is always one hundred percent worth your time. 

“Ain’t about how fast I get there
Ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side
It’s the climb”

Meanwhile, she’ll also cruise past jubilant and generous benefactor of the zodiac, Jupiter, encouraging us to broaden our horizons, to enjoy ourselves and the company of those we love — these alter and lift our perspective, helping us see the “big picture” of where this Full Moonlit Path is leading us. 

“The struggles I’m facing
The chances I’m taking
Sometimes might knock me down but
No I’m not breaking
I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I’m going to remember most, yeah
Just gotta keep going”

Greater things lie ahead if we are willing to commit to ourselves and make the climb. 

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Shine your shoes and practice your firm handshake, Aries, because you are stepping into the spotlight this week. The Full Moon is lighting up your House of Career and Destiny, joining powerful Pluto in lifting you into the eyeline of higher-ups and influential figures who could help you achieve greater things in your professional life. 

Your reputation is under scrutiny now, so be sure to play by the rules and keep your nose clean, as you’re marked with a sort of cosmic highlighter at the moment. Don’t say or do anything you wouldn’t want broadcast to a football stadium full of your closest friends and family! You may be put “on the spot” this week, asked to perform, ready or not! 

Step up to the plate and take a swing. Generous Jupiter is shining luck your way, and inviting you to accept new opportunities that come from stretching your wings. What do you want to be, in life? Walk your talk and you can’t lose!


You’re usually considered a pretty predictable sign, Taurus, and understandably so: you like your routines, appreciate the familiar, and feel comforted by boundaries and structures that show you what to do and where to go. But this week, you’re unavoidably seized by a desire to break free of your everyday routine, to see and experience new and exotic things, as the Full Moon lights up your House of Journeys and Philosophy. She joins powerful Pluto who’s been quietly digging up the foundation there for a few years — this week, they’re bringing your attention to the ways in which you’d like to broaden your horizons, physically and philosophically. 

You may be exposed to radical ideas, or those which radically affect you, forcing you to see things in a new way, provoking you to go on a new adventure, even if it’s within the confines (and comforts!) of your home. Follow your impulses — and most importantly, your faith.


As a lighthearted air sign, Gemini, you’re not normally known for your intense emotions or a tendency to brood — but we all get a little loony under the Full Moon, and this week, you may be feeling quite out of the ordinary. This isn’t a bad thing! The Full Moon is lighting up your House of Intimacy and the Other — less politely known as the House of Sex, Death, and Other People’s Money. This pulls you deep into intense experiences and exchanges as the week begins, especially with an intimate partner, or powerfully influential figure — one who potentially “controls” your energy and resources, to a degree. 

Emotional encounters are forecast, so do what you can to mentally prepare yourself for potentially “heavy” conversations. These exchanges have the potential to be quite positive, as generous Jupiter is lending his all-embracing energy to the mix, and charming Venus and chatty Mercury are sweetening your silver tongue! A new evolution is within your reach. Time for a level-up! 


You live life by your emotions, Cancer, feeling every tug on your heartstrings with exquisite sensitivity — even those of you who hide their heart underneath a hard shell. This week, even the most stoic of you could feel quite overwhelmed by the symphony, as the Full Moon lights up your House of Partnerships. This is the House of One on One interactions, and your ruler intensifies all of these encounters, whether they be with romantic or business partners, best friends, counselors, or parole officers. 

Brace yourself, especially since she has joined powerful Pluto, who’s been digging up the foundation in the House for a few years now, throwing out what keeps it off balance, and filling in the cracks with more advanced materials. There may be confrontations now, or at the least, important and intense encounters — do your best to be calm and conscious throughout the week, especially when you feel like operating by pure reaction. When both parties can feel heard and respected, incredible connections can be made this week.


It’s time to make a positive change, Leo! You feel it in your bones, the desire to take on a new challenge, to shake up your routine in order to achieve greater things. The Full Moon is lighting up your House of Work and Routine, giving you an impulse to improve your diet, start exercising, clean out your closet, and organize your life. Go with it! This energy may manifest as a growing sense of discontent with your current circumstances, especially during the first few days of the week — you may be frustrated with the atmosphere at work, the state of your health, or a sense of general disorganization in your life. 

Rather than dredging up and dramatizing your woes, let them be the fuel to power you toward your goals! As the Full Moon has joined powerful Pluto, the ruler of transformation, this is an ideal time to commit to radical reorganization and routine — overhauling your habits and workspace are great ways to use this energy. “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”


Pour your heart out this week, Virgo, in whatever way moves you the most! Whether you need to write a letter, sing a song, perform, propose, or play, it’s time to express yourself and have fun with it! The Full Moon is lighting up your House of Romance, Creativity, and Play, filling you with the urge to break away from the drudgeries of work and general “adulting,” which have been dominating your mind for the last few weeks, and do something that is purely you. Have you gotten out of the habit of a favorite craft, hobby, or artistic pursuit? Or is there a game calling your name? 

