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Hello! I’m Madeleine, and I’m a Tarot card reader, intuitive, and astrologer with more than 20 years of experience and fascinated study under my belt.

As long as I’ve been reading cards and charting people’s stars professionally, their accuracy, relevance, and their potential to heal and empower, astounds and affirms me every time. The most valuable aspect of astrology is its ability to alert us to the natural rhythms of our solar system, in order for us to prepare for the pitfalls, or pounce on the potentials.

My horoscopes are “Written in the Stars,” not set in stone. Good astrology is like a weather forecast… You wouldn’t wear a thong to the North Pole, and you wouldn’t ask for a raise the day that power-playing Pluto squares off with tactless Mars. Our stars are always lighting the way; then it’s up to us to blaze our own path under their guiding glance.

I offer private readings by email, phone, or Skype, as well as  astrological charts (including personality and compatibility reports) calculated to each client’s unique birth date, time, and location.

My readings and reports are meant to be empowering and evocative, and give each querent a sense of their unique gifts, likely challenges, and invaluable skills. Your loved ones, guides, and angels are always trying to connect with you, and it is the purpose of my heart and soul to help people find, recognize, and strengthen those connections.

A little more info about my ethics and process:

As a devoted student of Spirit, my ethics are of utmost importance to me, and should be to you, as the potential querent. I have no interest in telling you what you want to hear in order to gain favor – “You will meet the tall, dark, rich, sexy stranger of your dreeeaaams!” – and what about when it turns out be false? We both lose.

My heart and soul are on earth to help forge and strengthen others’ connection to Spirit, their past loved ones and guides, and their own power and intuition. My first and highest commitment is to love, the truth, and Spirit – and they are all one.

For these reasons, I begin my readings “blind,” meaning I prefer to know nothing about you (beyond your name) or why you want a reading at this point in your life. That way, whatever messages come up for you, you know they are from Spirit, and not from me attempting to “cold read” you. For example: If I mention a young man who is far away whom you are concerned about, it’s better that you didn’t tell me upfront that you’re getting a reading because you’re worried about your son who’s just gone away to college. See what I mean?

After the blind reading portion, of course I invite you to ask questions, get more specific, and I am honored for you to tell me more about the experiences that compelled you to seek a reading. At this point, a private reading becomes much more interactive.

So, what’s written in the stars for you? I’d love to help you find out…


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  1. Hello Madeleine! My name is Dylan, and I am one of your new Twitter followers. Great to look over your sight and find intuitive guidance at every step of the way! Cheers.

  2. Hi I’m Judy, and. love your work & YouTube videos, I can’t seem to find Capricorn for October201i7, can you please help me out ? Thanks so. Much

    1. Hey there! Thanks so much for subscribing (once you can!) 🙂 If you’d like to keep your birthday private, you can fill in a fake one. I just use them to give Solar Return readings to subscribers. I hope this helps!

  3. Thank you for the Blue Moon Reading you gave me a couple of weeks ago. Everything that you said was pretty much dead on. It had me tearing up because it helped me target some issues I had locked away from a very young age.

  4. Thank you so much for your time, insight, and advisement this afternoon. Much of what you said made absolute sense to me–the rest I suspect will follow in time.

    I’ve been quite hopeless for months now, pushing myself to continue but mostly just going through the motions of life much of the time. Not only did your reading give me hope for the future, it helped me feel empowered, knowing what things I can do for myself to grow and strengthen, both mentally and spiritually.

    You are a gifted reader and I would recommend you to anyone. My deepest appreciation to you.

  5. I am not looking for reading just someone to connect and get ideas. I just found your weekly reading on 11/14/20 awesome in your style. I too can tap into something. If possible to reach back would be great. Really

  6. I was enjoying your style of reading. I want to ask some questions (not for reading me) to better understand what I can do. I am the person who is Aquarius from your 11/14/20 weekly reading.

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