September Tarotscopes – It’s Growing Season

September Tarotscopes – It’s Growing Season

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Happy September, stargazer! I’m excited to read your cards and re-connect with you this month. If you’re up for it, grab a cup of something nourishing and let’s confer. How have you been?

It’s been a strange, shifting summer for me over on Zero’s Journey – and a spiritually and psychologically expansive one. I haven’t been active on social media because of a confluence of events (see: next Sunday’s vlog) and a pull inward (funny how that inward pull coincides with a spiritual expansion, but that’s another story…)

I wonder how many of y’all might be on that wave – or if you’re on another one entirely? I feel like listening if you feel like sharing.

This month, I hope your readings help anchor you to your greatest qualities, orient you to your highest good, and offer you a compass to navigate all your days with courage, curiosity, compassion, and creativity.

♥ ♥ ♥

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♥ Thank you so much for watching! I’m wishing you a magical month! ♥ 


With big love from your Spirit posse,

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