Ask yourself, WWYICD? (That’s “What Would Your Inner Child Do?” Yes, I think this is an important message — no, I do not plan on stamping it on rubber bracelets.) If you’re feeling particularly rebellious, desirous, and eager to show the world what you’ve got, you can thank the Full Moon for shacking up with muckraking, corporate ladder-climbing Pluto — together, they’re pushing you toward a creative epiphany. Love and potent, playful expression abound!


You’ve been working hard, Libra, plugging away at your career and life goals, those public aspects of yourself which become your reputation in the external world. Now that the Full Moon has moved into your House of Home and Family, the spotlight turns to your more intimate, internal world. You may be feeling exhausted from all you’ve been doing, perhaps even a bit raw from running against the wind, at times. It’s time to indulge in some self care, relaxation, and the quiet comforts of home. 

This Full Moon has joined transformative, powerful Pluto, further intensifying your emotions now, making you starkly aware of how your upbringing and habits have brought you to this point in your life, for better and for worse. At this time, you can become conscious of old patterns that have “ruled you from below,” and free yourself in order to cultivate a foundation that feels truly supportive. True power comes from within you; it’s time to fill up your well. 


Is your inbox, calendar, or appointment book making your head spin, Scorpio? Blame the glaring spotlight of the Full Moon lighting up your House of Communications — AKA the House of Paperwork, Returning Phone Calls, and Mundane Meetings! You may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of To-Dos you have on your list this week, but with the Full Moon joining up with powerful Pluto, you at least have the ample energy with which to get them done! 

Meaningful communications are also quite possible under this energy, so what appears to be another typical conversation or connection may transform into something much more important than you first perceive. Annihilating your to-do list is forecast to have the handy side effect of taking you further down the road toward your long term goals, thanks to generous Jupiter’s lucky influence. Take care of business, stick to your calendar, and come correct in conversation. Good things will fall into place, as a result.


Make yourself comfortable, Sagittarius. No, seriously, it’s important! The Full Moon is roosting in your House of Money and Values as the week begins, putting the spotlight on what you crave, what comforts you, and what matters most to you, in life. Normally, you’re known for your wanderlust, but for now, you want to soak in the kind predictability of the familiar. You may be questioning whether your needs are met, or whether they’re in balance with meeting the needs of others — allow yourself to ruminate on this while you form an impressive dent in your favorite comfy spot. 

The revelations that come to you regarding your personal and financial needs right now can be transformative — your stars say that epiphanies in this area can bring you unprecedented success. Inspiration is available, if you can get out of possessiveness and into possibility. Get in touch with your heart’s desire; then let yourself incubate it from your cushy comfort zone. Once you can see what it is, and why you want it, you can move toward it. 


Feeling a little exposed, Capricorn? How can you help it, when the revealing light of the Full Moon is shining right in your House of Self, showing your secret yearnings and impulses to the world? No, the answer is not to cover them up — nor is it to broadcast your desires to the world in an infantile, unconscious outburst. The solution is for you to step squarely into your vulnerability, into your wants and needs, and claim them for yourself rather than expecting the world to deliver them, on pain of sulking. 

The Full Moon has shacked up with powerful Pluto in your House of Self, and together, they’re conspiring to show you how meeting your own needs, proclaiming and meeting your own boundaries and expectations, will bring you far greater fulfillment than any amount of others at your beck and call. Your stars say that you’re ready for broader horizons and new adventures — are you ready to re-introduce yourself to the world? 


How about some of that quiet time, Aquarius? Many others might describe you as a gregarious, sociable font of energy — but this week, you’re feeling the need to retreat and recuperate, thanks to the Full Moon’s move into your House of Secrets and the Past. Getting your life in order, taking care of business, and redefining your routine has dominated your mind for the past few weeks, and now the pendulum has swung in the other direction — now it’s time to go inward and get your internal house in order. 

It’s an ideal time to meditate, take long, thoughtful walks, or write your thoughts down in a journal. There are certain thoughts, feelings, and ideas buried deep within you that are waiting to bubble to the surface.  Ignoring or sublimating them gives way to dis-ease, literal and emotional, whereas giving them room to emerge can lead to inspiration and revelation. Take a little private time for yourself — your stars say the benefits will surprise you.


What is the role you play among your friends and loved ones, Pisces? Normally, you tend to think of yourself as just “passing by,” perhaps not affecting them much, or acknowledging the transformative effect of your friendship. Now that the Full Moon has moved into your House of Allies, Organizations, and Long Term Goals, your influence on others will be presented to you in no uncertain terms! Whether your company is requested at a (virtual) gathering, you’re invited to become part of a board or team, or someone simply tells you how much you mean to them, you can expect your relationships with others to feel intense and be at the forefront of your mind, this week.

 The Full Moon has joined powerful Pluto in this House, which is also the House of Big Dreams, indicating that the revelations you experience the first few days of this week can help propel you toward your highest goals. Open up and let people in; and go ahead and walk yourself into their hearts, in turn. Together, you can make dreams come true.

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